AEW Rampage Results 11/25/22 (Black Friday Edition)

Nov 25, 2022 - by Atlee Greene

-AEW Rampage Results 11/23/22

Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL

Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Ian Riccaboni are on the call.


-ROH World Tag Team Championship: FTR (c) (Dax Hardwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

Darius and Dax exchange slams and arm drags to open things up. Darius keeps Dax on his back foot with some shoulder tackles. Dax takes control and tags in Cash. Darius goes up and over on Cash, grabs the arm, and tags Dante.

Darius makes a blind tag off a hip toss attempt and overwhelms Cash with tandem offense involving several kicks. Dax makes his own blind tag and drops Darius with a European uppercut. Dante breaks up a sunset flip attempt with a springboard knee.

Stereo hurricanranas by Top Flight and Darius hit Cash with a tornado DDT as Dante tags in and goes to the top, but Dax pulls Cash out of the ring to regroup. We’re back from the commercial, and Dante hits both members of FTR with a high springboard dropkick. FTR gets clotheslined over the top rope.

Darius hits a tope suicida to the floor, and Dante follows up with a springboard plancha. Back in the ring, Dante hits Dax with a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Dax brings the fight hopping away at both Top Flight members until he is cut off with an enziguri.

Darius breaks up a Big Rig, and Dante rolls up Dax but slips on the high stack, allowing Dax to kick out. Cash and Dante fight up top until Dax grabs him and a slingshot powerbomb. Cash follows up with a frog splash, and Darius breaks up the pin. Dax turns Darius inside out with a brutal lariat.

Darius is frustrated and hits Dax with a tornado DDT. Dante immediately hits a high frog splash, and Cash breaks up the pin at the last possible second. Darius hits Cash with a Spanish fly, but Dax grabs him for a brainbuster. Dante rolls up Dax with a victory roll and an inside cradle for a nearfall.

Cash makes the blind tag, but Dante sees it and escapes the corner with a back flip off the turnbuckle but walks right in a Big Rig for the 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR retains the ROH World Tag Team Titles


-Colton Gunn and Austin Gunn come out to the stage following the match and mockingly celebrate FTR’s win while eating from a big bag of popcorn.


-Powerhouse Hobbs vignette shows the big man walking through the streets of Oakland, CA. Hobbs said he’s coming to take everything that means everything from his future opponents.


-Jericho Appreciation Society comes out to the ring for a promo led by ROH World Champion “The Ocho” Chris Jericho. Jericho says there is no doubt he is the great ROH World Champion of all time and puts over his win against Tomihiro Ishii on Wednesday.

Jericho asks who will uncrown the king of ROH, bringing Claudio Castagnoli to the stage. Claudio says he does not doubt that Jericho is NOT the greatest ROH Champion. Claudio says he has to beat Jericho for the title. Jericho says Claudio should be worried about the Blackpool Combat Club falling apart.

Claudio says he hasn’t been able to sleep since last Saturday (Full Gear) and challenges Jericho to a title match. Jericho turns him down, saying Claudio has nothing to offer him. Matt Menard calls an audible and says there was a time when Claudio was an excellent sports entertainer and believes he would make a great addition to the J.A.S.

Jericho approves of Menard’s idea and makes the official offer. Claudio says he was a great sports entertainer, but he’s an even better pro wrestler and accepts the match under the terms. The match is set for Final Battle on 12/10/22 in Arington, TX.


-Renee Paquette interviewed Toni Storm backstage: Storm said that Hayter never beat her one-on-one and wonders if Hayter can look at herself in the mirror and accept that. Paquette asked about Storm’s title reign retroactively becoming official. Storm said she never considered her reign as interim and ended by saying she broke her face to get the title and will break it again to get it back.


-Darby Allin (w/ Sting) vs. Anthony Henry (w/ JD Drake)

Excalibur notes Allin and Henry feuded before AEW, and Allin has a 3-0 record against him. Jim Ross notes that tonight could be Allin’s 70th win in AEW.

They lock up, and Henry takes down Allin, but Allin scores his own takedown. Henry hit a snap-mare kick on Allin. Allin attempted a sunset flip, but Henry lifted him for a vertical suplex and dumped him on the apron.

Allin got back in the ring and went for a tope suicida on Henry but hit Drake instead. Henry spits on Allin and hits a back-heel trip on the apron. Henry whipped Allin onto the barricade and taunted Sting. Back in the ring, Allin went for a springboard Coffin Splash, but Henry caught him in mid-air and planted him with a German Suplex.

From the commercial break, Henry hangs up Allin upside down in the corner. Henry delivers a few kicks before delivering a dripping neckbreaker. Allin comes back with a code red for a nearfall. JD Drake drills Allin with a forearm smash and throws him back in the ring.

Sting returns the favor, levels Drake with a clothesline, and whips him into the barricade. Henry hit a superplex and attempted a falcon arrow. However, Allin reversed it and hit a Scorpion Deathdrop. Allin follows up with the Coffin Drop to earn his 70th win in AEW.

Winner: Darby Allin


– Lexy Nair interviews Athena backstage about her suspension for attacking Aubrey Edwards last week. Athena says she was docked a week’s pay and is sick of beating trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler. Athena challenged ROH Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez to a title match.


-Hikaru Shida vs. Queen Aminata

The Bunny and Penelope Ford came out before the bell rang to watch the match from the aisle. Aminata blindsided Shida off the distraction and hit the running Otani kick in the corner. Shida escapes an Air Raid crash and hits a falcon arrow. Shida drills Aminata with the katana kick for the pin.

Winner: Hikaru Shida


-Mark Henry’s “MAIN EVENT” interview with RUSH, TheButcher & Blade, and Dark Order’s John Silver & Alex Reynolds, but Preston “10 Vance is missing. Butcher and Blade said tonight would be an ass-kicking party, and RUSH said he was tired of talking and wanted to fight. Silver said they don’t know where Vance is and that Evil Uno is looking for him.

-Lexy Nair interviews FTR. Dax asks if he can do the interview by himself. Nair gives him the mic, and Dax says he needs to shoot his shot before the year is over and challenges the best wrestler in the world, Bryan Danielson, to a match on Dynamite.

The match is official for this coming Wednesday on AEW Dynamite!


-RUSH, Butcher & Blade vs. Dark Order (Preston “10” Vance, John Silver & Alex Reynolds)

Silver and Reynolds come out alone and fall victim to the numbers game to start the match. Reynolds comes back with a running-back elbow on Blade but gets tripped from the outside by Butcher. Reynolds escapes the corner and tags Silver.

Silver hits Blade with an Olympic Slam and goes for a tope suIcida on Butcher but gets caught by the big man. Butcher whips Silver into a waiting forearm strike from RUSH.

Silver was dominated during the break but came back with a superkick on Butcher and a sliced bread #2 on Blade. Silver is about to make the tag, but RUSH knocks Reynolds off the apron just in time. Evil Uno comes out with 1- and Preston Vance charges to the ring.

Vance confronts RUSH in the ring.  RUSH raises his arm, and Vance hits Silver with a lariat. RUSH hits the Bull’s Horns on Silver for the win.

Winners: RUSH, The Butcher & The Blade

Vance attacked Reynolds after the bell and blindsided Evil Uno with a clothesline. Vance tears off Uno’s mask as RUSH, Butcher, and Blade chokeslam Reynolds off the apron through a table. Vance heads up the ramp to see a shocked -1. Vance removed his mask and threw it on the ground in front of -1.

-1 is on his knees, holding Vance’s mask in disbelief as RUSH and Vance stand tall.


*Note: They didn’t show the reported injury Dante Martin suffered.*



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