Flair Clarifies Status For WWE Royal Rumble

Nov 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

Ric Flair has clarified that he is not set to appear at the WWE Royal Rumble. Flair had said that he would be at the January PPV, saying last week on his podcast, “I’m gonna be there. They didn’t say don’t tell anybody.” However, on the latest episode of AdFreeShow’s To Be the Man he clarified that while he will be in San Antonio, it will not be the for PPV.

“I’m still looking forward to the 30th anniversary. By the way, of course, social media screwed that up, I have not been invited to the Rumble,” Flair said (per Wrestling Inc. “I am going to San Antonio to sign autographs separately, on the day of the Rumble. I was not invited to the Rumble.”

He added, “However if they want me to put my gear on, like at Last Match, that’s fine.”

Flair had noted last week that he had been “invited” to the 30th anniversary episode of Raw, which takes place on January 23rd in Philadelphia.

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