Victory Road

Sep 23, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling’s, VICTORY ROAD PPV.  Coverage begins at 8pm.  Pre-show coverage will begin at 7:30pm.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are on the call for tonight.

Pre Show.

Pre Show.. Match one  Ace Austin, Juice Robinson, and Chris Bey (Bullet Club) VS Jason Hodge, Shogun, and Jack Price

The Bullet Club is off to a quick start.  Jack Price tries his best to work with Juice, but the 3 time IWGP US Champ proves to be too much.  Bey tags in and Hutch uses power to set Bey in his corner.  Robinson tags Bey and then Austin joins.  They are too much.  Juice hits a clothesline.  Bey hits a Art of Finesse and Ace hits the Fold.  Juice sets up the rock slide and Ace gets the pin.

Winners.  Bullet Club

Heath, Rich Swann and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander cut a promo backstage about their match with Honor No More.  They are all hype for the match.

Match 2.  Tashia Steelz (with Savanah Evans) VS Killer Kelly

(I’m surprised this isn’t on the main show)  Kelly goes right away for the Killer Clutch.   This is a slow match.  Tasha is somewhat scared of Killer Kelly.  Nobody has been able to beach Kelly since her debut.  Even when Tasha downs Kelly with a right cross and upper cut, you feel Kelly is still in control.  Steelz hits a kick to the face and gets a two count.  Kelly stands straight up and eats some punches, but even forearms and kicks are not enough.  Tasha then locks on a arm bar submission.  Kelly rolls threw, but Steelz holds on.  Kelly stands up and backs Steelz into the turnbuckle.  Kelly hits a package fisherman’s suplex.  Kelly then connects with several knees to the face.  Savanah tries to interfere, but Kelly hits a hesitation dropkick on the prone, Tasha in the corner.  After a bulldog, Steelz kicks out at two.  Savanah uses a chain on Kelly, but she takes it from Evans and then locks it on Steelz.  The ref then interferes and stops the match.

Kelly then snaps and locks the chain around the ref and locks on the killer clutch.

Winner Tasha Steelz by DQ.

Main Card.

Match 1.  Delirious VS X-Division Champion, Mike Bailey

The Speedball is set to defend against the ROH legend.  Delirious comes off being not being intimidated by the upstart champion.  The two work high speed offense right away, the machine gun kicks are the first highlight.  Delirious recovers and hits a neck-breaker and several kicks.  He seems confused the fans are not on his side.  After a vicious kick to the ribs, Delirious soaks in the boos.  He then knife edges the throat.  After a two count, Delirious locks on a cobra.  Speedball gets to the ropes.  Mike hits a pump kick and a front thrust kick.  After a series of savate and roundhouse kicks, Mike gets a two count.  Mike misses kicks and thrust and Delirious bounces the ropes enough to hit a clothesline of his own.  The two tumble to the floor and Bailey runs in to climb the ropes and moon-sault to the floor.  Delirious bites Baileys bare foot, and sidewalk slams him on the apron.  He then pounds him to the floor.  Delirious stares at the X-Division Belt and throws Bailey back in the ring.  Delirious hits a cobra breaker.  Bailey fights threw the pain and misses an ultimate weapon.  Delirious hits a splash off the top for a two count.  The fans are behind Speedball, but seem to be starting to like them both.  The two start trading chops and then kicks.  Bailey wins the exchange and hits a standing moon-sault.  Delirious doesn’t give up.  Bailey hits a flamingo driver and gets the pin.

Winner and still X-Division Champion, Mike Bailey

Impact notes go to and bid on Joe Doering merch.  He is battling cancer again. Proceeds will go to help with the expense of his hopeful recovery.

Honor No More cut a team promo backstage. Maria, Kenny King, Bailey and Bennett, Eddie Edwards all speak.  Eddie calls out PCO and Vincent backstage and they walk off.  This segment  clearly says there is division in this crew.

Match 2.  PCO and Vincent (Honor No More) VS The Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

Sabin and PCO start the match.  PCE does a good job of keeping control and shoulders Chris.  Shelley tags and they double team him.  Vincent tags in and can’t gain any control over the Guns.  He is double teamed.  Shelley gets a two count.  Shelley drops several knees to Vincent’s ribs.  PCO interferes and Vincent takes out Sabin and hits a leg sweep on Shelley.  PCO tags in and pump kicks Alex.  Vincent back in hits a belly to back suplex.  Shelley is in trouble.  After a few chops, PCO is back in.  PCO hits a huge back blow after face planting Alex in the corner.  Alex tries to fight both HNM members off at once.  Vincent and PCO are off and Sabin tags in.  After a backslide, Sabin hits a bulldog.  Vincent rolls out of a craddle shock.  The Guns keep double teaming and Vincent is taking a beating.  PCO finds his way in and he DDT’s Sabin off the middle rope.  He then mounts the second rope and leg drops Sabin’s exposed, contorted back of his neck.  Vincent and PCO hit red room, but Shelley makes the save.  PCO misses everyone with a dive and lands on the floor.  Vincent is prone and double teamed.  It is over.

Winners.  The Motor City Machine Guns

Match 3.  Mickie James VS Gisele Shaw (if James loses, James retires)

James locks up Shaw in a side headlock to start the match.  Shaw reverses to a armbar.  James reverses into a drag and twist.  Shaw throws a fist and climbs the rope and hits a cork screw arm drag.  Mickie hits a pump kick.  She then rannas Shaw.  Shaw hits a shoulder breaker over her knee.  She then hits several short arm shoulder blocks on James.  After a few calculated elbows, Shaw throws James in the corner.  The left shoulder is being isolated.  Shaw hits a corkscrew suplex.  Shaw then kicks James to the floor.  She gloats and hopes for a count out.  James recovers and Shaw gets tied up in the ring apron as a result.  James superkicks Shaw on the floor and tosses her back in.   Shaw is waiting though and plants James in the turnbuckle face first.  Shaw then plancha kicks James to the face from the ring to the floor.  James gets back to the ring and kicks out at two.  The two start trading blows from their knees.  James connects with knee strikes.  After a spin kick, James hits a neck breaker for two.  Shaw locks on a full neslon into a back breaker into a flatliner.  James somehow kicks out.  Shaw misses a wizard kick.  James heads to the top and lands a leg senton for two.  Shaw then hits a spin kick after kicking out.  Shaw exposes her knee cap.  James superkicks her and hits a DDT and gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Mickie James.

Match 4.  X-Division #1 Contender Match.  Triple Threat Revolver Match.

Mia Yim and Laredo Kid start the match with Trey Miguel.  Kid takes everyone to the floor and moon saults them to start the match.  He then hits a moon saults them as they struggle to get in the ring.  Miguel recovers and 619’s Kid on the ropes.  Yim chops Trey to the floor.  Yim then DDT’s Kid and gets the pin on Kid.  Alex Zayne enters.  Zayne flapjacks Yim on the apron.  He then flips into the ring on Miguel.  He gets a two count.  Zanye rannas Trey, but Yim leg scissors them both.  Zayne catches her on the ropes with a spear.  Zayne and Trey work each other over on the apron, eventually landing a reverse ranna on Zayne.  Yim cleans it up and pins Zayne.  Next to enter is Kenny King.   King takes his time getting to the ring.  This annoys Yim.  Trey tries to roll up Yim.  Yim kicks out and starts the YES kicks on Trey defiantly.  Yim then heads to the floor to fight King.  Trey basement drop kicks King.  King re-enters and Yim and Miguel fight over who gets to enter first.  King slams Trey and then spine busters Yim as they enter.  Yim flatliners King for a two count.  Yim and Trey are left to fight, but Yim decides to leap to the floor on King after crossing the ropes with Trey.  King rolls up Mia with help from the tights and she is eliminated.  Next in will be Yuya Uermura from NJPW.  King wants to avenge a recent loss to Yuya.  Yuya is super fast.  He hits a flying forearm on Trey.  King hits a suplex with Yuya looking the other way.  This slows the match.  King gloats to the crowd.  King takes time to kick Trey, who is down and Yuya in the corner.  Yuya recovers and they trade blows unitl Yuya hits a belly to belly.  Trey and Yuya trade strong style blows center ring.  Trey pins Yuya with a spinning craddle- suplex.  Frankie Kazarian enters from AEW.  Frankie hasn’t been in a X-Division title match since 2014.  He is a 4 time champ.  Kazarian dropkicks Kings knees, while Trey hits a Meteoria.  The three recover and strart the 3 way brawl.  Kazarian taps Trey with a rear naked choke.  The last entrant, Black Taurus enters.  Taurus hits a Samoan drop on King and then a back breaker on Kaz.  Taurus gets a two count on King.  King spinebusters Kaz.   Taurus was knocked to the floor by King and Kaz.  King hits a double underhook powerbomb on Kaz for two.  Taurus makes the save.  Taurus is the favorite of the fans.  He powerslams Kaz after tossing King in the corner.  Kaz rolls up Taurus and King for a two count.  King hits a chin checker on Kaz.  He climbs the ropes, but Kaz recovers.  Taurus is still down, but he gets up to meet Kaz and King on the top rope.  He takes everyone out.  King knees Kaz.  Kings wizard kicks Taurus.  Kaz DDT’s Taurus to the floor.  Kaz hits a stunner on King and gets the pin.

Winner.  Frankie Kazarian

Taya Valkyrie, Jessica and Rosemary approach Gail Kim about getting a Knockouts Tag Team match.  Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green approach them and make fun of Jessica and Taya for being the two to challenge.  Rosemary is happy when they take the champs out and they run off.

Bobby Fish walks out on the ramp.  He grabs the mic in the center of the ring.  The fans in the Impact Zone are excited by this arrival.  He says he has been a lighting rod of controversy.  (From his time in AEW)  He says he is not in Impact for the BS.  He says he is watching the locker room, but doesn’t work in Impact.  He says he doesn’t call people out and this locker room is full of legit wrestlers.  They are not faking the funk.  He says he is there to pick a fight.  Shera and enters with Raj Singh.  Singh says his lion will rip his head off.  Fish asks Singh who he is?  The fans eat this up.  Fish then asks who Shera is.  Singh then calls Fish a punk.  That infuriates Fish who then takes out Shera and then Singh.  He locks on the fish hook on Singh.  Singh and Shera bail.  Fish ends the segment saying he stills has no idea who they are.

Match 5.  Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander, Rich Swann and Heath VS The Kingdom, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven and Eddie Edwards (representing Honor No More)

Heath ignores his teammates and attacks HNM to start the match.  Josh steps in with Mike Bennett to slow the match down.  The two trade shoulders.  Taven interferes with Eddie and Bennett has a quick advantage.  Josh shrugs it off and tags to Swann.  Swann gains control and tags Heath, who just starts pounding Bennett.  Heath is fired up.  Swann tags in as Taven does.  Taven gouges the eyes and drags Swann to his corner.  Swann is worked over by Eddie next, as he tags in.  Swann tries to recover, but interference by HNM are too much.  The ref is keeping Josh and Heath in their corner.  Eddie backbreakers Swann next.  Taven tags and hits a big elbow drop.  Bennett tags in and suplexes Swann.  It is not evident, but Taven reminds everyone consistently who he is and how he is the glue to their team.  You heard it hear first.  Swann leg tosses Taven to the floor, but HNM take out everyone on the apron.  Swann has nobody to tag.  Taven and Bennett are back on the offensive.  Swann is fighting to get free.  Swann and Bennett crossbody each other.  Eddie tags in and Heath gets the tag too.  Heath starts taking out everyone.  Taven protects Eddie from Heath.  Taven starts working Heath’s knee.  Eddie celebrates in the ring.  He is sensing victory.   Swann changes things by taking out the Kindom.  Heath gets by a distract Edwards and tags in Josh.  Josh and Eddie start to trade blows.  Eddie hits a belly to belly.  Bennett interferes.  Taven joins, but Josh suplexes them both.  He then throws Eddie to the floor.  Back in the ring, Eddie catches Josh with a kick, but Josh powerbombs Eddie from the top to his teammates.  Josh powerbombs Eddie onto his knee next for a two count.  Taven interferes and Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb.  The tag champs then interfere.  Swann helps and then Heath.  Josh suplexes Eddie, but Eddie hits a powerbomb in return for two on Josh.  Eddie then hits an assisted tiger driver on Josh.  Swann breaks it up.  Heath is taken out on the floor by the tag champs.  Swann moon saults everyone except Josh and Eddie.  Maria interferes, but Josh kicks out.  Taven breaks up a C4.  Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party and a Die Hard Driver on Josh for the win.

Winner by pinfall on Josh Alexander… Eddie Edwards and Honor No More.

Mickie James approaches Mia Yim backstage and tells her how big that showing was.  Mickie says she wants to test herself against Mia at Bound For Glory in two weeks.

Match 6.  Pick your poison match.  Max the Impaler (with Father James Mitchel) VS Jordynne Grace, Knockouts World Champion

Max is a huge women.  Much larger then the muscular, Grace.  Grace has cut considerable weight and she may regret it for this match.  Max shoulders Grace.  Grace starts strown forearms at Max face.  Grace then clotheslines her, but Max didn’t go down.  Max finally gets tripped to the floor, but  a flying Grace to the floor is caught and tossed into the edge of the apron.  Grace is hurt.  Max is a slow, plodding wrestler.  She is now doing what she wants to do.  She picks up Grace by her throat, choking her.  Max breaks the count so the ref can’t count them out.  She then drops Grace on the metal steps.  Max then hits a gut buster on the floor.  Max then clotheslines her on the floor.  Grace blocks a backdrop on the ramp and then Alabama Slams Max on the ramp.  Grace muscles Max back in the ring.  Grace goes for a pin, but only gets a one count.  Max then misses a shoulder and hits the post.  Grace then starts chopping Max down.  After a Vader bomb, Grace gets a two count.  Grace eats a spear from Max next.  Max gets a long two count off that move.  Grace shifts her weight on Max’s power bomb attempt.  They end up on the top rope.  Grace sunsets over and powerbombs Max.  After a driver, it is over.

Winner by pinfall.  Jordynne Grace (and still Champion)

Grace takes the mic and says this match was tough.  She calls out her foe at Bound for Glory, Masha Slamovich.  Grace says for her poison, Masha will face Alley Kat in a Monster’s Ball match.

Raven is announced as the next Impact Wrestling entrant into their Hall of Fame.

Moose cuts a promo backstage about his match tonight.

Main Event…  Match 7.  Barbed Wire Massacre Match.  Moose VS Sami Callihan VS Steve Maclin

The ring is covered with barbed wire tables and everything else.  Callihan enters last with his bat in barbed wire.  The Death Machine is in his element.  He is wearing a Mick Foley inspired Cactus Jack outfit for the match.  Maclin gets smashed into a propped table with barbed wire to start the match.  He then cactus drivers Moose.  We are 20 seconds into the match.  Moose clearly hats this.  He eventually dives to the floor on Maclin, and almost kills himself with the landing.  Sami follows him and they trade blows.  Maclin is down.  Sami slams Moose into the barricade.  He then shoulders Maclin and Moose.  Sami sets up a table on the floor.  It is laced with barbed wire.  He Death Valley Drives Moose threw the table on the floor.  Moose is prone and mortified.  Sami gets tossed into the ropes and barbed wire by Maclin.  Maclin starts raking the face of Sami with barbed wire.  Maclin sets up the steps, but Sami beat him to the punch and suplexed Maclin off it.  Moose is walking over with a limp.  They get in the ring and Moose gets a one count on Maclin.  Moose then throws Maclin into the ropes and wire.  Sami is bleeding and now Maclin will be after Moose used a rolling pin wrapped in barbed wire.  Maclin tries to fight back and hits a clothesline and Olympic slam.  Moose dropkicks Maclin who is on the top rope.  Moose then super-plexes Maclin.  Sami greets them with more barbed wire right after.  Sami and Maclin are bloody.  The three are trading blows center ring next.  Moose and Maclin start working together on Sami.  That is only a second.  Moose drops Maclin on the barbed wire ropes.  Sami returns the favor on Moose next.  Sami grabs a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire.  He and Maclin trade position to suplex each other on the chair.  Sami wins the exchange.  Sami then pulls out a handheld game controller wrapped in wire.  He destroys the blood soaked Maclin.  He puts the barbed wire around his mouth.  Maclin gets to his feet and escapes.  Maclin then he goes for a pin after a cross barbed wire body. .  Moose recovers and makes the save.  Maclin hits Moose with a BW chair.  Sami throws a wad of barbed wire at Maclin to break up the pin.  This is gross.

Sami then sets up a table on the floor.  Barbed wire is on this table too.  Sami puts Moose on the table and barbed wire.  Sami goes to the apron.  Maclin attacks him from behind.  Maclin chokes him out apparently.  He grabs a chair and dives from the top rope to the floor on Moose.  Sami, with the barbed wire bat and Maclin with a trash can wrapped in barbed wire meet center ring.  Maclin eats the lid after Sami hits him with the bat.  A door wrapped in BW is set up in the corner.  This is nuts.  Sami powerbombs Maclin threw the door.  Sami then hits a piledriver, but Maclin kicked out!!!  Sami pulls up Maclin, but he crotches him and drops Sami head first on the barbed wire door and gets the pin.


Mercifully it is over.  (in my best JR voice.)

Winner.  Steve Maclin

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