ECWA 55th Anniversary Show results (John Finegan turns on the fans, Bobby Shields retires)

Nov 8, 2022 - by James Walsh

This past Saturday night ECWA, the oldest independent professional wrestling company still active in the United States celebrated our 55th Anniversary in style live from the Jersey Dugout in Marlboro New Jersey!

After the Erica Leigh Halloween special aired it was clear that ECWA champion Erica would not be able to make the event, so she hand picked Eel O’Neal to represent her in a four person tournament to crown a new champion.

In a semi-final match for the ECWA championship Travis Lee defeated Joey Ace after John Finegan failed to see Ace’s foot on the bottom rope. At the time, this was seemingly a mistake, but we would find out later in the night how intentional it was.
Joey Ace Vs Travis Lee match here:

The next semi-final match for the ECWA championship saw the Legendary Mr Ooh Lala defeat Eel O’Neal with a rollup to advance to the finals.
Eel Vs Ooh Lala match here:

The Tag titles were on the line next as The Marvelous Ones (Greg Spitz and Teddy Fine) were scheduled to defend against their butler Sweet Reginald, and his butler (the butler to a butler) Bobby Boran. However, Teddy Fine refused to compete against his butler Reginald and didn’t show up. This meant that Reggie took Teddy’s spot and competed for BOTH teams. Eventually the stress overtook him and he left allowing Spitz to roll up Boran for the win allowing the Marvelous Ones to retain the Tag Team titles now for more than 777 days.
Tag Team title match here:

Next up the Legacy title was on the line in a decision match after Erica Leigh vacated the championship upon winning the ECWA title. It seemed like “The Closer” Joe Martinez was going to steal the title when he hit L.A Vin with brass knuckles, however Santa Claus made a stop in at the Jersey Dugout and convinced the referee to restart the match allowing Vin to capture the gold!
Legacy title match here:

The ECWA Territory title was on the line as Abs Armstrong defended against J-George on his birthday! Abs was able to squeak out a victory thanks to help from his fellow Backyarders!
Territory title match here:

Bobby Shields took on Logan Easton Laroux in his Farewell match. Logan was Bobby’s hand selected opponent and these two did not disappoint, putting on a clinic. In the end Bobby Shields was able to get the victory.
Bobby Shields Farewell match here:

Finally, the ECWA championship was on the line as Mr Ooh Lala took on a member of the Backyarders, Travis Lee. Ooh Lala was able to fend off all the outside interference and it looked like he had the match won, until referee John Finegan clocked Ooh Lala with the ECWA championship and aligned himself with the Backyarders. He then counted the pin for Travis Lee and made him the ECWA champion before all the Backyarders tore down the historical banners hung around the arena in what has been called the most despicable moment in ECWA history.
ECWA title finals here:

Other notes: Mr Ooh Lala made it clear he wanted to defend his WORLD-1 title during the tournament, and this allowed Travis Lee to capture that title as well. WORLD-1 officials have announced they are considering that championship unified with the ECWA championship and have dissolved it officially.

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