Notes on Jake Roberts and Sammy Guevara

Sep 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

– During the DDP Snake Pit podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW talent Jake Roberts shared his thoughts on the backstage brawl that took place following AEW All Out that involved CM Punk, Ace Steel, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega. Jake Roberts said the following on the incident (

“It’s none of my d*** business and it’s none of the fans’ business either. Stupid s*** happens in this world every day and I just hate that these young guys chose a fight when they did. I’m sure that they’re regretting it and I think that they know the best thing they can do is turn the belts over to a tournament. It was wise and go AEW, man. I’m all for you guys, I love you guys to death. You know, I’m still employed there.”

In the aftermath of the brawl, the parties directly involved were suspended by AEW and will likely remain as such until a third-party investigation has been concluded. AEW also stripped CM Punk of the AEW World Championship, and The Elite were stripped of the World Trios Championship.

Sammy Guevara wrote that “it’s been a hell of a ride” following loss on the September 14th 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite. In a video published to his YouTube page, Guevara addressed the speculation regarding his status with AEW…

“Honestly, I’m pretty frustrated because I really do try and make a moment every time I’m out there but somewhere along the way, I just got this crazy amount of hate. I don’t understand really what I did but I see it, people want me to go away. People say they’re tired of me ‘blah, blah, blah,’ so while I’m in this negative mindset, I think maybe I should go away. Maybe, this is it for me. I had a nice ride and maybe I need to go a way to get y’all to appreciate me because that’s what you do. That’s what you all did to Cody when he was in AEW y’all hated him and he went to WWE and you guys love him so I thought in my mind, ‘man, maybe this is it for me.’ I’m not even talking about going about somewhere else, I was just talking about maybe taking a break but I took a breath and I thought there’s still some tread on the tires, there’s still gas in the tank so we’re gonna keep going. We’re not giving up we’re just gonna start back over and rebuild and we’re gonna get to that f*****g title eventually.”

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