WWE reports injury to Edge from Raw

Sep 14, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE Hall of Famer Edge is injured, according to the company.

WWE announced today that Edge underwent an MRI and it revealed that he suffered a grade 2 MCL sprain during the attack by The Judgment Day at the end of Monday’s RAW, which came after the main event DQ win over Dominik Mysterio. It’s believed that this is a storyline injury.

MCL tears are the most common knee ligament injury, especially for athletes. The Cleveland Clinic describes the grade 2 tear as, “A grade 2 MCL tear is a moderate tear in which your MCL is partially torn — usually the superficial part of your MCL. Your knee will likely be loose when it’s moved by hand, and you’ll probably have intense pain and tenderness along the inner side of your knee.”

It was also said that a grade 1 tear can usually heal on its own with rest in 1-2 weeks, but a grade 2 or grade 3 tear, which are more severe, need proper treatment in order to heal, which includes resting, wearing a knee brace, and doing physical therapy. Most MCL tears heal well without surgery.

WWE has not announced a timeframe for Edge’s return to action, but a grade 2 tear usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal with treatment.

There’s no word yet on if WWE will bring Edge back in time for a rematch with Dominik at Extreme Rules on Saturday, October 8.

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