Braun Strowman reportedly has heat

Nov 11, 2022 - by Staff

Braun Strowman reportedly has “very real” heat within WWE.

A new report from Fightful Select notes that Strowman gained criticism from several co-workers following WWE Crown Jewel for targeting “flippy wrestlers” and “grocery baggers” in now-deleted tweets, which saw several pro wrestlers respond.

It was noted that Strowman has actually been on his “best behavior” backstage since returning to WWE, and had been easy to deal with, but “social media Braun” has been another story. WWE officials are said to be aware of the heat and at least one has reportedly said they think it was an immature approach by Strowman.

It was also reiterated by a source how Strowman’s comments are not part of an ongoing or upcoming angle, and likely will not be turned into one. However, it was suggested that Strowman could eventually be ribbed or referenced on-screen, or on commentary, for his stance.

One wrestler who claims “they’ll never do a flip in their life” said that the Strowman tweets should never have happened, saying, “We need them, and they need us. Wrestling is everything. There’s very little truly right and wrong. He didn’t come up in the business doing the things that a lot of those people did, so he probably doesn’t understand.”

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