Impact Wrestling, 10.6.22

Oct 6, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

Match 1.  Frankie Kazarian VS Kenny King (representing Honor No More)

After a tie up, King takes the early advantage, but Frankie is humored by the offense, smiling at King after a separation.  King hits and arm drag and hip toss.  Frankie rolls him up for a 1 count.  He then hits a vicious clothesline.  Mike Bailey will be watching closely to see what Frankie can do.  They will meet tomorrow at Bound for Glory.  King hits a spinning splash to the outside, reminiscent of the late, Hector Garza.  Frankie slips a shoulder in the corner and gets a two count off a backslide.  Frankie then tosses King into the corner with a hip toss.  Frankie then gets a two count off a float over spinning neck breaker.  Kaz goes for a chicken wing, but gets planted, face first into the turnbuckle.  King then T-Bones Frankie for a two count.  King hits  tiger driver after a back kick for a two count.  That was a beautiful sequence.  Kaz blocks a Samoan Drop into a Chicken Wing and gets the tap out.

Winner by submission, Frankie Kazarian

We get a Bound For Glory hype package next.  Mickie James career on the line match with Mia Yim is featured in the comments.

We get a stand alone package for Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander VS Eddie Edwards.  Edwards pinned Alexander in a tag match.  This was Josh’s first pinfall loss in over a year to Eddie.  Eddie tells everyone, they have forgotten who he is.  He mentions everyone he has beat, including Bobby Lashley.  He says he will have the Impact World title.

We get a X-Division Champion, Mike Bailey vignette next.  He will face Frankie Kazarian tomorrow at Bound For Glory.  Join us for up to the minute coverage from the biggest event of Impact’s year.

Match 2.  Gisele Shaw VS Mia Yim

Mickie James joins commentary for the event.  Yim will face James in a math with James career on the line.  She is here to scout the match.  Mia takes the early advantage with hip tosses and arm drags.  She eventually scissors Shaw to the floor.  Shaw fights back with a few kicks and a top rope neck drop.  She then hits a spinning dive to the floor.  We go to break.  Shaw is in control as we return.  She hits a beautiful spinning suplex   She is so gifted scientifically.  Yim shrugs off the pain and lays in some chops.  Shaw reverses a whip and gets a two count off a Randy Orton, DDT off the ropes.  Yim recovers, but takes a wicked savate kick.  Yim recovers and throws Shaw into the corner.  Shaw isn’t dont hits a backbreaker/flat-liner.  Yim hits the Eat Defeat out of nowhere.. It is over by pinfall.

Winner.  Mia Yim

Mickie tips her hat to Yim and the segment ends.  They will meet tomorrow.

We get a Killer Kelly Vs Tasha Steelz vignette next.  Savanah Evans and Steelz beat Kelly down.

We see a flashback to Raven beating down Jeff Jarrett in flashback moment of the week.  He will be inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame tomorrow.

Brian Myers walks into the back with his Digital Media Championship.  Several of his potential challengers and he says anyone who meets him will be embarrassed.

Match 3.  Moose VS Steve Maclin and Sami Callihan will be the special referee.  

Fresh off Maclin’s win at Victory Road over both of these men… Here we go.  Maclin takes Moose off his feet.  He stomps him in the corner next.  Sami ignores the action and any 5 count.  Moose reverses Maclin and starts chopping him around the ring.  They end up on the floor after a Maclin spear threw the ropes.  Maclin is already bleeding from the forehead.  It is an old wound from Victory Road.  Moose suplexes Maclin on the floor.  Sami screams, are you ok.. sarcastically.  Back in the ring, Moose hurls Maclin into the turnbuckle.  Sami checks on Maclin’s bleeding sarcastically again. Maclin and Moose trade blows in the center of the ring and Sami tells them “Good Job.”  Moose whips Maclin’s blood on Sami’s ref jersey.  Moose hits a big boot off the ropes.  Moose starts digging into Maclin’s wound.  He punches and elbows the midsection and then clotheslines Moose off the ropes.  Sami gets tired after a 4 of 10 count, waiting for the two to get to their feet.  Maclin takes over with a nice series in the corner.  He rolls up Moose, but Sami was slow to count.  Moose hits a sky high, but Sami didn’t get in position to make the count.  Moose loses it and tells Moose to hit him and see what happens.  Moose moves back on Maclin and hits a spear.  Sami hits a two count, stands and stomps Moose and hits a Cactus Driver on them both.  He throw Maclin on Moose and counts the pinfall.

Winner by pinfall, Steve Maclin

Sami raises the half knocked out Maclin’s hand in victory.

Joe Hendry is named as the last entry in the Call Your Shot match.

Match 4.  The Swingerellas (With Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice) VS Jessica and Taya Valkyrie (with Rosemary)

This should be quick.  Swingerella #1 comes in on Jessica hard.  She throws her in the corner to Taya.  They work her over quickly.  They make a few tags and Valkyrie hits a pandemonium.  Havok/Jessica hits the RakishiDriver and it is over.

Winners Jessica and Taya Valkyrie. 

Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green, The Knockouts Champions are interviewed backstage and they are not worried about Taya Valkyrie and Jessica/Havok.

Match 5.  Impact World Tag Team Champion, Matt Taven, with Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis  (OGK, Representing Honor No More) VS The Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley, with Chris Sabin

This will be a tag team title match tomorrow, but tonight will be a warm up.  Shelley and Taven start off quick.  They trade entertaining fast paced dropkicks and arm drags to start the match.  Taven gloats over taking Shelley down and Sabin grabs his legs to trip him.  Bennett holds Shelley for Taven, but this backfires and Taven drops Bennett and takes a penalty kick on the floor from Shelley.  Back in the ring, Taven recovers and hits a pair of back breakers as we go to break.  Back Taven hits yet another back breaker for a long two count.  He then Russian leg sweeps him, but misses off the ropes.  Shelley and Taven get to their feet and Shelley strikes first repeatedly.  Shelley then starts a speed paced attack.  Taven takes a lot of punishment, but recovers and hits a standing moon sault.  Shelley ducks a kick to the king and faceplants Taven into the turnbuckle.  He then downs him center ring.  Bennett interferes and Sabin takes him out.  Shelley hits sliced bread and Maria is left to stop the count at two by putting Taven’s leg on the ropes.  Taven hits the kick of the king and a splash off the top at two.  Shelley recovers and punts Taven.  Bennett enters and interferes.  Taven gets two, two counts.  Shelley recovers and hits shell shock for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Alex Shelley

The two teams taunt each other as the tag champs exit the arena.

We get a video from earlier.  Josh Alexander was being interviewed by Tom Hannifan.  After the interview, Eddie Edwards approaches Josh and they have to be separated.  Alisha Edwards is there and Eddie asks where her head is at and she tells him this must end or we do.  We go to break.


Scott D’Amore is hosting the segment.  He introduces, the undefeated, Masha Slamovich, the challenger.  Impact Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace heads out next.  Slamovich signs and has nothing to say.  Grace applauds her for defeating everyone in her path.  Grace says she may be ready and undeafeated and ready, but not ready to lose her championship.  She says she is the first ever triple crown champion ever in Impact, Digital, Tag and Knockouts Champion.  She will learn what it is to be a champion.  Masha stops the segment from ending.  Masha then throws the table on Grace after telling her she is going to kill her.  They fight to their feet and Grace misses a muscle buster.  Masha then snowplows Grace threw the table and holds the title up as the show ends.


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