Cody Rhodes update

Dec 2, 2022 - by Staff

Photo Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes is reportedly getting closer to a return to the ring as his recovery is going well.

A new report from the Wrestling Observer notes that Rhodes’ recovery is moving along as he’s been working heavily with top level trainers to put on size and strength. Rhodes wants to hit a legitimate 240 pounds, which may be the biggest he’s been in his life. Rhodes is said to be “back to normal” when it comes to his ability to train and lift.

There’s no word yet on when WWE will bring him back, but it’s believed that this will be a surprise return, perhaps for the Royal Rumble, as first speculated on months ago when Rhodes went on the shelf. It will be interesting to see who Rhodes feuds with as his natural return program would be with Seth Rollins, who is now a popular babyface. Rhodes is expected to receive a strong push when he is back.

Rhodes has been out of action since right after his Hell In a Cell win over Rollins in early June. He suffered a complete tear of the right pectoral tendon while training for the match, and it was announced that he would be out of action for nine months.

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