WWE RAW Report – 11/21

Nov 21, 2022 - by Staff

– The Survivor Series go-home edition of WWE RAW opens up on the USA Network with the standard video package. We’re now live from the MVP Arena in Albany, New York as the pyro explodes and fans cheer. Kevin Patrick welcomes us, and he’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves.

– We go right to the ring for tonight’s opening segment as the music hits and out comes Kevin Owens, who is ready to fight. We see how Owens returned to SmackDown last Friday to fight with The Bloodline and join Team Brawling Brutes for War Games at Survivor Series.

Owens comments on joining the team as the fifth member against The Bloodline, and says he’s coming to Survivor Series for one man. No, it’s not Sami Zayn. He says despite everything they’ve been through, he still looks at Sami as a brother, and whatever Sami is going through, it’s his problem. Owens says the person he’s coming to Survivor Series for is Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Fans pop.

Owens says it’s been 2 long years since they faced off in the ring and Owens is coming this Saturday to remind Reigns just who the hell he is – Kevin Owens, the guy who took Reigns to the limit 3 times, the guy who would’ve ended his history-making title reign before it even started if it weren’t for The Bloodline, the guy who’s coming to take out the entire Bloodline so next time he gets a shot at Reigns, nothing will stop him from being the guy who beats Reigns’ ass and takes his title. Fans pop and chant for Owens now.

Owens says he got to go to SmackDown because he was invited by some guys, and he thought how rude would it be if he didn’t return the favor, so he brought some guys. The music hits and out comes The Brawling Brutes through the crowd – Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch. Owens watches while sitting on the top turnbuckle. Drew McIntyre’s music then hits and out he comes from the crowd, behind The Brutes. Fans cheer as they all head to the ring. Graves hypes Friday’s non-title War Games advantage match on SmackDown with McIntyre and Sheamus vs. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos.

Holland takes the mic and declares this Fight Night. Sheamus says there’s a banger cooking in the stove because Saturday will be one of the most painstaking, career-altering matches in WWE history because this Saturday night is… War Games! Everyone joins in. Sheamus hypes Owens as the fifth member of the team. Drew doesn’t remember a time when The Bloodline wasn’t holding the top titles in WWE hostage, abusing their power, but all that will change this Saturday because we’re looking at 5 lads who want to rip apart The Bloodline. Drew goes on hyping up War Games and asks everyone if they’re ready for a war. The music interrupts and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Dominik Mysterio.

Ripley takes the mic first and tells Drew to shut up because the only topic coming out of Survivor Series is how many women she destroys in her War Games match. She thinks The Brutes are lost because this is RAW, the show The Judgment Day runs. Priest says this is their night, not Fright Night. Priest and Dominik warn them to show respect. Dominik tells them to tell his bum dad Rey Mysterio he said hello. Balor says AJ Styles is getting taxed at Survivor Series, and for those 5 clowns in the ring, he hopes The Bloodline smashes them. Balor says the next time they show their ugly mugs on RAW, The Judgment Day won’t be so nice.

Sheamus addresses his fellow Irishman and says their homes might be only 10 miles apart back home, but they’re 1,000 miles apart here because he doesn’t respect Balor, and Balor is the type of Plastic Paddy he despises. They have words and Sheamus says he’s been salivating his entire career to get Balor in the ring one-on-one, but since we’re all here and Albany is in a good mood tonight, why don’t we do The Judgment Day vs. The Brawling Brutes right now? Fans pop. Balor says now Sheamus is speaking his language. Priest accepts. The Judgment Day rushes down to the ring and a brawl breaks out. Sheamus, Holland and Butch are left alone and standing tall as the music hits. We go to commercial.

The Brawling Brutes vs. The Judgment Day

Back from the break and Sheamus is in with Finn Balor, who pleads for mercy from the corner. Sheamus attacks and kicks Balor, but Balor retreats to the floor and tags in Damian Priest.

Priest comes in and stares Sheamus down as Kevin Owens joins the announcers for commentary. Sheamus and Priest start brawling around the ring. Sheamus gets whipped into the corner but Priest flies and hits his boots. Sheamus goes to the top but Priest grabs him by his throat to bring him down. Sheamus fights in from the apron, then goes back to the top. Sheamus with a flying clothesline for a 2 count.

Ridge Holland comes in and rocks Priest, then goes for a suplex. They tangle and Priest hits the Stage Dive back elbow. Priest unloads in the corner on Holland now. Priest with a Broken Arrow. Dominik Mysterio tags in to boos. He mounts Holland with rights and lefts to keep him down but the boos pick up. Dominik gets rocked but he makes the tag to Balor, who attacks Holland with an elbow for a quick pin attempt.

Balor keeps Holland down for another 2 count. Balor slams Holland and tags in Mysterio again as Rhea Ripley barks from ringside. Mysterio stomps away and mounts Holland with more strikes. Fans chant “who’s your daddy?” at Mysterio. Holland over-powers with a big vertical suplex to Dominik.

Balor and Butch tag in at the same time an they go at it. Butch drops Balor and drops double knees on the arm. Priest tries to save Balor from a German suplex, but Butch rocks Priest and knocks him to the floor. Butch with a basement dropkick and more offense to Balor. Dominik comes in but Butch tosses him to the floor.

Butch with the Fujiwara Armbar to Balor. Priest pulls Butch to the floor to break the submission up, and drives him into the edge of the apron. Priest yells out and stands tall at ringside to boos. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest is dominating Butch, nailing the big dive in the corner. Balor tags in with a big stomp to keep Butch down. Dominik tags in by launching himself over the top rope with the senton. Balor tags back in and nails a backbreaker to Butch, holding him there for a scissors kick from Priest. Butch kicks out at 2.

Dominik tags back in and stomps away on Butch as fans boo. Butch snaps Dominik’s arm and they both go down. Balor comes in but Butch drops him with an enziguri. Dominik knocks Sheamus off the apron to stop a tag. Holland charges Dominik at ringside but Ripley gets in the way. Butch decks Balor in the corner. Holland tags in and levels Balor with a pair of shoulders. Holland with a flying shoulder to Balor now. Holland with a running corner splash to Balor, and another, then anther but Balor gets his boots up. Holland with a powerslam to Balor for a pop. Holland blocks a kick from Priest and headbutts him back to the apron. Balor catches Holland with the inverted suplex and they’re both down as fans rally.

Sheamus and Dominik tag in and Dominik is terrified. Sheamus stalks him into the corner. Dominik runs away up the ramp but Sheamus is chasing him. The music interrupts and out comes The O.C. – AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Mia Yim. A terrified Dominik runs back to the ring. Sheamus rolls him back in, then nails a clothesline. Sheamus unloads on Dominik now, hitting the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus goes for 10 Beats of the Bodhrán but has to stop and knock Priest away. He goes back to Dominik but Dominik drops his neck over the top rope.

Priest takes Holland out. Butch flies off the top but Priest catches him. Butch with an enziguri to send Priest out. Butch drops Priest at ringside but Balor takes him out. Sheamus rocks Balor on the apron but Dominik prevents 10 Beats of the Bodhrán by rolling him up for 2. Sheamus levels Dominik with a huge right hand.

Sheamus with 10 Beats of the Bodhrán to Dominik now as fans count along, all the way to 20. Fans are fired up for Sheamus now. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick to Dominik, and he nails it. Sheamus covers for the pin to win.

Winners: The Brawling Brutes

– After the match, Sheamus stands tall as the music hits but Balor attacks him from behind. Sheamus fights the others off and clotheslines Priest to the floor. Sheamus and Priest brawl up the ramp now. Gallows drops Priest on the ramp. Balor looks terrified in the ring. Owens gets up from commentary and is standing behind Balor now as Balor rants at The O.C. Balor turns around to a big Stunner from Owens now. Owens’ music hits as he stands with The Brutes in the ring. Drew McIntyre is hyping up War Games to the announcers, while The O.C. looks on from the stage and The Judgment Day recovers at ringside.

– We go backstage and Cathy Kelley stops Johnny Gargano. She says he’s tested The Miz’s alibis for weeks now, so will he be doing the same tonight? Gargano says Miz realized last week that he can’t beat Gargano. He lied and all that, and what happened didn’t sit well with Gargano, so he challenged him to a rematch tonight from the match two weeks ago. Cathy asks what about Dexter Lumis. Gargano has only wanted one thing out of this for Lumis – to do the right thing, help an old friend, get Lumis what he deserves. They have a mutual understanding – Gargano won’t get involved in their business next week, and Lumis won’t get involved in tonight’s match. Gargano goes on about wanting The Miz one-on-one, no bells and whistles. We go to commercial.

The Miz vs. Johnny Gargano

Back from the break and out comes Johnny Gargano. We see what happened on last week’s special edition of MizTV. The Miz makes his way out next, and he’s wearing a suit.

Miz takes the mic and says he’d love to have this match tonight but he injured himself doing a TikTok video. He sliced a cactus while doing a video for his fantasy football, but in one week he will defeat Dexter Lumis. Miz knows Johnny Wrestling wants to put on a show tonight for the fans, so he did the noble thing and found a worth opponent for Gargano.

Johnny Gargano vs. Omos

The music hits and out comes Omos with MVP. The Miz looks on from the stage and he’s laughing at Johnny Gargano, who is getting ready in the ring. Miz is down at ringside now, still taunting Gargano.

The bell rings and Miz joins the announcers for commentary. Gargano attacks but Omos just takes it and shoves him into the corner. Gargano keeps coming but Omos levels him with a huge big boot, sending him to the floor.

Gargano slowly gets up as MVP taunts him. Omos comes out and smashes his face into the announce table. Omos brings it back into the ring but wastes some time, allowing Gargano time to recover. Gargano kicks Omos off the apron to prevent him from coming back in. Gargano with a suicide dive but Omos is still on his feet. Gargano flies again but Omos catches him in mid-air, then drops him over the edge of the apron.

Omos yells out as MVP hypes him up and the referee counts. Omos returns to the ring but Gargano fights back from the apron, punching and kicking. Gargano staggers Omos and goes to fight back in but Miz distracts him from the floor. Omos grabs Gargano by his throat for the big Chokebomb, holding him in the air, but Gargano knees him and gets free. Omos charges but hits the turnbuckles when Gargano moves. Omos is down. Gargano with a big kick to keep Omos down. MVP yells at Omos to get up.

Gargano with another big kick, and a roundhouse to put Omos flat on his back. Miz and MVP are shocked at ringside. Gargano goes to the top and flies but Omos grabs him by his throat on the way down. Omos powers to his feet and delivers a big chokeslam for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Omos

– After the match, the music hits as Omos stands tall in the ring with MVP. The Miz taunts Gargano from ringside.

– We see Seth Rollins being mic’d up backstage for an interview. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Kevin Patrick sends us to a video package on Austin Theory, saying he’s now more dangerous than ever. It’s announced that Seth Rollins will defend the WWE United States Title against Theory and Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat at Survivor Series.

– Corey Graves interviews WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins, who is backstage for a split-screen segment. Rollins feels greater than ever despite the recent attacks by Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory. He says he asked for the Triple Threat at Survivor Series because he has a bone to pick with both challengers. He says you don’t tame a wild Lashley, you survive him if you’re equipped with the right tools, and luckily Rollins has a PhD in getting back up. Never say die, he says. He says Theory may have lost everything and may be as dangerous as he’s ever been, but he’s still the stupidest person on Earth… not because he failed in cashing in Money In the Bank, Rollins actually thought that was well-timed, but because what he tried to do last week, he tried to attack Rollins from behind and make a name off Rollins using Rollins’ tactics. Rollins tells Theory to call Cody Rhodes and ask him how rehab is going. Rollins says they’re not in War Games this Saturday but he promises it will be war because they are three men who do not like each other, going toe-to-toe, they are all on the cusp, and could all snap at any second. He says Lashley is a brute but he’s dealt with those, Theory he knows like the back of his hand because he used to be Austin Theory. Rollins says the real question is, what are they going to do to prepare for him? Rollins laughs. He says because he is one of one, he is the visionary, a revolutionary, he is Seth Freakin’ Rollins and after Survivor Series, he will still be the United States Champion. Rollins laughs as we see Theory watching on a screen in his locker room.

The camera focuses on Theory now. He says Rollins doesn’t understand him, no one does. He hit rock bottom but it was the best thing that has ever happened to him because he’s no longer the youngest thing, or the next biggest that, not that kid Rollins has been in the ring with before, he’s a new man and he will be taken serious. He says after Survivor Series, the whole business is going to know what time it is. He laughs and says the disrespect ends here because anybody that wants to step up will be sent home, and he’s talking to Rollins, and Dolph Ziggler. He says he knows Rollins is watching, and Lashley is probably somewhere punching a wall but still watching. Theory says both Rollins and Lashley need to pay close attention to what he does to Mustafa Ali tonight because will be the result of what happens Saturday at Survivor Series.

Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

We go back to the ring and out first comes Mustafa Ali with his ribs taped up. Austin Theory is out next.

The bell rings and Theory rams Ali into the corner, ramming him with shoulders and then strikes. Theory tosses Ali across the ring, then talks some trash. Ali fights back but Theory lands a knee to the ribs. Theory stomps away after tossing Ali back to the mat. Ali turns it back around but once again Theory takes back control in the corner.

Theory talks some trash and hits a side-slam for a 2 count. Theory grounds Ali by his waist now. More back and forth in the middle of the ring. Ali counters with a big tornado DDT in the middle of the ring and both are down now. Ali fights Theory into the corner, then catches him with a knee. Ali slams Theory but he’s slow to cover, allowing Theory to roll to the floor to recover. Ali goes for a suicide dive but Theory catches him, then rams him into the edge of the apron, then the barrier. Theory brings it back in and rolls at Theory for the dropkick but Ali superkicks him in mid-air for another close 2 count.

Theory goes for the ribs again, then hits the Fisherman’s neckbreaker over the knee. Ali kicks out just in time. Theory slams Ali’s face into the turnbuckle, then turns him upside down in the corner to stomp away as the referee warns him. Theory with shots to the ribs while Ali is upside down. Ali falls to the mat. Theory continues beating Ali around the ring. Theory takes Ali to the top and climbs up. Ali fights back and nails a huge Sunset Bomb from the top.

Ali pulls himself back to the top and nails the 450 Splash but he hurts his own ribs. Theory rolls to the floor to avoid the pin once again. Ali follows and brings Theory back in. Theory knocks Ali off the apron, into the barrier with a shoulder. Theory brings Ali back in and calls for the finish. Theory hits The ATL in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Austin Theory

– After the match, Theory stands tall and has his arm raised as the music hits. Bobby Lashley appears on the big screen and says Theory has his attention now. He says if Theory wants to get serious, he can stay in the ring and Lashley will come to the ring so that they can give the people a Survivor Series preview, right now. Theory paces around as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and comes Lashley as Theory looks on from the ring. Lashley talks some trash and says Theory is out of his mind if he thinks he will get in the way of Lashley and his WWE United States title. Lashley say she left scraps of Seth Rollins for Theory and he still couldn’t get the job done. Theory says people are booing him but they all know he would beat Rollins if it weren’t for Lashley. Theory recalls how Brock Lesnar beat Lashley’s ass, then Rollins beat him for the United States Title, but that wasn’t enough as Lashley wanted redemption, to slay The Beast at Crown Jewel but once again he couldn’t get the job done.

Lashley is in the ring now. Theory goes on talking trash about Lashley and Rollins, saying the old kid is dead and gone while he will walk into Survivor Series and walk out a two-time United States Champion and there’s not a damn thing either of them can do about it. Lashley doesn’t believe Theory will walk out of RAW tonight. They start brawling. Lashley rams Theory back into the corner, then launches him across the ring. Theory rolls to the floor and Lashley follows, launching him into the barrier. Lashley mounts Theory with rights. Lashley goes to ram Theory face-first into the ring post but Theory blocks it. Lashley sends Theory into the timekeeper’s area. He goes to attack but Theory uses a steel chair.

Theory with a chair shot over the back now but Lashley takes it and seethes. Lashley chases Theory now and he runs away through the crowd. Lashley runs the other way, up the ramp and to the back. The camera cuts to the Gorilla Position and Mustafa Ali is there in the way. Theory shoves them both into the corner, then takes off. Lashley knocks Ali out to the stage and he follows. Lashley launches Ali into the LED wall a few times. Lashley stands tall for a pop, then rag-dolls Ali with The Hurt Lock on the stage. Ali fades out and Lashley tosses him to the side. Lashley poses on the stage now as his music hits. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and tonight’s Progressive Match Flo video looks at recent happenings between Alpha Academy, Elias and Matt Riddle.

Alpha Academy vs. Elias and Matt Riddle

We go back to the ring and out first comes Alpha Academy – Chad Gable and Otis. Out first comes Elias for his team, carrying his guitar over the shoulder. Matt Riddle is out next, riding his scooter to the ring but no longer carrying the bongo drums.

The bell rings and Elias goes at it with Gable. They trade holds and Gable grounds Elias by the arm. Elias counters and they get back to their feet. Gable with deep arm drags. Elias counters in the corner, then drops Gable with a shoulder.

Gable kicks Elias, then does the “shooosh!” in his face. Gable looks to capitalize but Elias back-drops him across the ring for a pop. Gable and Otis regroup on the floor while Riddle and Elias play to the crowd, Riddle posing on the turnbuckles. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Elias is dominating Gable to keep him down. Riddle comes back in and hits Northern Lights suplex for a close 2 count. Gable rocks Riddle and in comes Otis, who unloads on Riddle in the corner now. Otis scoops Riddle for a slam in the middle of the ring, but he wastes some time by yelling out to boos.

Otis slams Riddle in the corner, then Gable tags in for the quick double team. Riddle kicks out at 2. Gable grounds Riddle by his hurt left arm now. Riddle fights up and out but Gable nails a back suplex for another 2 count. Gable sends Riddle across the ring and snaps his leg with the Dragon Screw leg whip in the corner. Gable with a big corner chop now. Riddle drops Gable with a kick from out of nowhere.

Elias tags in for the double team back elbow to Gable. Elias scoops Riddle on his shoulders, then Riddle flies off his shoulders with a Broton to Gable to keep him down. Elias knocks Otis off the apron, then runs and dropkicks him through the ropes, into the edge of the announce table. Elias leaps out at Otis but Otis catches him in id-air. Gable drops Riddle on the apron as Otis slams Elias into the barrier. Gable with a German suplex to Riddle onto the edge of the apron. Riddle falls to the floor as Gable yells out “thank you!” to the crowd. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Gable has Riddle down, focusing on his leg. Riddle counters a move but Gable knocks Elias off the apron as Otis scoops Riddle to his shoulders. Gable leaps off the top with a super Bulldog, knocking Riddle off Otis’ shoulders, forcing him to land face-first into the mat. Otis covers for 2. Gable can’t believe it.

Otis goes to the middle rope for the Vader Bomb but Riddle moves out of the way. Elias and Gable wait for tags now. They both tag in but Elias unloads, nailing a big fall-away slam and corner strikes. Elias with a running splash across the ring, then another big splash into the corner. Gable misses a clothesline and Elias nails a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Fans pop as Elias is fired up.

Elias with an old school neckbreaker for a close 2 count. Gable is on Elias’ shoulders now. Gable counters and in comes Otis as Elias is rocked. Otis drops Elias with an inverted DDT. Gable then flies with the flying headbutt and Otis covers but Riddle breaks it up with a Broton from out of nowhere. Otis rocks Riddle, then sends him back to the floor. Gable tags in. They go for the double team German combo but Elias kicks Otis away. Riddle tags in and unloads on Gable with strikes. Gable is sent to the floor with a hurricanrana over the ropes. Riddle punt kicks Otis from the apron. Riddle with a big Floating Bro from the apron to Otis and Gable on the floor. Riddle comes back in and tangles with Gable. Riddle rocks Gable and brings him to his knees.

Elias tags in as a “this is awesome!” chant breaks out. Elias with the Drift Away on Gable as Riddle goes to the top. Riddle immediately nails a Floating Bro to Gable for the pin to win as Elias stops Otis from running in.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Elias

– After the match, Riddle’s music hits as he and Elias start celebrating. We go to replays with Riddle and Elias posing in the corners. Elias and Riddle are fired up as Alpha Academy throws a fit.

– JBL and Baron Corbin are backstage playing poker, talking trash about the butler they had earlier, who was from Albany. They insult the people of Albany for boos from the crowd. Drew McIntyre walks in and JBL taunts him over Scotland not making the World Cup. JBL taunts Drew some more over how The Bloodline will get their hands on Drew at Survivor Series. Drew challenges JBL to a match tonight, for old times’ sake. Corbin gets up in Drew’s face and they have words with Corbin confident in his manager. Drew says he respects his elders, but not you… Drew quickly rocks Corbin in the jaw, knocking him back in his chair. JBL yells at Drew as he walks off. Corbin rants about being hit with a cheap shot. Drew yells back at Corbin and says he will see him in the ring if he’s man enough. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers hype Survivor Series, and show us a quick video package for War Games.

Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring and out first comes WWE Hall of Famer JBL to the stage. Baron Corbin is out next, and The Wrestling Gods pose under the pyro, then head to the ring together. JBL and Corbin have a laugh in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Drew McIntyre with his sword. He points the sword at JBL and Corbin as they watch from ringside, then he poses in the corner as the pyro hits. The bell rings and Drew charges but Corbin quickly retreats to the floor as fans boo.

JBL talks it over with Corbin as McIntyre smirks in the ring. Corbin comes back in and they lock up. They go into the corner and Corbin chops McIntyre, then works him around the ring while talking trash. Corbin beats Drew down in the corner now. Corbin takes Drew to an opposite corner, keeping control. Drew fights back but Corbin keeps control. Corbin kicks Drew and charges but Drew nails a clothesline. Drew knocks Corbin to the floor and follows.

Drew launches Corbin into the barrier, and he flips over into the timekeeper’s area. Drew poses for a pop. Drew chops Corbin near the announce table now. Drew slams Corbin’s ribs into the edge of the announce table as the referee counts to 8. Drew breaks the count and continues to beat Corbin around the ringside area as JBL watches. Drew with chops to Corbin right in front of JBL. Drew brings it back in but Corbin rocks him as JBL provides a distraction. Corbin rocks Drew, knocking him from the apron off into the barrier. Corbin follow and rolls Drew back into the ring. Corbin with a big chop to the chest and some trash talking.

Corbin whips Drew across the ring, then nails the running splash. Corbin smiles to boos, then beats Drew down again in the corner. Corbin yells in Drew’s face, then stomps away some more as the referee warns him. Fans chant “Corbin sucks!” as Corbin launches Drew into the ring post again. JBL is all smiles as Corbin continues to dominate around the ring. Drew fights back and mounts some offense out of the corner now. Drew with his signature offense, including the neckbreaker and the kip-up for a pop. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but it’s blocked. Corbin unloads with right hands to the face. Drew scoops Corbin for a big Michinoku Driver in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. JBL barks at the referee over the count.

Drew ducks a clothesline and leaps but Corbin catches him in mid-air for a big fall-away slam. Corbin waits in the corner now. Drew side-steps Corbin, Corbin runs out of the ring and right back in, but Drew nails a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Corbin comes right back with a clothesline and they both go down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Corbin nails a big superplex but Drew still kicks out at 2. JBL encourages him from ringside. They get up and trade big strikes in the middle of the ring now as fans go along. Corbin with a throat shot. Drew counters a slam but runs into a back elbow. Drew with a big Spinebuster for a close 2 count. Corbin blocks a Future Shock DDT, then sweeps the legs out. Corbin with a chokeslam for another close 2 count. JBL and Corbin are a bit frustrated and concerned now. Corbin talks some trash and pulls Drew in for End of Days but it’s blocked. Drew drops Corbin with a DDT but barely. Drew rallies from the corner now, calling for the Claymore Kick. Corbin dodges it, then scoops Drew to his shoulders.

Corbin carries Drew on his shoulders then slams him with a modified Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Corbin can’t believe it as he and JBL have words for the referee. They end up on the floor and Corbin pounds on Drew against the announce table as fans boo. Corbin sends Drew face-first into the ring post and he goes right back down. Fans chant “you can’t wrestle!” at Corbin. Corbin charges but Drew catches him and launches him into the barrier with an overhead throw. Drew brings it back in and rallies for the crowd as they cheer him on now. Drew is fired up in the corner. JBL gets on the steel ring steps to prevent the Claymore. Corbin takes advantage and catches Drew with Deep Six for another close 2 count.

Corbin throws a fit and yells at the referee now, backing him against the ropes. Fans boo. Corbin continues yelling at the referee. Akira Tozawa, now with blonde hair, appears on top of the announce table. He leaps at JBL and lands in his arms. JBL calls him an idiot and asks what he’s doing. Tozawa takes JBL’s cowboy hat and runs away through the crowd, with the hat on his head. JBL is furious. Corbin turns back around from the distraction but Drew nails a Claymore for the pin to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, JBL throws a fit at ringside as Drew recovers and his music plays. Drew raises his fist in the middle of the ring as we go to replays. Drew plays to the crowd now as JBL and Corbin regroup.

– We see The O.C. backstage talking. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what happened earlier with The Brawling Brutes and The Judgment Day.

– Cathy Kelley is backstage now with The O.C. – AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Mia Yim. Cathy asks if emotions are running high heading into Survivor Series because of the history between AJ and Finn Balor. AJ says they are because he and Finn were close but he’s realized this is his family, his brothers and sister, and this thing with Balor has come to an end. AJ says he will give Balor the beating he deserves on Saturday, and he will make it phenomenal. Balor walks up and confronts AJ. He says if AJ thinks he’s a bad guy, he’s wrong because Balor is worse, he’s the devil and when you dance with the devil, you never dance again. We hear Rhea Ripley yell Yim’s name from behind. Yim, Balor, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio suddenly attack The O.C. A big brawl breaks out as Graves calls for security. The fight goes out to the parking lot now. Priest sends Gallows into a car door, while Anderson slams Dominik on top of the hood. Officials and referees finally try to break things up as we go to commercial.

Women’s War Games Advantage Match: Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

Back from the break and it’s time for the main event to determine the numbers advantage in the Women’s War Games match this Saturday. Out first comes Team Belair – Asuka with RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and Asuka. Michin or Mia Yim is still recovering from the backstage fight.

Belair takes the mic and talks about how she and Bayley have been tearing each up for the title and the future of the division, but the battle will finally come to an end this Saturday in the only place it can – War Games. She may have won the battle for now but she has not won the war, and she can’t do it alone, and wouldn’t want to do it without her girls. She gets a pop for Bliss and Asuka, and mentions “Michin” (Mia Yim) is OK and will be ready for Saturday. She says while Bayley and her team is playing games, they are ready for war. Bliss is ready to get payback on Damage CTRL and throw Nikki Cross in the trash where she belongs. Asuka says they are ready for war, but no one is ready for them. Belair says just wait and see who their fifth member is. Asuka says tonight, Rhea Ripley is not ready for Asuka. Belair goes on about how people have been hitting her up to be the fifth person, but they won’t reveal the fifth member until SmackDown. Fans boo. The music interrupts and out comes Team Damage CTRL – Ripley with Bayley, Cross, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY.

Bayley laughs at the idea of there being a fifth person and says Belair is just stalling. She says it’s hard for Belair to find someone who likes her, and everyone just wants a title shot. Damage CTRL is on the apron now. Bayley keeps talking trash until Asuka yells at her to shut up. Asuka tells Ripley to let’s do this right now. Ripley says just like she did at WrestleMania, she’s going to eradicate Asuka. Ripley and Asuka have words in the middle of the ring now as the referee enters. We go to commercial as the trash talking continues.

Back from the break and they’re sizing each other up. Ripley taunts Asuka. They go at it and Ripley takes Asuka down first. Ripley with a running knee for a close 2 count. We see Belair and Bliss watching from backstage now. Asuka claps Ripley as she charges in the corner.

Asuka fights Ripley off with a boot, then nails a missile dropkick to send Ripley to the floor. Asuka goes for the baseball slide but Ripely grabs her and puts her on her shoulders. Asuka fights off and slams Ripley’s face into the edge of the apron. Asuka with a Hip Attack to the head while Ripley is hanging off the apron.

Asuka brings it back in but Ripley rolls right to the floor as fans boo and the referee counts. Fans chant for Asuka as Ripley wastes time at ringside. Asuka continues to stall as the boos get louder. She finally comes in but Asuka attacks. Ripley blocks the Hip Attack, then drives Asuka into the mat. Ripley mounts Asuka with fists on the mat as fans boo some more. Ripley barks at the referee, then goes back to stomping and kicking Asuka to keep her down.

Ripley poses to taunt Asuka. Ripley sends Asuka into the ropes, then nails a forearm to the kidneys, and then again. Ripley continues to pound on Asuka to stop her from getting back to her feet. Asuka catches Ripley with a forearm now, but Ripley drops her for a 2 count. Ripley has more words with the referee. Ripley grounds Asuka with a body-scissors now, taunting her while tightening the hold and working her over. Asuka turns it into a 2 count, and again. Asuka then rolls Ripley into an ankle lock submission. Asuka turns that into a knee-bar but Ripley powers up and out, slamming Asuka face-first into the mat.

Ripley launches Asuka face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Ripley with big body strikes in the corner now. Ripley takes Asuka to the top and talks some trash. Asuka fights back while sitting on the top. Asuka knocks Ripley back but Ripley dropkicks her from the top to the floor, and Asuka lands hard on the outside. We go to commercial with Ripley in control as fans boo her.

Back from the break and Ripley is unloading on Asuka in the corner. Ripley misses and lands hard, and they both go down. We see Team Damage CTRL watching backstage now. Asuka kicks Ripley away now and attacks. She catches a kick and nails a big German suplex for 2 as we see Belair and Bliss watching from backstage. Ripley catches Asuka for the Prism Trap in the middle of the ring now. Ripley is sent to the floor through the ropes to break the hold. Ripley comes back to the apron and rocks Asuka. Ripley goes to the top but Asuka yanks her off, sending her to the mat.

Asuka with the sliding knee for a close 2 count. Asuka charges for the Hip Attack but she gets stuck in the ropes, and Ripley knocks her to the mat. Ripley kicks Asuka in the gut, stomps the toes, then rocks her and headbutts her. Ripley with a Northern Lights suplex for another close 2 count. Ripley yells at the referee. Ripley talks some trash and goes for the Riptide but Asuka counters, taking her down into the Asuka Lock. Ripley resists but fans rally and Asuka tries to get it fully locked in.

Before Asuka can get it locked in, Team Damage CTRL appears at ringside, taunting Asuka. Ripley recovers and knocks Asuka back into the corner. Bliss and Belair come to ringside now. Ripley walks into a roundhouse kick from Asuka. Asuka takes her down into the armbar. Ripley resists but Asuka tightens the hold. They break and trade counters. Ripley with the Riptide in the middle of the ring for the pin to win and earn the War Games advantage.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

– After the match, Ripley stands tall as the music hits and Damage CTRL joins her. We go to replays. A big brawl breaks out at ringside now between the two teams. Cross slams Bliss back into the barrier but Bliss levels her with a kick to the face. Belair is fighting off Kai and SKY, and Bayley, but they gang up on her. Bliss rocks SKY to save Belair. Cross charges but Belair slams her into the barrier. Ripely stuns Bliss with a headbutt. Ripley pounds on Belair now. Michin runs down and brawls with Ripley over the barrier and into the crowd. Belair is being ganged up on now, but Asuka leaps off the top to the floor, taking everyone else down besides Yim and Ripley. Bodies are down all around ringside as officials rush down to try and restore order. Graves and Patrick hype the Women’s War Games match and the 9 confirmed participants. They hype the rest of the Survivor Series card now. We get a look back at the brawl that just broke out at ringside as the Survivor Series go-home edition of RAW goes off the air.

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