Mick Foley on why he’s less likely to say yes to WWE appearances

Nov 4, 2022 - by James Walsh

Mick Foley has suffered a number of concussions due to crazy bumps over the years, and he recently weighed in on how he’s doing mentally and why’s less likely to agree to WWE TV appearances. Foley spoke on the latest episode of Foley is Pod about his mental health and said that he’s doing better than he was during the later stages of his career, but noted that his inability to remember written promos is a reason why he doesn’t tend to appear on WWE TV as much. You can check out some highlights below:

On feeling better mentally than he was during his active days:

“Man, those concussions are no joke. You see — I honestly think I’m doing better than I was when Beyond the Mat was. I do, I think if you watch the movie, even when I’m not calling Barry [Blaustein] post-[Hell in the] Cell, I sensed that I was starting to slur my words a little bit. And I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders in a way that I was not 10 years ago or even 20 years ago.”

On not being able to remember promos:

“Now, I can’t remember a written promo. And that’s one of the reasons why if I do get a call for [WWE] TV, I’m more likely to say no. Because I don’t — I saw it in 2012, the year we’re covering, that I make a difference. And I thought I was one of the few returning guys who could make a difference or who wanted to make a difference. Because that was my primary goal. If you’re going to bring me back, I want to help out a storyline. I don’t want to just get the pop, I don’t wanna just promote something I have coming up, I want to make a difference.

“And now I cannot, I cannot remember a storyline. And I don’t wanna just be a hanger-on in the back on ‘Old School Day. But as far as remembering, as far as long-term memory, I think it’s as strong as its ever been.”

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