Notes on Bobby Lashley and Emi Sakura

Nov 10, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

– During an appearance on this week’s episode of WWE The Bump, Bobby Lashley spoke about having a 3rd match with Brock Lesnar but this time in a literal Street Fight. He said “He’s making it personal, and if it he makes it personal, okay, we fight at a different level,” Lashley said. “That’s why, at Crown Jewel, I didn’t care about winning the match. I wanted to kick his ass, and I wanted to let him know that I don’t appreciate what he’s been doing this entire time, that he’s been making it personal. If you make it personal, it’s a street fight. So the next time we fight, I don’t even think it should be in a ring. I think we should go fight outside. I think we should grab, YouTube, let somebody grab a camera, meet us out in the street, and let’s beat each other down and see who doesn’t get up afterwards. I mean, I don’t know. It has to be something else because if he wants to make it that way, then we gotta go and fight that way, and I’m okay with it.”

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: Emi Sakura talked about AEW not booking her on Dynamite or Rampage but on Dark.

But this is hard. When I have a match, there are really a lot of people saying, “We want to see Emi on Dynamite or Rampage”. I’ve been told that by other wrestlers too! It’s all the same thing. All the fans complain about it. All the fans say, “We want to see you more on Dynamite”.It’s hard! All the fans think that!

You can watch the clip of it below:

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