Rhea Ripley reacts to Mia Yim’s return, CM Punk wanted AEW to “tone down”

Nov 12, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

– In a recent appearance for the Ringsiders podcast, Rhea Ripley talked about Mia Yim’s return to WWE (via Fightful). She also shared her perspective on how Yim’s return will affect current storylines and anticipating the chance to face her in future matches. You can find a few highlights from Ripley below:

On her reaction to Yim’s return: “There is no solution for the Rhea problem. They just put fuel to the fire. Mia hit me from behind, I wasn’t expecting it. No one was expecting Mia Yim to come back, especially at that moment. She just appeared out of nowhere, out of dust, and pushed me into the ring post and started hitting me with a kendo stick. What the hell was I supposed to do? I didn’t have eyes in the back of my head. I was staring at the OC. It’s just another person that’s going to have a Rhea problem.”

On possibly facing Yim directly in a match: “I would like to get some more in-ring action. Whether that’s with Mia Yim or anyone else. I’m down for it. I came to the realization that no one compares to me. No one. I know how dangerous Mia Yim is. I know what she’s capable of. That’s why I picked her for the first-ever WarGames match that we were a part of. At the end of the day, I was the captain for a reason. No one compares to Rhea Ripley. Whether we’re on the outside or a singles match, nothing changes. The Rhea problem is still there.”

– According to PWInsider, CM Punk wanted Tony Khan to “tone down” AEW’s style from his first day there.

This was apparently talked about, mocked and even laughed at by several wrestlers backstage in AEW.

Punk was also irked that the younger wrestlers didn’t want or straight up refused to listen to his advice.

Some in the company did not need Punk, so, for him to come into the company and start trying to change it, the situation was doomed from the very beginning.

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  1. Captain Ass says:

    Hardly surprising. This guy is an arrogant egomaniac that should’ve never cursed another wrestling company with his bad attitude. Hopefully we don’t have to see him poison another locker room.

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Good thing Punk is gone so these idiots can just keep on injuring each other and producing stupid matches that don’t make sense. But hey, clearly AEW doesn’t want to gain new fans by creating a good product, and only wants to appeal to a small group of cultists that’s willing to watch their garbage… This all just sounds like the typical “Punk smear campaigning” that’s been free to run its mouth without mentioning how every wrestler Punk worked with in AEW all praised him for his advice and his willingness to teach them. I mean, it’s not like those very same wrestlers who praised him in the past are currently being buried, right?

  3. John says:

    I tuned to watch AEW only because C.M Punk joined the program honestly. From watching the product it is horrendous and nonsensical. It’s embarrassingly bad how the matches are conducted how people are unsuccessful in landing moves and injuring their “opponents”. The feuds are laughable and it can be bored at times too. The product does need changes. I gave the product an opportunity for a year and it’s hard to watch because there are far more problems than advantages that AEW offers. With Punk off the program, it is harder to have a reason to watch AEW.

  4. Luke says:

    @Captain Ass
    I don’t get it. Arrogant egomaniac? Sure. The wrestling world’s filled with them, not necessarily a bad thing. Bad attitude? Poison another locker room? Why? Because he suddenly found himself surrounded with people who don’t care about growing the business, who just want to be big fish in a small pond despite having potential to turn the pond into an ocean? Because he spoke his mind at a “media scrum” after having a guy go into business for himself against him IN THE RING and people running to Meltzer with lies about him? Because he wanted to take the company to another level? Because he wanted to get rid of the indy mentality where the only thing that counts is spectacular but meaningless moves? Please enlighten me why Punk bad but Bucks, Omega, Page, Hardy and a few others who do nothing for the big picture good. I seriously can’t understand why everyone keeps dumping on him.

  5. Brad says:

    Wrestling fans are so fickle. It wasn’t that long ago that CM Punk could do no wrong. People even chanted his name at WWE. Events trying to hijack the show.So one negative thing happens and all of a sudden he’s yesterdays news.You wait. Sooner or later they’ll turn on MJF. Especially if he ends up going to WWE (which I believe he will).

  6. Kenny Koolaid says:

    What exactly in this case was CM Punk offering to fix AEW’s limited audience problem? He is still very much the bland boring “only play myself” character that too many people in wrestling today also are. In AEW he offered no real interesting story, just another generic wrestler looking for excuses for matches.

    It sounds more like he was trying to politic the roster to shift the style more to his liking simply because he knew he’s older and more injury prone and would tear up his body quicker in the current style. Which in itself isn’t an unthinkable choice, it’s the part that he allegedly expected everyone to automatically go along with it because he wanted it, that makes him the jerk. You’re on a team Phil. You gotta learn what your team mates actually want too. Maybe some of them liked being in AEW for that style? No freaking duh.

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