JBL spoiler note

Oct 17, 2022 - by Staff

We noted earlier how there was recent talk of JBL possibly appearing at the next few RAW episodes in some capacity. Now Fightful Select notes that JBL is booked for tonight’s RAW. Current plans call for JBL to have his full entrance, including his limousine, with horns and all.

JBL was last seen (or at least his voice was heard) on the September 2 SmackDown, inviting Happy Baron Corbin into his limousine during a brief backstage segment. While Corbin has lost recent WWE live event matches to Madcap Moss, Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet, he and JBL have not been seen on RAW or SmackDown since then.

It was speculated that Corbin may come to RAW to finalize a “trade” that began with Rey Mysterio going to SmackDown this past Friday night, but that has not been confirmed. It has not been confirmed that Corbin will be with JBL on tonight’s RAW.

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