White Rabbit song at WWE events bring speculations of Bray Wyatt imminent return

Sep 19, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

During the WWE events this past weekend, including on Friday Night Smackdown in between commercials, WWE played the song White Rabbit, from American rock band Jefferson Airplane.

The 1967 song was played in Anaheim during Smackdown and in Bakersfield and Oakland non-televised live events. The house lights were dimmed during the song and fans switched on their torches from their phones, creating a “firefly” atmosphere. Towards the end of the song, red lights took over the arena.

This left many fans confused and some are already speculating if this is a hint, or a tease, at the return of someone in particular, most notably “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Meanwhile, the tattoo artist who came up with the initial concept of The Fiend’s mask, Kyle A. Scarborough, uploaded a photo on Twitter of a white rabbit mask yesterday, writing the words, “feed your head,” adding more speculation that this is for Wyatt’s return.

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