Dana Brooke on if there will be another Evolution PPV

Nov 3, 2022 - by James Walsh

Dana Brooke recently spoke with NBC Ten Count and discussed how she wants to transition her current WWE 24/7 Title to the WWE Women’s Intercontinental Title, and also discussed if women will ever main event WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia as well as if she thinks there will be another Evolution PPV. Highlights from her comments are below.

On if there should be a second women’s singles title:

“You took the thought out of my head. I’ve actually been wanting to transition the 24/7 Title into an IC Title. I think it would be amazing. We’re building the roster, we have amazing women on the roster. With everyone coming back, why not? I know we have this Tag Team Titles but not everyone is teamed up, and you have the storylines that are going for the Women’s Title, but then the rest are just little stories within the mix, so why not go for an IC Title, and this way, too, it’s not secondary, but it’s just another thing to pour your heart and soul in and have that title and be given that opportunity. I just feel like it enhances the women’s division.”

On if women will ever main event WWE Crown Jewel:

“Definitely. The momentum is high, we’re breaking ground, we’re breaking barriers, we’re making history. Every time we go over there, last time we were on billboards, that was a huge accomplishment. I think it’s definitely something that will happen soon.”

On if there will be another Evolution PPV:

“I definitely do believe so that’s in the near future. It might not be Evolution but it might be something like it. Triple H has always believed in women, has always had the women’s back, has always been promoting and pushing women. And with Stephanie, now, too being involved more, she always is for women’s empowerment. Always, always, always. So I definitely think that is something we can look forward to.”

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