Cornette Gives MJF Permission to Use His Copyrighted Catchphrase

Dec 1, 2022 - by James Walsh

MJF used Jim Cornette’s “thank you, f*ck you, bye” phrase while speaking to media after the 2022 AEW Full Gear PPV. During his podcast, Cornette commented on MJF using his phrase…

“Even though “Thank you, F**k you, Bye” is trademarked, he has permission to use it anytime he wants to, especially anytime he’s using it at the people in AEW and/or the people that cover that same promotion. I will give him a 100 Year License to use it anytime he wants! There will be no legal action! I’m sure there’s gonna be enough legal action in AEW upcoming for everybody without me having to sue MJF.”

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