Notes on Ronda Rousey, Shawn Michaels, Chyna, and DX

Sep 25, 2022 - by James Walsh

– During her latest gaming livestream (via Wrestling Inc), Ronda Rousey mused on what weapons she would like to use at WWE Extreme Rules on October 8. She will challenge Liv Morgan for the Smackdown women’s title in an extreme rules match.

She said: ““Definitely thumbtacks. But, I feel like there’s a couple weapons that are going to be unique to me and Liv. I do love me some kendo stick; kendo stick is kind of me and a Charlotte thing but I’ll bust out the double kendo stick and make it my thing, you know what I mean? That be kind of crazy if they gave us a chainsaw and made people think I chopped her arm off.”

When one fan mentioned LEGOs, she replied: “How fun would that be? I want to like, throw down LEGOs, and then take off her (Liv’s) shoes and make her walk the LEGOs.“

– In a recent New York Post interview, Shawn Michaels commented about his perspective on fellow DX member Chyna and how she would be received if she was performing in the current era. As one of D-Generation X’s founding members, Chyna was posthoumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside other members of the stable in 2019. In hindsight, Chyna’s accomplishments and performance are considered ahead of her time by many, and Michaels agreed.

“From a performer standpoint she would clearly fit in and be phenomenal,” Michaels said when asked about how Chyna would come across were she active today. “I think what makes her the awe-inspiring, innovative and transforming woman that she was was that she did it earlier than all of them. It would be a bit more commonplace today. She would certainly have an incredible career — but I don’t know that she’d be the trail blazer today that she is if she were currently doing it today.”

Michaels spoke with the Post on a number of other topics regarding D-Generation X and its impact on the industry. You can read the complete interview here.

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