Danielson not worried about being the best, location for AEW’s Revolution PPV

Sep 18, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

– Per Fightful Select: AEW is tentatively looking to hold the 2023 “Revolution” PPV at the 14k seat Cow Palace in San Francisco. Plans still being finalized.

– “I don’t worry about being the best. I try to be the best wrestler I can be. I try to fulfill the vision of what I would like wrestling to be. This is a joy. I gauge matches on whether I enjoyed them, whether I was in the moment or how much fun it was to wrestle in front of thousands of people. A day later, that’s when I watch the match back, pick it apart and see where I can improve, but also be proud of what I did well.

“The idea of being the best, it’s so subjective. To me, that’s focusing on the wrong thing. Wrestling is a mirror to improve yourself. It allows you to get better at public speaking, for example. William Regal talks about a quarter-turn in a headlock. That little tweak makes the headlock better. I think I could work a 15-minute match exclusively using a hammerlock. It’s a mental challenge, the kind that makes me go deeper with everything I do. I love being a lifelong learner, and that makes me enjoy this sport even more.”

– Bryan Danielson (via Sports Illustrated)

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