Madusa to be inducted into the Women’s Wrestling hall of fame

Dec 10, 2022 - by James Walsh

The Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame (WWHOF) was founded in 2021 by ECW original’s Angel Orsini, Pitbull 1 Gary Wolf, Award Winning Filmmaker Christopher Annino and NWA Hall of Fame Inductee Susan Tex Green. The purpose is to preserve the historic integrity of women’s wrestling both professional and amateur. The amateur category is exclusive to Olympians and Collegiate female wrestlers only.

This year’s inaugural 2023 class will include first ever women’s champion Cora Livingston, First NWA Women’s Champion Mildred Burke, Beverly Shade, Toni Rose & Donna Christanello (tag team), Susan “Tex” Green, first female referee in WWE Rita Marie Chatterton, WWE Champion Carlene “Jazz” Begnaud, Olympic gold medalist Iryna Merleni, WWE Hall of Famer Luna Vachon, Marva Scott, Babs Wingo, first African American champion Ethel Johnson, GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and WWE Hall of Famer/ Monster Truck Champion Madusa.

Madusa will be releasing her book March 28, 2023 called The Woman Who Would Be King: The MADUSA Story was written with James C Melby Award recipient Greg Oliver. Those who are interested can pre order a copy on Amazon

Debrah Ann Miceli aka Madusa aka Alundra Blayze was trained by world famous trainer Eddie Sharkey and began her wrestling career in 1984. She wrestled for all of the major wrestling promotions throughout the world including AWA, WWF/E, WCW, All Japan Women’s Wrestling and a brief stint in ECW. She is the first wrestler to win Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year, Stanley Weston Award and the Cauliflower Alley Club’s cherished Iron Mike Mazurki Award.

She captured the AWA World Women’s Championship, WCW Cruiserweight Championship, WWE 24/7 Championship, WWF Women’s Championship (3 times), WWF Women’s Championship Tournament (1993), and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2015).

After wrestling she competed in the United States Hot Rod Association where she drove a monster truck. There she was the first female to win a major title USHRA Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Co-Championship (2004), and USHRA Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship (2005).

Madusa will be inducted prematurely on December 17, 2022 at the 2300 Arena aka ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA for Icon’s of Wrestling. The hall of fame will also be honoring ECW alum Jazz, and Luna Vachon. Accepting on Luna’s behalf will be David “Gangrel” Heath.

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