Austin Theory cashes in briefcase

Nov 7, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Photo Credit: WWE

Austin Theory has unsuccessfully cashed in his Money In the Bank briefcase.

Tonight’s post-Crown Jewel edition of WWE RAW saw Seth Rollins come out to issue his Open Challenge for the WWE United States Title in the main event. Mustafa Ali appeared on the big screen to answer the challenge, but he was attacked by Bobby Lashley. Lashley issued a warning to Rollins and was preparing to accept the challenge when Ali attacked him. Lashley fought Ali off, then went to the ring to challenge Rollins for the title he lost a few weeks back.

Lashley attacked Rollins before the bell rang, then destroyed him at ringside. After putting Rollins through the announce table, Lashley was ordered to the back by Adam Pearce and other officials. Theory then came out with his Money In the Bank briefcase as RAW went to commercial. After the break, Theory officially cashed in and the match with Rollins began. Theory controlled most of the short match but Rollins made a comeback. Theory blocked a Pedigree, then hit one of his own but Rollins kicked out. The back & forth continued until Theory blocked the Stomp, then put Rollins down with The ATL. Theory made the cover but Lashley appeared back at ringside, yanking the referee out of the ring. Theory then yelled at Lashley from the ring, calling him an idiot. Lashley pulled Theory out of the ring and destroyed him, running him head-first into the ring post and putting him to sleep with The Hurt Lock. The referee finally came to and returned to the ring, but Theory rushed back in right before the 10 count. As Theory rushed back in, Rollins met him with the Stomp for the pin to retain.

Theory is just the third WWE Superstar to cash-in his Money In the Bank briefcase but fail to win the title via match loss. Baron Corbin failed to win the WWE Title in 2017, while Damien Sandow failed in October 2013. Braun Strowman also failed to win the title in September 2018, but under different circumstances, similar to what happened with John Cena in July 2012.

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