Brian Pillman Jr. reacts to tweet about Regal being not appreciated in AEW

Dec 5, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Brian Pillman Jr. reacted to a tweet published by Justin LaBar of Busted Open Radio where he said that one of the reasons why William Regal decided to leave AEW is because his “wisdom and coaching” was not being appreciated or received in a positive way by the AEW locker room.

LaBar noted how some people there feel they have “6-figure multi year deals & Regal’s advice is behind times or beneath them.”

Pillman Jr. said that LaBar’s assessment is not entirely true and several wrestlers, including himself, spent hours before arenas opened with Regal in the ring learning from him.

“Should there have been more? Maybe, but he and Danielson always had a solid audience around the ring before TV,” Pillman Jr. said.

Regal has quit AEW just nine months into his deal and is on his way back to WWE to resume working in a backstage role. Dave Meltzer of the Observer said that there should be more clarity about what happened to Regal on Dynamite this Wednesday.

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