New “doctrine” for talent in NXT

Sep 23, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that a new doctrine in NXT says talents have two years to become “good enough” to make it to NXT TV, or they will be released.

It was noted that a lot of people are “on the clock” right now.

This new doctrine was described as a new rule but it may be a strong recommendation as opposed to a hard-and-fast rule. The edict is said to be for everyone who is signed from this point forward, as well as those who have already started their run with the company.

4 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    Two years seems like way too long.

  2. art123guy says:

    Well, it seems better than NXT 2.0’s previous doctrine of putting anyone on tv that JUST looks good.

  3. Indigo Andy says:

    And does good enough mean old NXT standard of being a vanilla person who does all these moves to please the nerds or new NXT standard of being a character that regular people might like to see on tv?

    Because there’s plenty of people in WWE that are only really good in one of those two ways, certainly not both.

  4. ummm....yeah says:

    Everyone but The Rock’s daughter, apparently. She still hasn’t made her in-ring debut after nearly two and a half years after reporting to NXT and is injury prone.

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