Mia Yim comments on name change

Nov 21, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE has officially changed Mia Yim’s ring name.

The announcers referred to Yim as “Michin” on tonight’s RAW, and the name change has been made to her official profile page on the WWE website roster.

It was reported last Monday how plans had had Yim still using her name, but “Michin” would be used as her new nickname. It looks like plans have changed and this will be her new ring name moving forward.

Yim thanked and re-tweeted a fan on Twitter who wrote, “Y’all. Mia literally owns the rights to her name and has always wanted to keep the rights no matter where she’s worked. I bet you money Michin was her idea especially with it being Korean.”

Yim also tweeted to reveal that her new name is Korean for “crazy” or “crazy one,” as seen in the tweets below:

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