WarGames at Survivor Series to feature 10 competitors

Nov 5, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

A Survivor Series WarGames commercial which aired during Crown Jewel confirmed that there will be 10 competitors in each match, so unlike the NXT version, the main roster WarGames will be five vs five.

There will be two WarGames matches, one featuring the men and one with the women. This is the first time that the gimmick match, made famous in WCW, is being used on the main roster. The NXT version did not have a covered cage which allowed for some high-flying moves but it’s unknown if WWE is going back to the original cage design with a covered top for this one.

The commercial for WarGames used the song War Pigs from Black Sabbath, performed by Celebrity WWE Hall of Famer Ozzy Osbourne.

The WarGames concept was brought back to NXT in 2017 and has been a yearly affair every November since then.

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