Impact Report 9/15/22

Sep 15, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

We start of with a highlight reel from last weeks show.  The Motor City Machine Guns VS The Good Brothers were highlighted and the Josh Alexander and Eddie Edwards rivalry is heating up.

Match 1 Mascara Dorada VS X Division Champion, Mike Bailey

This will be a fast paced match for sure.  The two trade scientific lucha moves to start the match, but they both counter every exchange.  Baily finally flies to the outside and arm drags him to the floor.  Dorada recovers and dives to Bailey on the floor.  Bailey ties up Dorada in a leg lock in the ring.  After releasing the hold he hits a standing shooting star press for a two count.  Dorada capitalized off a missed spin kick and levels Bailey with a double knee reverse backbreaker.  Bailey avoids a dive near the ropes and Dorada hits the floor.  Bailey spring boards himself into a moonsault on the floor.  Back in the ring they trade kicks on the top rope and then punches.  Dorada eventually gets a two count off a top rope ranna.  Dorada eats knees trying a moonsault.  Bailey gets the pin after a spinning kick and a ultimate weapon.

Winner.  X- Division Champion, Mike Bailey

Dorada and Bailey celebrate their match together in the ring until Kenny King attacks them from behind.  King exits up the ramp motioning he is next up for a shot at Bailey’s title.

Eric Young and Deaner are shown outside interviewing men in yellow hoodies.  Some of the men get beaten up by Deaner, some answer in a way EY likes it.  There is about 9 recruits.  The segment ends with all hooded members screaming their name, I am Violence.

Scott D’Amore approaches Bailey, who is nursing his wounds backstage.  D’Amore tells him Delirious is coming for him from ROH.  He also mentions there are lots more challengers in the future.

Match 2. Decay’s Black Taurus and Krazzy Steve VS Steve Maclin and Moose

Moose and Maclin are in total control from the outset.  They outwork Black Taurus until her out of nowhere rolls up Black Taurus rolls up Maclin for a pin,

Winners. Decay

Sami Callihan is up in the crowd with a mic.  He shows a hidden video of Moose saying he  goinisg to screw over Maclin as soon as he can.  Sami asks Maclin what he thinks.  Maclin says he is fine with Moose and that is old news.  Sami then airs a video of Maclin saying he will screw over Moose as soon as he can.  They begin brawling and then Sami enters with a barbed wire bat.  He hits Maclin with it once, but Maclin gets away before anything else happens.

Jessica, Taya and Rosemary are all sitting at the bar again.  Taya says she has an idea of how to utilize Jessica’s talents.

Match 3.  Alisha Edwards VS Killer Kelly

Former Knockouts World Champion, Tasha Steelz is out on commentary.  Tasha says she is here at the invite of Kelly, who is fresh off beating Steelz’s heavy, Savanah Evans.   Kelly woman handles Edwards ramming Alisha’s head into the turnbuckle and suplexing her.  Kelly is very methodical.  After a pump kick, she locks on the killer clutch and it is over that fast.

Winner by submission, Killer Kelly

Post match Kelly and Steelz meet in the ring and Kelly tells her she will see her at Victory Road.

We get a Joe Hendry video package.  It was very strange.  I’ll leave it at that.  Google it.

Match 4.  Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander and Rich Swann VS Impact World Tag Team Champions, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven (Honor No More, with Maria Kanellis)

This tag team title match should be interesting.  Bennett is hip tossed twice by Josh and then Swann tags in for a tandem back breaker/legdrop.  Taven tags in and he gains control over Swann.  Taven works over Swann for a few mins and tags in Mike.  Bennett drops an elbow on the exposed leg Taven was working on.  After a few tags in the corner, Josh loses his cool and goes for a save.  It only proved to hurt Swann when HNM double teamed him as the ref removed Josh.

After Swann finally tags out Josh goes on a suplex binge on Bennett.  Josh eventually crossbodies Mike to the floor and backdrops Taven on Bennett.  Swann moonsaults the tag champs from the top rope to the floor.  After they double team Mike in the ring, they get a two count.  Taven tags in and saves Mike from the ankle lock.  Taven hits a disaster kick.  Taven hits the just the tip knee strike for a two count.  Josh regains control, but Eddie Edwards runs out to cause a distraction.  Eddie cracks Josh with a kendo stick.  Heath enters to take out Taven, but the ref only sees Heath interfering.  The champs retain by DQ.

Winners by DQ, Honor No More

Swinger and Zicky Dice are shown with a pizza with Jordynne Grace.  Zicky tells her Masha Slamovich is going to kill her.  Grace slaps Zicky with a slice of pizza, as the segment ends.

Josh Alexander, Heath and Rich Swann are approached by Scott D’Amore.  He tells them they are going to face Honor No More in a 6 man grudge match very soon.

Match 5.  Mickie James VS Hyan

Every time James wrestles her career is on the line.  The two trade moves and eventually punches until James hits a flapjack.  James hits the DDT and it is over.

Winner Mickie James

Gisele Shaw enters the arena.  She wants to be the next to face Mickie James.  She steps in the ring in street clothes.  She gloats in front of the camera showing major disrespect for Mickie.  She grabs the mic and tells James and challenges her at Victory Road.

Vincent and PCO are shown in a dark room.  Vincent is doing his best demented promo of his time in Impact.  He says they are still in HNM, but PCO needs to be accepted.

Brian Myers cuts a backstage promo about Bhupinder Gujjar and their up coming show down for the Digital Media Championship.  They will fight next week in a ladder match.

Match 6.  Main Event.  The Good Brothers (Bullet Club) VS The Motor City Machine Guns

This is billed as a first time ever dream match.  It should be noted, Karl Anderson is the current Never Weight Champion in NJPWAlex Shelley and Anderson can’t gain any advantage on each other so they tag in Chris Sabin and Doc Gallows.  Gallows gets a quick power move set in, but the Guns make a few quick tags and they take control.  Once the match slows down and Shelley is left with Doc, Shelley eats a big boot and Anderson tags in.  TGB’s make several tags and work over Shelley hard.  Interesting, Gallows is in the ring a lot.  Typically Anderson carries the load in the ring.  TGBs have been in control for several minutes, when Shelley makes the tag.  Sabin crossbodies both and then takes turns kicking both his foes.  Shelley joins him and they dive to both the GBs on the floor.  We go to break.  Once back, Shelley dragon screws Anderson.  Sabin interferes snapping the other leg on the outside.  Anderson’s legs are now the story of the match.  Shelley locks on the figure four.  The Machine Guns then work in tandem, stretching the 5 count with each tag.  They continue to work both legs.  Anderson musters up enough strength to sidewalk slam Shelley and make the tag.  Gallows works over both of the Machine Guns with clotheslines, splashes and boots.  After a pumphandle slam on Sabin, they set up a magic killer.  Sabin gets free and Shelley tries to help.  Gallows double suplexes them both.  They match goes to the floor and Sabin dives on both Good Brothers.  Anderson eats dropkick/Russian leg sweep.  Anderson then recovers and hits a gun stun on Sabin.  Gallows hits a belly to back for a two count.  The Machine Guns hit the classic speed move set on Gallows, leaving Anderson prone.  After their double team top rope finisher, skull and bones, the MCMGs get the pin.

Winners.  The Motor City Machine Guns

The teams Two Sweet each other and hug as the show ends with a show of good sportsmenship.

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