Impact Wrestling Report, 11/3/22

Nov 3, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

We start the show with a recap of last week’s show.  Mathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are once again on the call.

Honor No More is no more.  Eddie Edwards has a vignette blaming PCO for HNM falling apart.  Eddie challenges him to a fight tonight.

Match 1.  X Division Tournament Match.  Kenny King VS Mike Bailey

Two former champs square off for the recently vacated X Division Championship after Frankie Kazarian went for Option C to challenge Josh Alexander for the World Championship.  The two trade kicks, arm drags and roll ups.  Neither gain an advantage.  King finally cheap shots Bailey with a sucker punch.  The match physicality picks up at this point and Bailey machine gun kicks King to the floor.  Back in the ring, Bailey whip leg locks King.  King screams and gets to the ropes.  Bailey kicks king, but eats a spine buster after being flap jacked into turnbuckle.  King then suplexes Bailey on the ramp.  King locks on a crab after planting Bailey on the floor.  Back in the ring, King continues to work the leg.  King is slow to work and Bailey regains his composure and gets a two count after a few kicks.  King then T Bones and Tiger Drives Bailey.  Bailey and King end  up on the ramp and Bailey ranna King and then moonsaults on King from the top rope to the floor.  Back in the ring, King reverses a hold and goes back to the crab.  Bailey reverses the hold into a roll up and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall and advancing in the X Division Tournament.. Mike Bailey

Josh Alexander and The Motor City Machine Guns talk backstage.  Chris Sabin tells Alexander he can’t trust Bully Ray.  Alex Shelley agrees.

Gisele Shaw is shown backstage.  Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green argue with her and Shaw tells them she is done with them.  She then walks off and Deonna says enough with her, lets end the career of Mickie James.

Match 2.  Savanah Evans (with Tasha Steelz) VS Jessica (and Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie)

The two trade blows to start the match.  The wrestler, formerly known as Havok seems to be getting the best of Evans and punches and rams her head into all the corner top turnbuckles.  After a splash in the corner, Jessica lays in some boots to the mid section.  She misses on another splash.  Evans DDT’s her and goes to the ground in pound.  We go to break.

Evans is in control as we return.  She suplexes Jessica in a nice display of strength.  After a legdrop, Evans buries her shoulder into Jessica.  She tries again and Jessica dodges her and goes on the attack.  After a eating a German, Evans bites Jessica to save herself.  Jessica and Evans trade blows center ring.  They start trading head buts.  That was brutal to watch.  Jessica hits a series of kicks to Evans head.  Jessica hits a running splash.  Steelz distract everyone.  Rosemary spears her.  Evans boots Jessica and then a full nelson slam.  It is over.

Winner by pinfall, Savanah Evans

We get a flashback of Bully Ray joining Aces and 8s.

They have another Killer Kelly vignette backstage.

We see Eddie Edwards in the Arizona dessert waiting for PCO to meet him for a fight.

Steve Maclin cuts a backstage promo.  He says everyone he has beat.  He says he is waiting and watching everyone jump the line for a shot at the Impact World Title.  He is done waiting.

The Major Players, Brian Myers and Matt Cardona want the tag team championships.  Just then Joe Hendry shows up and says he wants the Digital Media Championship Myers holds.

Match 3.  We see PCO in the desert approaching Edwards.  This is a cinematic match.  PCO enters the area and start manhandling Eddie and throws him on some rocks.  Eddie looks desperate.   PCO hesitates and Eddie suplexes him on the rocks.  PCO then chokeslams him on a rock.  Eddie gets up and hits PCO with a shovel.  Eddie digs a hole and buries PCO.  Match ends.  Very strange.

Impact is having technical difficulties with my feed.  We lost feed and then it came back without sound.  I will do my best.

Match 4.  Eric Young (with Deaner) VS Death Machine, Sami Callihan

This match starts with Sami power bombing EY after they charged each other.  The action spills to the floor and EY gets his eyes raked and then he is chopped.  Sami misses a second chop and hits the corner post.  The two brawl on the floor.  Sami is literally scratching EY all over his body and then suplexes him on the floor.  Sami is clotheslined by Deaner on the floor.  EY uses this time to recover.  EY looks fresh in the ring and Sami isn’t.  EY lays in some boots but Sami backdrops EY from a piledriver position.  The two are on their knees head butting and punching each other.  They get to their feet fighting and EY clotheslines Sami.  EY misses a top rope dive.  Sami clotheslines EY 3 times.  Yellow hooded men flood the ring and get on the apron.  Sami starts fighting them all, but they overtake him.  Deaner pulls EY’s worshipers of.  EY grabs a fork and carves Sami’s face.  EY is bleeding.  Alan Angels and Big K are now members of Violent by Design.  They unhood and join the beatdown.

Sami Wins by DQ

Match 5.  Moose VS Bullet Club’s Ace Austin (with Chris Bey)

Ace trips Moose and kicks him in the face.  Ace catches Ace on the floor and grabs his legs and swings him into the steel steps.  We go to break.  We are back and Moose has Ace draped over the second rope with a knee to the back.  He follows up litterally tossing him across the ring like a dart.  Ace is such a good bump taker.  He has springs in his legs.  Moose chops Ace so hard he hurts his own hand.  Ace starts to mount a comeback and lays in a few chops of his own, but Moose stops that and snake eyes him into the corner top turnbuckle.  He then warns Bey to stay away.  Ace gets to his feet, just to be face slapped back to the mat.  Ace refuses to stay down or back down.  He leg dives Moose twice and lays in some punches and educated feet.  He gets a two count after a double knee.  After a back spin kick he tries the Fold, but Moose grabs him in air and sidewalk slams him.  Moose eats an elbow and Ace knees him .  He gets caught on the top rope and Moose hurls him to the mat.  Bully Ray enters and starts barking at Moose.  Moose misses a spear.  Acerolls him up and gets the pin.  Bully nods to Ace and starts screaming further at Moose.  Bey smiles at Bully.

Winner of the match.  Ace Austin

Over Drive, Impacts next PPV is hyped.

Match 5.  Aussie Open, Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis VS Frankie Kazarian and Josh Alexander, Impact World Champion

Yes Kaz and Josh are teaming.  This match should be interesting since Kaz is challenging for the belt at Over Drive.  I am still winging this with no sound.  Hope you are enjoying it.  We go to break.

Frankie and Kyle start the match.  They start with mat wrestling.  After a stalemate, Kaz shoulders Kyle.  They trade arm bars and hip tosses next.  The two tag out and Josh and Mark square up.  These Aussie are rugged and are good workers.  Josh arm twist takedowns Mark and Kaz leg drops him.  Mark then breaks free to tag Kyle and they double team Kaz.  Mark leaves and Frankie Russian leg sweeps Kyle.  Josh tags in and back elbows Kyle off the ropes.  Kyle bails to the floor.  Josh chases him and tosses him easily back in the ring.  Kyle whips Josh and clotheslines him to the floor after Mark knees him from the apron.  The Aussies then take out Josh and Kaz on the floor.  We go to break.

Mark rear chin locks Josh as we return.  Kyle tags in and they have Josh in the corner.  After two slams, Kyle starts getting very cocky and goes for a 3rd which is blocked.  Josh can’t make it to the ropes.  Kyle tosses Josh on the floor and Mark dropes him on the apron hard.  Josh is then brain bustered on the mat.  Josh dodges Mark who is now legal and tags Frankie.  He makes the hot tag and takes out Mark on the floor.  After a jumping DDT on Kyle, he gets a two count.  Kyle and Mark are able to double team Kaz.  They hit a tandem neck breaker for a two count.  Josh tags in and fights off Mark and Kyle.  He hits multiple Germans on Kyle.  Mark then his power bombed by Josh.  Josh is fired up now.  He can’t connect with a C4 and Kyle jumps him from behind.  Kaz enters, but is tossed from the ring.  Josh had Mark in an ankle lock, but Kyle kicks him in the face.  They double team him.  Josh drops Kyle with a punch.  He tags in Frankie who is now recovered.  They both work on Kyle.  Kaz his a springboard legdrop for a two count.  Mark interferes.  Josh enters and leg locks Kyle.  Kaz locks of Mark.  Kyle launches Josh on to Kaz.  The four start brawling.  Kaz is kicked hard.  Josh and Kyle spill hard to the floor.  Kaz hits a cutter and gets the pin.

Winners.  Frankie Kazarian and Josh Alexander

Kaz puts the belt on Josh in respect.  The show ends with a fist bump.



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