New NXT teaser from Scrypts

Nov 16, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

The mysterious Scrypts has delivered another cryptic warning to WWE NXT, and it looks like he may show his face next week. This week’s NXT episode featured the 4th voicemail from the mystery man. Scrypts referenced the graffiti scene from last week, and said. The latest rhyme went like this:

“Your cameras couldn’t catch me. I got past your guards with ease. Now that I’m here everything after this will only be a breeze.”

“Because I’m fast as lighting smarter than you think. Moves are incredible you miss it if you blink.”

“Next week you will see that you and I aren’t the same. So tell me… Who’s first to play a little game.”

There’s still no word on who’s behind the new gimmick, or what might happen next Tuesday night on NXT.

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