Bound for Glory

Oct 7, 2022 - by Atlee Greene

  • Impact Wrestling: Bound for Glory Results – 10/7/22

Albany Armory in Albany, NY

Commentary Team: Matthew Rehwoldt & Tom Hannifan


-Dirty Dango (KKA Fandango) answered the Digital Media Title Open Challenge

Brian Myers defeated Dirty Dango to retain the title via the Roster Cut.


-Tommy Dreamer inducted Raven into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Dreamer said he thought Impact would induct him into the Hall of Famer and jumped into Scott D’Amore’s arms in joy. Then, D’Amore broke the bad news.

Raven gave an uncharacteristically non-theatrical but raw speech that resonated with the live crowd. Raven said it was easy to be a heel and get blood because he felt he never deserved to be cheered. Raven said he would put his feuds with Sandman and Dreamer against any in wrestling.

Len Denton (The Grappler) got a lot of love from Raven and ended it by thanking Dreamer, only to kick him and lay him out with a DDT. “Quote the Raven Nevermore.”


Main Card Begins with X-Division Action


-X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian is the aggressor early on by immediately going for the chicken wing submission and faking a clean break to push Bailey off the top rope to the floor. The commentary team is hinting that Kazarian’s best days are behind him.

Bailey counters an electric chair and turns things around with a single-leg drop kick. “SPEEDBALL” chants erupt for Bailey as he lights up Kazarian with multiple jumping kicks. Bailey hits a twisting shooting star press for a two count, and Kazarian returns to hit Back to the Future.

Kazarian misses a springboard leg drop, and Bailey comes back with a PK Kick and follows up with the Ultimo Weapon 1-2…KICK OUT. Kazarian is the first person to kick out of the Ultimo Weapon. Bailey goes for another Ultimo Weapon but gets caught in a Kazarian chicken wing.

Bailey fights to his feet and forces a tumble to the outside to break the hold. Kazarian catches Bailey coming back in the ring with a cutter and follows up with a Flux Capacitor for a near fall. Kazarian can’t believe Bailey kicked out.

Bailey regained control and went for the Ultimo Weapon off the top rope. Kazarian caught him coming down with a cutter, transitioned into a chicken wing, and Bailey taps.

Winner #AndNew X-Division Champion: Frankie Kazarian


Backstage Interview with Mickie James: Mickie says everyone asks her if she will pass the torch tonight and replies, “Baby, I am the torch, and we’re gonna burn Albany down.

Will this be the last rodeo as Mickie James puts her career on the line tonight against Mia Yim?


-Last Rodeo Match: Mia Yim vs. Mickie James

They’re keeping it technical early on. Both wrestlers fight for position in an extended lock-up until some arm drag exchanges occur. Yim and James both miss a maneuver and quickly cover the other for a two-count. Yim throws James to break the bulldog attempt, but James tweaks her knee.

Yim didn’t take long to go after James’ injured knee. James hits a neckbreaker to get some breathing room. Yim kicks James’ knee, and James comes back with a Thez press and drills Yim with three clotheslines. James does a kip-up but collapses due to the pain.

Yim hits James with a buckle bomb and follows up with a cannonball in the corner for a two-count. Yim perches James up top; James kisses Yim, pushes her off the top, and hits a Thez press. Yim avoids the Mick Kick and hits a German Suplex for a nearfall.

Yim hits Eat Defeat, but James got caught up in the ropes, giving her enough time to recover for a two count. Yim misses a cannonball, and James counters with the Mick Kick and the Mick DDT for the win.

The rodeo continues!

Winner: Mickie James


-Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: (c) VGK (Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green) vs. The Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & JesSICKa) w/ Rosemary

JesSICKa and Green kick things off, and Green gets trapped in the wrong part of town. Green escapes and tags Purrazzo. Taya asks for the tag, and JesSICKa obliges.  Taya hits a baseball slide German suplex on Purrazzo and runs into the ropes but gets caught by Green.

VGK double-team Taya in their corner while mixing in frequent tags. VGK delivers a double northern lights suplex on Taya. Green goes for a vertical suplex attempt. Taya blocks it and makes the tag, but the ref turns his back right before the tag to check on Purrazzo. VGK delivers a double-team vertical suplex.

Taya makes the hot tag, JesSICKa knocks down both members of VGK repeatedly and hits them with a big splash. Green comes back with a flat liner and curb stomp for a nearfall. Taya hits Purrazzo with a spear that sends her out of the ring. JesSICKa hoists Green up on her shoulders, Taya kicks her in the back for good measure, and JesSICKa delivers the Sick Driver for the 1-2-3.

Winners: #AndNew Knockouts World Champions Taya Valkyrie & JesSICKa


-World Tag Team Championship: (c) The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) w/Maria Kanellis vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly)

Taven jumps Shelly to kick things off and lays him out with a drop kick.  Shelly comes back with a knee to the midsection that sends Taven up and over and tags in Sabin. However, Taven shoves Sabin headfirst into Shelly and quickly tags Bennett.

Sabin goes up and over on Bennett and controls the pace with a headlock takeover. Bennett fights to his feet, but Sabin hits an arm drag to regain control. Sabin falls victim to a blind tag, and Taven drills Sabin in the back of the head with a forearm drop.

MCMG pulls off their blind tag, and Taven tries to push Sabin into Shelly as he did before. MCMG saw it coming, and they pushed Taven headfirst into Bennett. The crowd is hot for this match.

MCMG keep Taven trapped in their corner with some tandem offense.

Maria gets in the ring apron to distract the referee, but The Kingdom’s plan fails as Shelly counters it by attacking both of their arms. Bennett rolls to the outside, giving him the chance to trip up Shelly, giving The Kingdom control. Bennett tags in and knocks Sabin off the apron before locking up Shelly in a Kimura.

Shelly gets worked over the next several minutes until he gets hit with a slingshot enzugiri. Bennett holds on to the legs as Taven hits a springboard elbow drop. Shelly causes Taven and Bennett to miss their next move, allowing him to tag Sabin.

Bennett accidentally clotheslines Taven amid Sabin’s offense and nails Taven with an accidental elbow drop.

MCMG perch Taven on Bennett’s shoulders, Sabin climbs up top, and they hit a dropkick/flat liner combo for a nearfall. Taven returns with a “Just the Tip” knee strike for a two-count. “This is awesome,” chants emerge as OGK hits a spike piledriver on Sabin, and Shelly makes the save at the very last second.

Sabin counters Bennett’s proton pack and causes another OGK collision. Sabin climbs to the top, but Maria grbs his leg. Taven tries to take advantage but gets tied up in the corner for his trouble. Maria jumps on the apron again to distract Sabin. Bennett goes for the super kick but hits Maria instead. Sabin superkicks Bennett, then Taven rolls up Sabin and pins Sabin with his feet on the ropes to retain the titles.

Winners: #AndStill World Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) w/ Maria Kanellis


-Call Your Shot Gaunlet: The winner gets an Impact Title Shot of their choosing over the next year.

A new wrestler comes out every minute. The final two remaining wrestlers will immediately compete in a singles match to determine the winner. 20 wrestlers total.


  1. Eric Young
  2. Joe Hendrey
  3. Steve Maclin
  4. Rich Swann
  5. PCO
  6. Savannah Evans
  7. Johnny Swinger
  8. Tasha Steelz
  9. Killer Kelly

Tasha Steelz gets the first elimination as she dumps Killer Kelly and Savannah Evans simultaneously as Kelly had a sleeper on Evans.

10. Moose

Moose immediately eliminates Joe Hendrey and PCO.

11. Sami Callihan (He went right after Moose.)

12. Taylor Wilde

13. Gisele Shaw

three dudes breaded dudes in yellow hoodies tried to get into the ring, but security stopped two of them. The third one eliminates Sami Callihan and is revealed to be Deaner.

14. Bully Ray (This gets a big pop)

Bully eliminates Tasha Steelz with a military press throw out of the ring and on to security and the other two dudes wearing yellow hoodies.

15. Tommy Dreamer

16. Rhino

Loud “EC-Dub” chants break out as Swinger tries to pass himself off as an ECW original. He realized the error of his ways and was eliminated by Bully and Dreamer.

17. Bhupinder Gujjar

Tommy was eliminated off-camera during Gujjar’s entrance.

18. Heath

19. Bobby Fish (prompts some CM Punk chants)

20. Matt Cardona is the final entrant

Moose eliminates Rhino, Cardona eliminates Heath and Maclin eliminates Moose.

Bully Ray and Taylor Wilde do the D-Von headbutt spot on Cardona.

Cardona eliminates Shaw and Wilde simultaneously, and Gujjar immediately eliminates Cardona, which comes off as a significant moment in the match.

Eric Young eliminates Gujjar.

Rich Swann eliminates Eric Young.

The final four are Bully Ray, Bobby Fish, Rich Swann, and Bobby Fish.

Maclin eliminates Swann.

Maclin counters Fish to score the elimination.

  • Bully Ray vs. Steve Maclin

Maclin’s been the match since the beginning as the two trade lefts and rights in the center of the ring. Maclin hits an Olympic Slam, and Bully comes back with an uranage. Bully ducks out of the corner to avoid a running knee from Maclin and delivers a Bully Bomb for the pin.

Winner: Bully Ray


Backstage: Alisha Edwards walks into Eddie Edwards’ locker room with their kids. Edwards tells her that either “this ends or we end tonight.” Edwards asks what does she expect him to do. Edwards’ daughter asked him, “Daddy, what if you lose?” Alisha gently grabs her hand and says, “He’s not going to lose, sweetie.”


Knockouts World Championship: (c) Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slamovich

They charged at each other at the bell and traded haymakers until Grace got the better of the exchange. Slamovich rolls outside the ring, and Grace levels her with a clothesline. They battle on the ring apron until Slamovich catches Grace with a head kick and delivers a piledriver on the apron.

Slamovich rolled Grace back in the ring for a two-count. Commentary pointed out that Slamovich’s matches usually don’t exceed the three-minute mark. Grace catches Slamovich coming into the corner and drives thru with a double boot for a two-count.

Slamovich came back with a fireman’s carry and followed up with a double stomp. Slamovich with repeated shots to the head, but Grace keeps fighting back. Grace blocks a snow plow from Slamovich and hits a spine-buster. Slamovich and Grace go toe to toe, chop for chop, as the fans cheer them on.

Grace and Slamovich trade slaps to the face until they both clobber each other with a spinning back fist. Slamovich kicks Grace in the chest a Grace comes back with a big body slam. Wash, rinse, repeat until Slamovich slips the slam but gets caught in a Michinoku driver for a nearfall.

Grace levels Slamovich with a clothesline but misses a Vader Bomb. Slamovich comes back with a forward roll, kicks Grace in the head, and delivers a Canadian Destroyer for two. Slamovich climbs to the top, but Grace cuts her off, hits a delayed vertical suplex, and rolls through for a jackhammer for only two.

Grace picks up Slamovich for a muscle buster, but Slamovich slips out, delivers a sidekick to the head and applies a sleeper hold. Slamovich judo throws Grace and transitions into a bulldog choke. Grace fights to her feet, grabs the rope, and Slamovich hammers away to soften up Grace for a deep German suplex for a near fall.

Grace returns the favor with a vertebreaker for another near fall, prompting, “This is awesome,” chants from the crowd. The two jockey for position in the center of the ring until Slamovich gets caught in a Grace Driver for only two.

That one fooled a lot of people

The referee stops the count and calls attention to Grace’s foot under the bottom rope. Grace belts Slamovich across the face. Slamovich snatches up Grace, delivers an Air Raid Crash into the corner and hits the Snow Plow for 1-2…

Slamovich regains control and sets up Grace for a super plex. However, Grace gains control and delivers a Grace Driver from the second rope for the 1-2-3. Grace ends Slamovich’s undefeated streak.

Winner: #AndStill Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace


-Impact World Championship: (c) Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards’ family is sitting right next to Josh Alexander’s family in the front row. Hannifan calls it an uncomfortable situation.


Both wrestlers take their time and feel each other, trading headlock takeovers until Edwards chops Alexander. Alexander sees red, double legs Edwards and hammers away with clubbing blows until he calms down and applies a headlock.

Edwards fights to his feet, and Edwards tries to trick Alexander, but the champ sees it coming, frustrating Edwards. Edwards brings the fight outside the ring, and Alexander rolls right back into the ring, stating he wants to win in the ring.

Edwards is perplexed that none of his game plans are working thus far.

Edwards drives Alexander to the floor and a running boot and levels him with a plancha. Edwards chops away at the champ. Alexander regains control and hits a crossbody to the spine sending Edwards to the floor. In the ring, Edwards hits an inverted atomic drop and follows up with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Alexander reverses an Irish Whip, but Edwards sidesteps him coming in and hits a plancha to layout Alexander. Edwards removes the protective padding on the floor to expose the wooden floor. Edwards goes for the Die Hard Diver, but Alexander breaks free and gets clear of the exposed floor.

Alexander comes off the ropes and hurls his body at Edwards, returning to the ring.

Flying Weapon?

Both men are now on the apron side of the exposed floor. Alexander attempted a German Suplex, but Edwards blocked it and got a big boot for his trouble. Edwards kicked out Alexander’s leg and hit the Die Hard Driver on the exposed wooden floor. Edwards rolls Alexander back in the ring for a two-count.

Alexander made his way to the corner and put his foot up to catch Edwards coming in. However, Alexander couldn’t hold his foot up long enough for Edwards to connect. Alexander is in a lot of pain as he works him over in the corner. Edwards hits a backpack stunner and beautifully floats over for a single-leg crab.

Edwards measures Alexander with well-placed kicks to the back. Edwards delivers a powerbomb and picks up Alexander for a Tiger Driver but Alexander counters and hits a running Alamaba Slam into the corner.

These two are delivering the goods!

Alexander hits two German suplexes, Edwards gets to the ropes and falls to the apron, but Alexander won’t let go. Alexander delivers a German suplex on the apron, on the floor, and on the entrance ramp, all while never letting go. Alexander hits a powerbomb backbreaker, but Edwards survives.

Alexander catches Edwards coming in for a Boston Knee Party, delivers a Styles Clash, and follows up with an ankle lock. Edwards rolls through to send Alexander to the floor. Alexander goes to the top, but Edwards hits an enziguri to trip him up. Edwards delivered a super fisherman suplex from the top and held on, but Alexander reversed it and hit the C4 Spike.

Alexander goes for the cover, but Matt Taven pulls him out of the ring, and Mike Bennett clubs the ref in the back of the head. The Kingdom has Alexander distracted until Kenny King sneaks in with a low blow on Alexander. A second referee has taken over the match as Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party for a nearfall.

Alexander counters a Die Hard Driver and turns Edwards inside out with an overhead German Suplex. Alexander comes off the second rope and into a knee from Edwards. Alexander kicks out of a Tiger Driver. Alexander’s nose is busted. We got blood, folks.

Stiff chops going back and forth until Edwards gets the upper hand. Alexander falls to his knees, and Edwards spits in his face. Alexander takes his headgear off and gives after Edwards until he connects with a quick strike to the busted nose. Edwards drops Alexander with a clothesline but gets caught with a forearm coming in and receives a C4 Spike to end his night.

Winner #AndStill Impact World Champion: Josh Alexander

Honor No More ran out and put the boots to Josh Alexander. Heath and Rich Swann tried to run interference, but it did no good. Honor No More sets up a table outside the ring; then Bully Ray comes out with the Call Your Shot trophy.

Honor No More steps aside so Bully Ray can cash in. Bully hands the trophy to the referee, and just when it looks like Bully is gonna cash in, he and Alexander take out Honor No More. Bully hands the belt to Alexander and says he will be the toughest test Alexander will face as the show goes off the air.

Then…the show comes back with Bully and Alexander still nose to nose in the ring. A dazed and confused Mike Bennett stumbles back into the ring. Bully, and Alexander quickly put Bennett through a table, and we’re treated to some SMPTE color bars along with their wonderful melody to end the night.






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