Sasha Banks on creating characters and owning her own IP

Sep 11, 2022 - by James Walsh

During a recent interview with Ahch-To Radio: A Star Wars Podcast, Sasha Banks discussed creating characters and her philosophy on creating a character. She stated the following (via Fightful):

“You always want to create characters to portray and live by. You’re [host] a character right now. I’m sure once you get off your headsets, you’re someone completely different. We’re always portraying different characters in every different moment of our time. For me, it’s really just owning my own IP [Intellectual Property] and owning the character behind the character and really defining, who is the character that is playing the character. It’s really just finding yourself. When it comes to even wrestling, that’s a character that I come up with and I portray myself and you have your writers coming in and giving a little more details of what they see for it. It’s really when it comes to characters in your life, it’s what you see for that character because only you know how you’re going to play it and only you know how you see the vision of that character.”

Banks was previously put on indefinite suspension by WWE after walking out of Raw earlier in May. It’s been rumored she and Naomi may return to WWE, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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