Impact Report, 11/17/22

Nov 17, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

This is the Go Home Show before the PPV, Over Drive!  Mathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are on the call.

Crazzy Steve is in the introducing Black Taurus, from the ring as the show begins.

Match 1. X Division Tournament.  Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve from Decay) VS PJ Black

The two begin the match with each hitting aerial moves.  Taurus is the powerhouse of the X Division and he is using the advantage.  Black hits a rolling plancha on Taurus on the floor.  He then plants Taurus on the ground head first off a version of the head scissors.  PJ misses a moonsault.  Taurus hits a series of back elbows and knee strikes.  He gets a two count after a series of clotheslines.  Black recovers and hits a double stomp off the top after a few kicks.  After the moonlight overdrive, PJ gets a two count.  They then both go down after clotheslining each other.  They get up to go at it strong style, center ring.  Taurus hits Destination Hell and gets the pin.

Winner and advancing in the X Division Tournament.. Black Taurus.  He will face Trey Miguel for the gold.

Next we get the official signing of the Impact World Championship match.  World Champion, Josh Alexander is with his wife and he tells Frankie how great he is.  Frankie Kazarian is also there with his wife.  He thanks Josh for his passion and representation of being a champion.  Scott D’Amore is the moderator.  The conversation gets chippie.  Even the wives get involved and start taking verbal shots.  They sign and the segment ends.

Frankie Kazarian and Josh Alexander make amends backstage.  Bully Ray enters and wishes them both good luck and says he will be there next.  Frankie tells Bully off.  Frankie warns Josh to stay away from Bully.

Match 2. 4 Way Tag.  Motor City Machine Guns VS Bullet Club, Chris Bey and Ace Austin VS Aussie Open VS Shera and Raj Singh

Aussie Open is battered by the Bullet Club and the MCMG’s to start the match.  Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis are beat for several minutes.  This match is tornado rules.  The crowd seems behind the Bullet Club.  Raj tags in and he and Ace go at it.  Singh plants him slap jack style into the turnbuckle.  He and Shera double team Ace for the next few minutes with the ground and pound.  Shelley breaks up a pin attempt.  We go to break.

Sabin and Raj are in as we return.  Shelley helps from the outside.  Raj is no match and eats several kicks.  Sabin cutters both Bullet Club members.  MCMGs then eat a Shera clothesline.  Mark and Kyle double superkick Shera.  They set up Sabin, but he escapes.  Ace tags in and takes out everyone.  Mark then suplexes both BC members.  Aussie Open then hits the assisted cutter on Bey for a two count.

Ace tries to save his partner to no avail.  Bey gets free and Ace comes back and takes them out.  The match spills to the bloor and the BC go air to the outside.  After a Bey cutter and Ace Fold, Ace pins Fletcher.

Winner.  Bullet Club.  

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie are talking backstage.  They can’t find Jessica.  If Jessica doesn’t show up for her match, Taya will step in for her.

Match 3.  Tasha Steelz (with Savanah Evans) VS Taya Valkyrie (with Rosemary) Valkyrie is subbing for Jessica

The two former Knockouts Champions go right at it.  Taya takes the upper hand and gets a two count off a few clotheslines.  After a back elbow, Taya does the double knee to the corner.  Taya misses the next charge to the corner.  Steelz takes advantage and lays in some punches.  Taya blocks a pumpkick and rolls her up for the pin.

Winner.  Taya Valkyrie

Steelz attacks Taya right away.  Rosemary enters and Savanah grabs her from behind.  Just then, Jessica enters and clears the ring.  The 3 celebrate together post match.

Tommy Dreamer is approached by Josh Alexander backstage.  He asks Tommy about Bully.  Tommy says Bully is a changed man.

Match 4.  Old School Rules Match.  Steve Maclin VS Tommy Dreamer (NO DQ)

Maclin slams Dreamer and then Dreamer slams Maclin.   They trade arm twists.  Dreamer hiptosses and clotheslines Maclin to the floor.  Dreamer gets some pans and hits Maclin.  After exposing the wooden floor, Dreamer hits Maclin with a fans drink.  He misses a pile driver on the floor.  Maclin plants Dreamer on the floor.  Then elbows him.  Back in the ring, Maclin slows the match down with a chin lock.  Maclin releases the hold and brings in a slew of chairs and a kendo stick.  Dreamer knees him as he returns to the ring.  Dreamer does the Dusty bionic elbow and crossbodies him on the chair.  Dreamer misses an elbow off the top rope and lands on a chair.  Maclin gets the kendo stick and hits Tommy a few times.  Tommy steals the stick and leg sweeps him with it.  Maclin hits an Olympic Slam.  Dreamer never phases and chokes him with a cane.  Dreamer throws fried rice on Maclin.  He then bites him.  Dreamer hits a cutter for a two count.

Tommy sets up a garbage can in the corner and gets a table set up in the other corner.  Maclin recovers and sends Dreamer into the can.  He then DDT’s on the chairs for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Steve Maclin

Maclin isn’t done, but Bully Ray makes the save.  Moose then attacks Bully.  Maclin sets up the table.  They try to put Bully threw the table.  Josh Alexander makes the save.  He takes out Maclin and Moose.  Bully and Ray then put Maclin threw the table.  Bully hands Josh the belt reluctantly.

Gia Miller interviews Masha Slamovich backstage.  She is fresh off her first loss.  She speaks in German.  She says one loss means nothing.  She insults Gia and calls her an idiot.  She is challenging Jordynne Grace once again at Over Drive for the women’s championship.

Match 5.  Rich Swann VS Laredo Kid

Swann eats a scissors takedown right away and bails.  Kid flies on him on the floor.  Kid hits tiger driver and a series of moonsaults.  Swann blocks the 3rd attempt.  Swann hits a few superkicks and a step over back kick to the face.  Kid levels Swann with a German.  He then hits a frog splash for two.  This match is very hard hitting.  Kid blocks a Spanish Fly.  He connects with the back handspring cutter for two.  After a 450 it is over.  Swann wins.

Winner by pinfall, Rich Swann

Taylor Wilde and Mickie James meet each other last week.  Taylor then says she wants to end her career tomorrow in their match.

We get a Josh Alexander/Frankie Kazarian hype package.

Match 6.  Main Event.  Eric Young (Violent by Design) VS Sami Callihan

The rest of VBD, Deaner, Angel and Connor attack Sami from behind on the ramp.  Sami is already busted open.  You apparently have to be bleeding and get pinned to lose.  The match isn’t started and he is already in jeopardy.  We go to break.

Sami is in the ring as we return.  He attacks EY.  EY is ready and hits a rack slam.  Sami then gets booted to the floor.  There is almost 20 mins left in the show.  Sami is getting destroyed on the floor.  This is going to have to even up soon and Sami tries to chop EY, but EY levels him again.  Sami blocks a suplex and puts EY to the floor with a suplex of his own.  Sami then papercuts EY’s mouth.  EY suplexes Sami on his spine on the apron.  EY then pounds on Sami with forearms repeatedly.  EY stomps on Sami’s face, but Sami loves it and asks for more.  They are on their feet on the apron.  After raking each others eyes, Sami takes a bite of Sami.  Sami then hits the Death Valley Driver on the apron.  EY is now bloody and we go to break.

Sami is back to biting the bloody head of EY as we return.  Gross.

The match is on the outside and Sami is gets rammed into the post.  They are tugging each other back and forth now.  Each time the post takes out a shoulder.  EY sets up piledriver, but Sami back body drops him.  Sami gets a shovel and garbage can.  EY hits him with a the can lid a few times.  EY then locks on a leg lock in the center of the ring.  Sami almost gets pinned twice from passing out.  He then reverses the hold into the figure four.  EY is pouring blood everywhere.  The mat is covered.  They start head butting each other, then laying in the chops.  Now they are back on repeated head butts.  A this is awesome chant breaks out.  I agree.

EY hits a piledriver.  Sami kicks out at two.  Sami blocks the next pile driver by a crotch grab.  EY kicks out of a Callahan piledriver.  Sami then hits a Cactus Driver and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Sami Callahan

The rest of VBD enter the ring and hover over their leader.  They look at each other and then glare back at EY.  EY sits up and the show ends.  Nice cliff hanger.  Deaner might be taking out his boss soon.




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