Stephanie McMahon on WWE Creating ‘Global Localization’

Dec 1, 2022 - by James Walsh

WWE announced a multi-year partnership with Foxtel in September, which will make the service the streaming destination for WWE in Australia. Under the new agreement, BINGE is the new streaming home of WWE Network in Australia, and Foxtel also had plans to launch a dedicated 24/7 WWE Channel with all the premium live events and major events being showcased on FOX8. During an appearance at the Wells Fargo TMT Summit in Las Vegas this week, WWE Chairwoman and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon spoke about bringing another stadium event to Australia. Below are some highlights (via POST Wrestling

Stephanie McMahon on WWE wanting to focus on international business: “In addition to that, international is the focus for us, as we have discussed in the past but now we really have the opportunity to create what we call ‘global localization’ or ‘glocal’ where we can create local Performance Centers with local talent, replicate the lines of business that we have here in WWE and do it on a much smaller scale but ultimately, hopefully that’ll ladder up into the bigger product and potentially then creating a World Cup-type scenario which would be fun and exciting. It also then of course is an opportunity for talent to rotate throughout and we can have local stars that can ultimately come up to the main roster of WWE.”

On wanting to bring a stadium event to Australia: “You look at our new deal in Australia with Foxtel, where we need to bring a stadium event to Australia as well and how are we looking at that in terms of our international Premium Live Events? How does that work in terms of our domestic strategy?… How are we gonna be able to maximize our opportunities there?”

WWE’s last stadium event in Australia was Super ShowDown in 2018.

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