Notes on Corey Graves/Austin Theory, Tony Khan/CM Punk, and Kevin Nash

Nov 20, 2022 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: WWE

– While speaking on his After the Bell Podcast, Corey Graves revealed that he believes Austin Theory will be WWE’s next Megastar despite his recent poor booking. He said “I believe in Austin Theory. I don’t believe he’s ‘that guy’ yet, but in my heart of hearts as a nerd who’s spent way too much time studying the history of this business and watching it and loving it with all my being, I believe Austin Theory is the next megastar (of WWE.) And I think on Monday a lot of people started to believe as well.”

Tony Khan says “CM Punk never asked for Colt Cabana to be removed from the AEW locker room.” This is straight from the bosses mouth during last night’s media scrum after Full Gear.

– On a recent edition of Kliq This, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed WWF transitioning into WWE in 2002, due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund (also WWF), and how it made the company “become corporate.” Below are some highlights (via

Nash on WWF becoming WWE: “Once they took the ‘F’ out, once the WWF became WWE, and all of sudden, man, it was just like they were working their way to become corporate. They were working their way to become public. They were trying to get public. So, they started to, you know, from pulling a rubber hand out of a women’s vagina to now we’ve gotta figure out how we can cut this back and make this a viable stock option.”

Nash on how the changes impacted the talent: “So, they really put the kibosh, and I remember several times I remember coming back and them being like, ‘1 o’clock, everybody meet out in the ring, we’ve got a rehearsal,’ and I’m thinking to myself, ‘F**k, my back ain’t touching that mat.’ It’d be like, ‘No, we’re gonna go over the verbiage,’ and I’m like, ‘It’s f**king 1 o’clock, I just got here. I don’t f**king know anything I’m supposed to say.’”

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