Jamie Hayter on becoming the AEW Women’s Champion

Nov 20, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Jamie Hayter Comments on Becoming new Interim AEW Women’s Champion…

Becoming the champion is extremely validating for myself because after working, like everybody works hard in wrestling, every single wrestler that goes out there, they work hard, they sacrifice. When it happens to you, it’s almost a surreal moment because you never really think it’s gonna happen, you never think you’re gonna win a belt at a company, you’re never gonna be signed to a company, you’re never gonna achieve really anything. It’s just a pipe dream. But, I can’t even put into words now I feel right now, it’s, if my wrestling career ended tomorrow, god forbid, I would be so incredibly happy with everything that I’ve achieved and this is definitely the cherry on top of everything.

– Jamie Hayter

Source: AEW Media Scrum

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