11/10/22 Impact Wrestling Recap

Nov 10, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Location: Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt
report credit: 411mania.com

Joe Hendry makes his entrance. He says the World Wide Web can be a dangerous place, so as Digital Media Champion one has a responsibility. But Brian Myers sells dolls. If he becomes champion, the comment section will believe in Joe Hendry.

Match 1: Joe Hendry vs Brian Myers

Wristlock by Joe to start with. Myers pushes him to the ropes but Hendry takes him down. Hendry hits a vertical suplex for two. Myers slides to the outside. Hendry hits an uppercut. Myers slides back in and kicks Hendry. Myers with a guillotine on Hendry. Hendry reverses into a suplex. Hendry looks for the Trustfall but Myers hits a flatliner. Hendry hits a pop-up powerbomb but only gets two. Myers throws Hendry to the outside. Hendry hits an uppercut on Myers. Heath and Rhino show up and take out Cardona. Hendry goes back into the ring and hits the Standing Ovation for three.

Result: Joe Hendry def. Brian Myers to become the new Digital Media Champion

Jai Vidal is backstage with Gisele Shaw and says he has been working on a video for Gisele. The only thing that’s left is Gisele raising the Knockouts Championship. A video plays which has statements from various wrestlers seemingly talking about Awesome Kong for her Hall Of Fame, with a robot voice replacing Kong’s name with Gisele.

Violence By Design cut a promo. Angels said he was in a dark place but now he is Violence. Kon says he is Violence. This place belongs to Violence.

Match 2: Trey Miguel vs Mike Bailey

Quick exchange to start off with followed by a face off. Bailey bounces off the ropes and drops down Miguel with a kick. Kenny King shows up to ringside as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Mike Bailey has the advantage. Trey Miguel hits a stomp on Bailey for two. Trey and Bailey exchange chops. Bailey hits a forearm on Trey and throws him into the ropes but Trey counters into a spin kick. Trey goes for the meteora but Bailey gets out if the way. Bailey goes for the Ultimate Weapon but Miguel gets out of the way. Bailey hits a moonsault to Trey on the outside. Miguel goes for a sunset flip from inside the ring to Bailey outside but Bailey blocks it and hits a moonsault double knee. King throws Trey into the steel steps and Bailey is disqualified.

Result: Trey Miguel def. Mike Bailey by DQ

The Death Dollz are backstage and Rosemary says it is their first loss. Taya suggests Jessicka has a drink. Rosemary says no and that she needs to channel her energy into Tasha next week. Jessicka says maybe she needs a drink. Rosemary looks angrily at Taya.

Chelsea Green is backstage getting ready with Deonna.

Kenny King is backstage says he still remembers Eddie Edwards words. Speedball has his undivided attention.

Match 3: Bhupinder Gujjar vs. G-Sharpe

Gujjar hits a splash in the corner. Gujjar hits a backbreaker for two. G-Sharpe drops Gujjar. Hits a dropkick to the seated Gujjar for two. G-Sharpe with a stretch but Gujjar fights out of it and hits a clothesline. Gujjar hits a slingblade. Ripcord knee and a Samoan Drop for two. G-Sharpe rakes the eye and hits a kick. Gujjar hits a pop-up powerslam and hits the Gargoyle Spear for the win.

Result: Bhupinder Gujjar def. G-Sharpe by pin

Heath and Rhino are backstage. Heath says Myers lost the Digital Media Championship and his head is not in the game. Rhino finds Josh sitting nearby and walks up to him and says Bully can’t be trusted.

Jessicka is backstage with Alisha and offers a drink. Alisha says she doesn’t want it. Jessicka says it is already over.

Alisha talks with Eddie Edwards. Eddie says Honor No More is done. Alisha doubts him. Eddie says ride or die and walks off.

Match 4: Chelsea Green vs Mickie James

Mickie James hits a kick for two. Mickie James goes to the ropes and Deonna tries to trip her. Chelsea hits a lungblower for two. Mickie drops her down and goes for the cover but Deonna pulls Chelsea’s hand to the ropes. Referee sees it and ejects her from ringside. Mickie and Chelsea exchange forearms on the apron and both hit a kick at the same time. Both get back in the ring at the count of 9. Mickie drops Chelsea for two. Chelsea accidentally kicks the referee and he’s out. Mickie James goes to the top rope but Deonna comes out and tries to pull her down but Taylor Wilde comes and takes her out. Mickie hits a Lou Thesz Press but the referee is out. Chelsea hits the Unprettier and the referee counts but Mickie kicks out at two. Chelsea Green goes to the top rope and goes for the missile dropkick but Mickie converts it into a jacknife pin for the win.

Result: Mickie James def. Chelsea Green by pin.

Maclin is looking for Scott D’Amore. Tommy Dreamer says Maclin needs to be a locker room leader and not throw tantrums. Maclin says Tommy just looks for his buddy Bully. Tommy says he will talk to Scott and make sure Maclin gets a match… against Tommy.

Match 5: Zicky Dice vs Bully Ray

Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice do the “Get the Tables” and bring out a table from under the ring. Bully hits a Bully Bomb for three.

Result: Bully Ray def. Zicky Dice by pin

Moose comes out after the match and low blows Bully from behind. He then spears Bully through the table.

Sami Callihan is backstage and he has one of the guys in yellow hoodies taped up. He says last week Eric Young faced for the first time but his NPC ruined it. He says he has a concept called called Death Machine Double Jeopardy.

Chelsea Green is walking out of the arena. Deonna asks where she’s going. Chelsea says she’s going home.

They show a clip of Bully Ray from during the break where he challenged Moose to a Tables Match.

A video package played for Kazarian talking about his history in IMPACT and how he met his wife in IMPACT. Statements from Chris Sabin, Gail Kim and Scott D’Amore.

Match 6: Gisele Shaw vs. Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts World Championship

Grace hits a spinebuster for one. Gisele gets out of the ring. Grace takes out Vidal with a dropkick. Gisele hits a powerbomb to the outside. Shaw hits a running upper cut on Grace in the corner for two. Gisele chops Grace but Grace takes her down with the clothesline as we go to break.

Back from the commercial and they’re exchanging forearms until Grace drops her with the scoop slam. Grace hits a Vader Bomb for two. Grave hits forearms and goes for the clothesline but Gisele hits her with kicks for two. Gisele hits a spin kick on Grace in the corner and a draping DDT for two. Gisele goes to the top rope but Grace stops her and hits a superplex followed by the Jackhammer for two. Grace hits the Vertebreaker for two. Gisele hits a backbreaker for two. Grace hits a powerbomb followed by the Grace Driver for 3.

Result: Jordynne Grace def. Gisele Shaw to retain the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

Jordynne celebrates after the match on the stage but Masha comes up from behind and hits her with a steel chair. Masha brings a bunch of steel chairs out and hits a Snow Plow on the steel chairs. She poses with the Knockouts World Championship.

They show a clip of the area where PCO was buried and his hand jumps out from underneath the ground.

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