Lady Frost reportedly granted Impact release

Nov 9, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Impact Wrestling has finally granted Lady Frost her release.

A new report from Fightful Select notes that Frost received her release in October, months after she first announced that she had asked for her release in late June.

Impact officials were originally not planning on granting the release, but they changed their mind before the most recent set of Impact TV tapings. There were several people within Impact who pushed for officials to make the move as it didn’t seem productive to keep Frost under contract.

Frost had went directly to Anthem President & CEO Leonard Asper, and regularly followed up in an attempt to get released. She worked CMLL shows in recent weeks, indicating that she could be a free agent, and that has now been confirmed. CMLL officials were happy with Frost’s performance and the two sides plan on working together in the future.

Frost will face Lena Kross to crown the inaugural WrestlePro Women’s Champion at Saturday’s WrestlePro 100 event, which streams for free on Facebook.

It was reported back in September, via PWInsider, that Frost was offered a full release from her Impact contract if and when she would put over Masha Slamovich on Impact, as a way to write Frost off and continue to build Slamovich as she prepared to challenge Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace at Bound For Glory. However, it was noted that Frost instead stopped communication with the company, and went public with her request. Sources close to Frost denied that this was the case, stating she stayed in contact with Impact Producer Gail Kim, agreeing to work the July 1 and July 2 TV tapings to do the match with Slamovich, but she asked for confirmation on the release in writing. Frost claimed she asked for that confirmation several times, but communications ceased.

Original reports following Frost’s public request noted that she had been refused the release and effectively ignored by the company after taking time off for the medical procedure after Multiverse of Matches in early April, and before that was required to wrestle in April despite telling officials she needed time off for the procedure. It was also said that a number of grievances against the company were levied by Frost, including not having her travel expenses covered, only being offered one meal on long taping days, and having to pay her own luggage costs, among other alleged issues.

It was also said that Frost sent a letter to a number of top Impact and Anthem executives with her grievances, and the request to be released, effectively stating that she was now an “emotionally bankrupt property” of the company. Frost also alleged in the letter that she had been asked if she wanted to “sit out” the next two years of her career after asking for the full release

Impact sources claimed to PWInsider that Frost was booked on all events on a per-appearance basis until she informed them that she was taking time off for a surgery. She was not on an exclusive deal and was able to wrestle anywhere she wanted, except for other national TV promotions, according to Impact sources. When she did travel for the company, Impact sources claimed her flights, hotel and other expenses were covered. The Impact side also offered the following claims:

“In regard to Frost working in Dallas, that would have been a situation where Frost (like other talents) worked for a number of groups since it was WrestleMania weekend. Frost did work at least one other event that weekend for Zero Pro Wrestling and also would have appeared at Wrestlecon. Impact sources state that she informed them she would be in Dallas for the weekend, so she was utilized on the Multiverse of Matches event. Their basic claim is that they did not approach her to book her that weekend, but that she informed them she would be there, so she was included on the event. Frost informed the company after healing from her surgery that she was good to go and requested to return around Slammiversary. Impact sources stated that since their TV and PPV plans were already locked in, they intended to work Frost back in as they were able to. Shortly after Frost was informed of this, Impact sources claimed that she instead requested a release from the company. After being told she could be let go if she put over Slamovich, sources stated that Frost was unable to make the suggested TV taping date, so officials asked her to let them know when she could make a future taping, gave her several choices as to when she could do the job. Shortly after, Frost went public with her release announcement on Twitter. Impact sources claim that from that point on, they had not heard from Frost until she contacted the company’s Human Resources department. Impact’s version is that Frost was told to go back to her contact person (Kim) and to have conversations with them. Impact had not heard from Frost after that until her letter to Impact and Anthem was received. Impact sources declined to comment on the letter, with one source stating they had not actually seen it, but had heard of its existence.”

Frost has not wrestled for Impact since the Multiverse of Matches taping on April 2, where she teamed with Gisele Shaw in a Fatal 4 Way for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles.

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