Becky Lynch on Young Rock

Nov 1, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

PWInsider reports that Becky Lynch is set to appear on season three of NBC’s “Young Rock” comedy, based on the life of WWE Legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Billed under her real name of Rebecca Quinn, Lynch will star as rock star Cyndi Lauper in the season 3 premiere of Young Rock, which premieres this Friday night at 8:30pm ET on NBC. It will be interesting to see if Lynch returns to Young Rock during season 3 as Lauper was listed as a possible recurring character back when the series was being cast.

“The People Need You” is the name of the season 3 premiere episode. The episode will feature a party Lauper threw around WrestleMania 1 in 1985, where she served as the manager for WWE Hall of Famer Wendi Richter as Richter defeated Leilani Kai for the WWE Women’s Title. The episode will also feature the following characters portrayed: former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, plus for the first time, Celebrity WWE Hall of Famer Mr. T, Liberace, as well as WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Captain Lou Albano.

The synopsis for Friday’s season 3 premiere reads like this: “After losing the 2032 election, Dwayne Johnson is ready to withdraw from political life when he gets an unexpected call; in 1985, Rocky learns there are consequences to crossing Vince; in 1997, Dwayne finds fans hate him even when he’s a winner.”

“Rocky Sucks” is the name of the second episode from season 3, to air on November 11. The synopsis for that episode reads like this: “Miami, 1997: As Dwayne recovers from an injury, he makes a life-changing decision; upon returning to the WWF, Dwayne takes a major risk on the mic and with his character; in 2033, President Taft turns to Dwayne for help in a crisis.”

Lynch has been out of action with a separated shoulder since the night after her WWE SummerSlam loss to RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at the end of July. There is no word yet on when she will be back, but she has been backstage for recent RAW episodes, and is expected back before too long.

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