What happened after AEW Dynamite

Nov 17, 2022 - by Staff

Wednesday’s Full Gear go-home edition of AEW Dynamite closed with MJF saving AEW World Champion Jon Moxley from The Firm, then declaring that he needs the title more than he needs to breathe as the belt means you’re the best wrestler on God’s green Earth. The promo exchange continued and this was the final meeting between champion and challenger before Saturday’s Full Gear main event.

After Dynamite went off the air, MJF called out AEW President, CEO, General Manager & Head of Creative Tony Khan. Khan came out and MJF told him to relax because he wasn’t going to shake Khan down for money at this time. MJF asked the fans if they had fun, and if they came to see Moxley, which brought out mixed reactions from the crowd. MJF then called on fans to tell Khan who they really came to see, and a “MJF!” chant broke out.

MJF then said he wanted to get real with everyone. He claimed “a lot of bullshit” has gone on, and he and Khan have been at odds at different times. MJF went on and said he wanted to comment on something he’s noticed as of late. He asked the crowd if they were wrestling fans, and they cheered. MJF then asked, “You say you’re wrestling fans, imagine for one second, if you had the opportunity to bring your love of pro wrestling out to the world, to create an alternative, would you do it?”

Fans responded with another pop. MJF praised Khan for “busting his ass” each week to give fans and everyone in the back the chance to prove how much they really love pro wrestling. Fans then chanted for Khan.

MJF said the AEW wrestlers risk their lives every time the enter the ring, and that’s not taken lightly. He said he also doesn’t take it lightly when someone “comes into my company, drops trow(sers) and takes a dump. That shit ain’t happening anymore.”

This was seen as a reference to CM Punk.

MJF then declared that AEW is only here because of “Tony Fucking Khan,” and that pro wrestling would be a monopoly without Khan. MJF joked about loving WWE but added that, “your favorite wrestlers don’t get paid properly or eat properly unless Khan makes that alternative.”

MJF went on and said he’s going to carry AEW on his back. He then turned to Khan and told him to pay up in the bidding war of 2024, a reference to when his contract expires. MJF advised fans to buy Full Gear to watch him win the AEW World Title.

MJF then exited the ring, leaving Khan all alone. Khan greeted fans at ringside, posing for photos and signing autographs.



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