WWE Guides: How Wrestling Betting Work

Oct 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Professional wrestling is one of the world’s most entertaining and popular sports entertainment up until today. World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, is a professional wrestling promotion in America. WWE, which has existed since the 50s, has gathered and created a big fanbase, making its television rating consistently high.

WWE shows are entertainment-based performances. With its compelling storyline consisting of celebrities, no doubt people find it entertaining, even willing to take on bets for possible winnings. But how is betting in WWE possible if even the outcome is predetermined? Here we will help you understand how WWE betting works.

Is WWE Legitimate?

When it comes to competitive and sporting spirit, pro wrestling does not have much difference from sports wrestling. Pro wrestling is merely about entertainment but still uses sports wrestling moves and techniques. Moreover, the events are storyline-driven and scripted, while the matches are partially choreographed. But, this does not guarantee the safety of the performers, as they are still at risk for injuries and accidents during matches.

If all results for matches are already known, why is betting in WWE still existing? Only the people around WWE have access to the results, specifically the writers and the performers. Unless you are part of the WWE inner circle, then you won’t get access to the results that are kept private. Many people think watching it is fun, but betting on it can add entertainment and value to the overall experience.

Choosing WWE Betting Sites

Betting on WWE is done online. Thus, sports betting sites are available for people who enjoy placing a wager in WWE betting. However, to enjoy your betting journey, finding safe and reputable sites for sports betting online that match your betting preferences is essential. Here’s how you can choose one:

● Look for a betting site that offers betting options for WWE. Unfortunately, not all sports betting sites offer wagering options for WWE. Thus, checking the betting coverage of the site can help you easily decide where to place your bets.

● Bet only on a reputable site. Betting sites with strong security and reputation can help you achieve a safe betting experience. Try to look for sports betting sites that are already long enough in the business and those with a good track record in the industry.

● Go for convenience. Choose a site that is easy to use and navigate. Try considering a site that allows you to bet using mobile devices, too. That way, it will be easier to place your bet and make your betting experience more convenient.

● Make sure the site practices speed with winning payouts. The overall quality of a betting site will also depend on how fast your winnings would show up in your account. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wait for too long before you can withdraw your winnings.

Types of WWE Betting

Knowing the bet types will help you understand and decide what type and whom to place your bet. Common online WWE betting sites will provide simplified options for its bettors, making it easier, especially for those new to the experience. The types of betting include Match Win, Retain Title, Near Fall, and Top Heel or Babyface.

● Match win. Match Win is the most straightforward bet in WWE betting. Basically, in this type of bet, you will choose who you think will win the match. Matches can either go one-on-one or between multiple fighters.

● Retain title. In this type of bet, defending a title is on the line. The defending champion must not lose to keep its belt.

● Near fall. In this bet, the win will depend on which player gets a near fall. A near fall is when the pinned player can avoid defeat and breakout from the pin before three counts of hand slam from the referee. Pinning means that wrestlers must pin their opponent to the floor. If you bet on a player who gets a near fall, you will win.

● Top heel or babyface. All you have to do here is decide whether the top heel (bad guy) or the babyface (good guy) will win the match. Events like Royal Rumble will also allow you to bet for a group of wrestlers.

How To Place Your Bet

Now that you know the basics of WWE betting, you are ready to place your bet! You must first sign up or log in to your chosen website, enter the necessary personal information, and successfully create your account. After that, you must deposit an amount using your preferred bank option.

If your account is all set, you can now browse the site and choose the betting options you want to place. Once done choosing, click on it, check thoroughly, and submit the bet! Then, all that is left is for you to enjoy the match and wait for the result.


TThe global reach of WWE has allowed different options for people to enjoy the match, including betting. However, betting in WWE can be tricky, and every match’s predictability is also limited. Thus, attention to potential trends, including backstories about players and matches, will help you get through the challenge and achieve a successful bet.

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