Over Drive

Nov 18, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Over Drive, presented by Impact WrestingMatthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are on the call.

Impact World Title Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Josh Alexander (c)

Last Knockout Standing Match for the Impact Knockouts World Title
Masha Slamovich vs. Jordynne Grace (c)

Impact World Tag Team Titles Match
The Major Players (Matt Cardona, Brian Myers) vs. Heath and Rhino (c)

Tournament Finals for the Vacant X-Division Title
Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel

Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Titles Match
Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans vs. Taya Valkyrie and Jessica (c)

Tables Match
Bully Ray vs. Moose

Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde

Pre-show: Fatal 6 Way X-Division Free-For-All
Jason Hotch vs. Mike Bailey vs. Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Rich Swann vs. Kenny King

Pre-show: #1 Contender’s Match
NJPW Strong Open Weight Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin) vs. The Bullet Club (Chris Bey, Ace Austin)
Winners will earn a future shot at the Impact World Tag Team Titles.

Tonight’s Card, subject to change.

Pre Show Match 1.  Pre-show: Fatal 6 Way X-Division Free-For-All
Jason Hotch vs. Mike Bailey vs. Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Rich Swann vs. Kenny King

Kenny King seems to have everyone ready to beat on him as the match begins, but he stands tall in the ring.  Gujjar finally sets him up in the rack, but King escapes and side walk slams him.  Bailey downs King finally with the machine gun kicks.  Yuya and Hotch hits dropkicks on Gujjar and King.  Gujjar hits a pump kick on Yuya.  Yuya gets a bridge suplex and Gujjar kicks out at two.  Hotch dives to the floor onto Taurus.  Gujjar planchas everyone next on the floor.  Swann and Baily both hit versions of a moonsault off the top to the floor next.  Swann and Bailey are left in the ring next and have a nice exchange, but King knocks Bailey off the top rope.  Hotch goes after Swann.  He hits a leg lariat and double stomp.  After a huge back breaker on Swann by Hotch, Gujjar makes the save.  Gujjar hits the rip cord knee on Hotch.  Bailey hits the ultimate weapon on Hotch and Gujjar.  Swann makes the save.  King and Bailey mix it up, leading to Swann hitting the back spring cutter on Hotch to get the win.

Winner by pinfall.  Rich Swann 

Pre Show Match 2.  #1 Contender’s Match
NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin) vs. The Bullet Club (Chris Bey, Ace Austin)
Winners will earn a future shot at the Impact World Tag Team Titles.

The Bullet Club are noted in the broadcast, saying they will compete in the upcoming Super Juniors Tag Tournament in NJPW.  This match should be lightning quick in pace.  Sabin and Ace start the match trying to out do each other.  Neither wins.  Shelley’s hidden tag though, brings the Guns an advantage.  They double team Ace and knock Bey to the floor from the apron.  The liberal tag ref count allows the Guns to double team Ace repeatedly.  Ace finally gets to Bey and he attacks Sabin from behind.  He hits a clothesline and a spinning neck twist.  He has very creative offense.  After an arm drag by Bey, he and Sabin double clothesline each other.  Both make the tag.  Ace and Shelley trade forearms and chops.  Ace hits a pump kick after Bey distracts Shelley.  Bey and Austin then make a few tags and do tandem attacks on the Guns themselves.  Matthew Rehwoldt, on the call, says they are very similar to the Guns.  They hit a tandem leg drop, standing moonsault.  Bey misses a moonsault and Shelley plants Bey into the turnbuckle.  Sabin tags in fired up.   Sabin back elbow Bey into a fisherman’s suplex for a two count.  Ace stops a craddle shock attempt by Sabin on Bey.  Shelley enters and clotheslines Bey and Ace.  The teams both hit double Germans and planchas to the floor.  The Guns hit a Magic Killer for a two count.  Sabin and Shelley have Bey, but Bey somehow boots them both.  Ace tags in with a flying kick.  Bey hits a top rope clothesline.  Ace kicks Shelley in the face from the apron.  Bey flies to the floor with a two sweet on the Guns.  Sabin eats several kicks and Ace gets a two count.  Bey misses the art of finesse and Ace eats a cutter.  Sabin rolls up Bey and gets the win.

Winners and Number 1 Contenders, The Motor City Machine Guns.

Main Card.

Match 1.  Tables Match.  Bully Ray vs. Moose

Moose goes to a crotch kick to start the match.  This is all legal tonight.  He then grabs a few tables.   Bully recovers and spears Moose.  The match spills to the floor and Moose rams him into the post.  Moose is in his first tables match.   Bully reverses a suplex on the floor.  Back in the ring, Bully slams Moose and then yells out Whats Up and headbutts Moose’s crotch.  Bully wastes time with the tables, and Moose hits him with a chair in the back.  Bully blocks being slammed threw the table.  He hits a German on Moose.  Bully grabs a chair and smashes Moose several times.  Moose punt kicks Bully next.  Bully back elbows Moose, but gets caught with a dropkick while sitting on the top rope.  Moose climbs the ropes, but Bully reverses his move set and power bombs him off the top rope.  The two start slugging it out in the center of the ring.  Bully hits a cutter on Moose, after Moose climbed the ropes and dove off.  Bully runs at Moose and Moose dodges him.  Bully drives threw the table, but the ref doesn’t raise Moose’s hand.  He didn’t drive Bully threw the table.  Bully then reverses a whip and positions himself with the finish as he spears Moose threw the table.

Winner.  Bully Ray

Match 2.  Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Titles Match
Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans vs. Taya Valkyrie and Jessica (c)

Taya and Steelz start the match.  Steelz is taken down by the larger, Valkyrie.  Jessica enters and and sidewalk slams Steelz.  Jessica then tosses Steelz to the corner, begging Evans to tag in.  The two trade blows in the center of the ring.  Jessica slams and leg drops Evans.  Taya tags in, but Evans turns around the match and headbutts Valkyrie to the mat.  Steelz tags in and lays in the boots in the corner.  After working over Taya, she lands a beautiful basement dropkick.  After a leg drop, Steelz locks on a front face lock.  Evans tags back in and shoulders Taya in the corner.  Taya fights her way out eventually and clotheslines Evans.  Steelz distracts the ref and Taya can’t make the tag.  Evans now back in, Taya lands a few chops and makes the tag.  Steelz tags in and Jessica greets her with an elbow.  Jessica crossbodies Steelz and Evans.  Jessica lands several kicks to the face on Evans, but fails to get the pin.  Steelz hits a jaw breaker on Jessica.  Jessica hits a Death Driver after a Taya kick to the head.

Winners and still Tag Champs, The Death Dolls

The MCMGs and Austin and Bey talk backstage.  The Bullet Club say they are not done with Guns yet.  The Major Players interject they are there and will be next up for the tag team belts.

Match 3.  Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde

If James loses, the in ring career of James is over.  The two lock up and neither can gain an advantage after a few take downs.   They lock up again and Wilde gets arm control.  James reverses it only to see Wilde reverse it back.  James goes to a knee and arm drags Wilde, but Wilde holds the arm.  The two finally separate, James shoulders Wilde and then they arm drag each other.  James monkey flips Wilde.  They both stand tall and show mutual respect.  James hits a back elbow after a whip to the corner.  The girls then start throwing forearms.  The two tumble and Wilde ends up on the floor.  James holds open the ropes for Wilde.  Wilde grabbed her leg from the floor.  She pulls her to the floor and then Wilde repeatedly pushes James spine into the apron.  Back in the ring, Wilde hits a suplex for a two count.  James throws hands from her knees in retaliation.  James then eats a back breaker after missing a splash.  James kicks out with a bridge at two.  James gets to her feet and the two start trading strong style blows.  This is straight out of NJPW.  Wilde hits James in the back and she goes down.  James counters with a Thesz Press and neck breaker.  Wilde blocks a DDT and the two take turns rolling each other up.  Wilde eats a flapjack from James.  James heads to the top, Wilde meets her.  The two are on the top together.  James hits a inverted suplex.  Wilde kicks and hits a Wilde Ride, but only gets a two count.  Wilde then locks on a Camel Clutch.  James breaks free.  She back elbows Wilde and DDTs her for the win.

Winner.  Mickie James.

Deonna Purrazzo enters the ring post match.  She calls Mickie a selfish bitch.  Purrazzo continues cursing at James.  She blames her for trying to ruin her career.  Purrazzo then challenges James and says she will now end her career.

Match 4. Impact World Tag Team Titles Match
The Major Players (Matt Cardona, Brian Myers) vs. Heath and Rhino (c)

Myers and Rhino start the match.  Myers eats a Rhino shoulder off the ropes.  Heath tags in and they double elbow Brian.  He tags Matt Cardona.  Heath hip tosses Matt, but he tags back in Myers and they double team Heath for a quick pin attempt.  Heath recovers and puts Myers in the tree of wow.  Cardona enters and Heath whips him into Myers.  Rhino and Heath then crotch Matt into the corner post.  Matt recovers eventually and leg lariats Heath on the floor.  Back in the ring, The Major Players work over Heath in their corner. After a few tags, TMP’s are in total control.  Heath is realing.  They toy with Rhino on the apron  Cardona is back in now, he hits a neck breaker for a two count.  Heath then takes another neck breaker.  Heath reverses Cardona into Myers boot, but Heath couldn’t get to the tag.  Heath finally gains momentum and takes out Cardona on the floor and faceplants Myers.  Heath gets to Rhino, but Cardona pulls Rhino’s legs out from under him.  Just then the MCMG’s come to the ramp and set up chairs.  Cardona is back in control at the moment on Heath.  Heath hits a jaw breaker, but no tag.  Cardona knocks Rhino down again.  Heath then sends Cardona to the floor as he taunted the Guns.  Rhino tags in and beats Myers to a pulp.  He sets up a gore.  Cardona interferes and Myers hits a flatliner for two.  TMP double DDT Rhino.  Heath breaks up the pin. Sabin steals a chair from Cardona.  Rhino spears Myers.  It is over.

Winners and still tag champs.  Heath and Rhino

The Guns will face Rhino and Heath in their next title defense.

Bully Ray is interviewed backstage.  He shows respect to Moose.  He says he is going to watch the main event tonight.  He says he will face the winner tonight.

Match 5. Tournament Finals for the Vacant X-Division Title
Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel

Crazzy Steve serves as the ring announcer for tonight’s match.  He calls out his partner in Decay, Black Taurus.  Trey heads out next.  He is a former champion, who was never pinned to lose his title.

Trey locks up with the beast, and Taurus just shoves him to the corner easily.  He then does it again.  Trey then tries a arm drag, but Taurus blocks it and shoulders him to the mat.  Trey then tries to dizzy Taurus with spinning arm locks and go behinds.  This doesn’t work at first, but he eventually ranna’s him.  Then Taurus shows his lucha background and performs more arm drags.  They trade kicks.  Trey gains his first advantage of the exchange.  Taurus hits a sling blade and neck breaker combo.  After a few chops, Taurus runs the ropes and moonsaults Trey.  Taurus gets a two count.  Taurus locked on a waist, leg scissor.  This almost made Trey tap.  Taurus hits a pop up Samoan Drop.  Trey is groggy, but recovers.  He then charges Taurus several times in the corner and a running meteora.  Taurus seems to be inviting the contract from Trey.  They start going at it in the center of the ring.  Miguel does well, but fails to out do the larger, Taurus.  They double headbutt each other and they collapse.  Trey rolls up Taurus for a two count.  He then hits a spin kick to the head.  All he can get is another two count.  Trey and Taurus wrestle to the top rope.  Taurus hits a Gorilla Press Slam from the top rope for a long two count.  Taurus misses a high knee and flips over the ropes to the floor.  Trey flies to the outside.  He brings Taurus back in and hits the top rope meteora.  He only gets a two count.  Trey tries a Lightning Spiral, but Taurus shifts his weight and they tumble to the floor.  Taurus powerbombs Trey into the post on the floor.  Out of nowhere, Trey sprays paint in the eyes of Taurus, then hits a Lightning Spiral for the win.

Winner and New X Division Champion, Trey Miguel

Match 6. Last Knockout Standing Match for the Impact Knockouts World Title
Masha Slamovich vs. Jordynne Grace (c)

This is Masha’s second chance in consecutive PPV’s.  She lost at Bound For Glory last month.  The two have words before immediately throwing hands and feet.  Slamovich misses with a chair on the floor.  Grace then starts working the left leg.  Grace then hits a delayed vertical suplex on the floor.  Grace goes for a powerbomb on the ramp, but Masha backdrops her.  Masha then locks on a leg lock on the ramp.  There is no DQ in this match.  Masha then rams Grace into the apron, back first.  Grace fights back and tosses Masha back in the ring.  Masha hits a fisherman’s driver.  Grace gets to her feet and knees Masha in the head.  Grace then works on the legs again.  Masha gets to her feet at the count of 8.  Grace then performs a shin breaker.  Grace grabs some chairs and tosses them in the ring.  Grace with a Dragon Screw.  She is working the leg of Masha well.  Masha fights back with her fists, but Grace just goes back to the injured leg with a kick to it.  Grace then powerbombs Masha on the chairs.  Masha gets to her feet at the 9 count. Grace is now using pieces of broker steal chairs as a weapon.  She sets up another chair.  Masha lands a few elbows.  She then airplane crashes Grace threw the upright chair.  That was brutal.  Grace is up at the count of 8.  Slamovich hits a snap suplex.  She grabs a garbage can and a mailbox.  Grace has recovered and they trade open palm strikes.  Grace loses it and unloads with chops and punches.  She then lands a invert-a-breaker threw the garbage can.   Masha stands at a count of 9.  Grace goes back to kicking the left knee.  The two start trading and blows.  Masha hits multiple headbutts and then a Moscow Sunrise off the top rope.  Grace gets up at a count of 9.  Grace trips Masha and stomps her.  Grace then locks on the figure four.  They roll in the hold to apron.  Masha gets up at 9.  Masha blocks a driver and a backside piledriver on the floor on Grace.  Grace is up at 9.  Masha pulls out a door.  She props it on the apron and a garbage can.  She then hits Grace with a toilet seat.  She then drags her with is placing it around her neck.  The two block each others moves a minute, but Masha rams Grace into the post.  Masha pulls Grace up to the apron and tries for a powerbomb.  Grace blocks it and hits a muscle buster off the apron threw the door.  Grace gets to her feet.  Masha collapses.

Winner and still Champion, Jordynne Grace.

Main Event.  Match 7.  Impact World Title Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Josh Alexander (c)

The two lock up collar and elbow.  They tussle to the floor.  Back in the ring, they stalk each other.  We get some mat wrestling next for a few minutes.  Kaz is keeping up with Josh and making him work at his pace.  Frankie locks on a key lock.  Josh reverses it to an ankle lock.  Josh then punts Kaz in the face.  After  a backbreaker, Josh gets a 2 count.  Kaz gets to his feet and starts throwing straight rights.  Josh then slips behind and starts the German suplex move set.  Kaz stops him at two, and leg drops him and sling shots him over the ropes to the floor.  Kaz is fired up.  Back in the ring, Kaz is in control.  Josh lays in a chop, but Kaz connects with a spinning neck breaker after crossing the ropes.  Kaz then slams and spring board leg drops Josh.

Josh goes for the German again.  Kaz reverses it and rockets Josh into the 2nd turnbuckle with a suplex of his own.  Josh then eats a knee to the face.  Josh recovers and butterfly suplexes Kaz.  This gives him a minute to regroup too.  Josh hits a series of forearms and a back body drop.  Josh then starts the German suplex move set.  This time he hits several.  In fact he lands 10 of them.  Kaz hit is head on the 9th very hard.

Kaz blocks a C4 and locks on the chicken wing.  Josh gets in the ropes to break it.  Kaz goes for a flying forearm and Josh ducks.  The ref ate the forearm.  Kaz then tries a DDT from the apron to the floor.  That was a nasty botched fall.  Kaz grabs the belt, but isn’t willing to take the low road to win.   Back in the ring, Josh blocks the chicken wing.  Josh reverses it.  The two start pounding each other.  Frankie hits a kill switch and the groggy ref counts to two.  Kaz and Josh find themselves on the apron now.  Frankie misses a leg drop and Josh bounces the ropes and crossbodies him to the floor.  Josh hits a a spinning powerbomb for a two count.  Frankie reverses a roll up into the chicken wing.  Josh reverses it to the ankle lock.  Kaz gets to the ropes.  Josh with a suplex next.

Josh starts the ground and pound in the corner.  He then places Kaz on the top rope.  Josh mounts and goes for a suplex.  Kaz reverses and they tumble.  Kaz hits back to the future for a two count.  Kaz rolls up Josh for two.  Josh hits a piledriver for a long two count.  The two are back fighting on the floor.  Josh drags him back in, but Josh just kicks him unmercifully.  Kaz gets in and hits a sling shot cutter out of nowhere for another long 2 count.  Kaz begins hitting Josh repeatedly.  He knocks off his head gear.  Kaz locks on the ankle lock.  Josh reverses it.  Kaz gets to the ropes, after some intense action.  Kaz clotheslines and then Styles Clashes Josh.  He gets another two count.  Kaz places Josh on the top rope.  Josh is then backdropped off the top.  Kaz heads up and hits a leg drop off the top for another 2 count.  Kaz then locks on the chicken wing.  This goes on for a few mins.  Josh breaks free and eats a dropkick.  Josh forearm Kaz and then hits a C4 for the win.

Winner and still Champion of the World, Josh Alexander

Frankie is very upset after the match.  Josh watches him gather himself.  The two argue for a minute, then the fans chant for Kaz.  He shakes Josh’s hand then they share a nice moment.  Kaz exits and Bully Ray enters.  He is the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Winner.  He confronts Josh and then asks for the mic.  He tells Josh he just witnessed an incredible match.  He tells Josh he is the best world champion in the business.  He tells the fans to stand and cheer.

Bully then says he is challenging Josh at Hard to Kill on Jan 13th.  The two shake hands.  Bully exits and Josh stands tall..  Then Bully attacks him from behind.  He hits him with a chair repeatedly.  He hits him right in front of his family.  Bully then zip ties his hand to the bottom rope.  He tells Josh he kept his word.  He then mocks Josh for trusting him.  Bully then drags his wife over the barricade.  She is screaming.  Bully grabs her by the hair.  He sets up a piledriver.  He makes Josh hand him his belt.  Bully then raises the belt, while shoving away Josh’s wife.  Bully has nuclear heat now.  He then threatens to hit her with a chair.  He walks off and the show ends.  This was intense.


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