9/7/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Sep 7, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Buffalo, New York.

We see footage of MJF’s return at the end of All Out this past Sunday night. We then see an address from Tony Khan regarding the AEW World Championship and AEW World Trios Championship. Khan says both titles are now vacated. He announces the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs. Death Triangle match will become the new AEW World Trios Champions tonight, and the new AEW World Champion will be decided through a tournament that will conclude in two weeks at Grand Slam.

MJF comes to the ring. He hugs Taz and flips off Excalibur and Schiavone. MJF is wearing a Josh Allen jersey, and asks Buffalo who all is excited to see MJF. He says he loves Buffalo and calls Allen the greatest quarterback of all time. MJF says the last time we saw him, he might have said some offensive stuff, and the crowd chants “you were right.” MJF says he was just joking and he will never leave this place. MJF says he didn’t mean it when he called all the fans ‘stupid marks’ and tells them to applaud for themselves. MJF says the World title has been a vacated and a Tournament of Champions will take place to crown a new one. MJF says he knows one guy who deserves that championship, but he is all about working smart not hard. He says he has a chip that guarantees him a title shot whenever he wants, and he is also being paid a buttload of money. MJF talks about Moses, and then says he is better than Moses. He says he is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he is better than you and you know it.

Jon Moxley interrupts and makes his way to the ring. Moxley tells MJF that he is full of crap. MJF asks Moxley if he doesn’t think he is being fake, and then turns on the fans and insults Buffalo. He rips off the Allen jersey and tosses it on the floor. He says Allen sucks, and says maybe he doesn’t care about AEW or the people. MJF says maybe he doesn’t look at the World title as anything more than a bargaining chip that he can use for the Bargaining War of 2024. He says maybe he can take the title to a real wrestling championship and defend it against his good friend Cody Rhodes. He says maybe he can work for a Khan who is worth a damn, jolly ol’ Saint Nick. MJGF says to quote The Game, that’s best for business. Moxley says this is not the time or the place and tells MJF to leave, or he will make him leave. MJF takes his shirt off and looks like he is going to fight, but leaves the ring instead. Moxley tells him that his theme music sucks as he walks up the tunnel. Moxley says he is pissed off and embarrassment by a lot of things, but none more than being without the AEW World Championship. Moxley says what the AEW World Championship represents passion for this sport and this business, and the passion of the guys and girls in the back and the fans in the arena and at home. Moxley says the title represents the heroes who carried the world in 2020 and the freedom to be as great as you dare to be. Moxley says the title means to be better than you were the day before, and represents everything he loves about the business. Moxley says he lost on Sunday, and that’s on him. Moxley says he was supposed to be on vacation until about two days ago, but now he has another shot, and runs down the list of guys in the tournament with him: Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and Adam Page. He compliments all of them, but says that winners always want the ball when the game is on the line. Moxley says he wants the ball and he is going to take the shot. Moxley says this isn’t just the time to win, this is the time to be a legend.

Match #1 – Trios Tag Team Match for the vacant AEW World Trios Championship: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) and Orange Cassidy (w/Danhausen) vs. Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes)
Cassidy and PAC start the match, but PAC tags out to Penta. Penta pie-faces Cassidy and takes off his glove. Cassidy gets it and throws it to Danhausen, who catches it. Cassidy tries to put his hands in his pockets, but Penta counters with a few kicks to the midsection. Cassidy comes back with a hurricanrna, but PAC comes in with a kick to the face. All six men get into the ring and exchange shots and kicks, and then Death Triangle go for a triple dive. Best Friends and Cassidy get back in the ring and pull down the ropes, and then Cassidy dives onto Death Triangle on the floor, with the help of Best Friends, as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Fenix and Beretta are in the ring. Fenix takes Beretta down and delivers  low dropkick. Fenix takes Beretta to the corner and delivers an enzuigiri as PAC tags in. PAC sends Beretta to another corner, but Beretta comes back with a chop. Beretta stomps PAC to the mat and tags Cassidy in. Cassidy drops the Lucha Brothers with a double hurricanrana, but PAC takes him down with a back elbow. PAC stomps Cassidy in the corner, but Danhausen gets on the apron. He tries to curse PAC, but Abrahantes pulls him to the floor. Danhausen curses Abrahantes, but Abrahantes pie-faces him. Danhausen low-blows Abrahantes, but PAC gets in his face. Danhausen tries to curse him again, but PAC kicks him in the face. Cassidy dives onto PAC and tosses him back into the ring. Cassidy connects with a diving cross-body, and then delivers a spinning DDT. Cassidy goes for the cover, but PAC kicks out. Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch, but PAC counters with a kick to the midsection. Cassidy comes back with a Stundog Millionaire, and Taylor tags in. Lucha Brothers come in and double-team Taylor, but he dodges them in the corner and Fenix goes to the outside.
Taylor takes Penta to the corner, but Penta counters with a Backstabber. Fenix comes back in and they double-team Taylor again. Penta goes for the cover, but Taylor kicks out. Taylor hits Penta with Soul Food and Beretta tags in. Fenix comes in as well, and Best Friends drop him with the Soul Food/half-and-half combination. Beretta delivers a back elbow to Fenix and drops him with a swinging DDT. Fenix comes back with a cutter, but Taylor delivers a knee strike. PAC kicks Taylor in the face, Cassidy drops PAC with a German suplex, and then Penta slams Cassidy to the mat. Beretta drops Penta with a knee strike, and then Beretta goes for Strong Zero. PAC and Penta double superkick him and Fenix hits a Code Red. Fenix goes for the cover, but Beretta kicks out. Taylor and Cassidy come back in. Cassidy hits Penta with the Prange Punch, and then Beretta drops Penta with the Crunchy and Taylor drops Fenix with the Awful Waffle. Beretta goes for the cover, but PAC breaks it up. All six men get into the ring, and then Death Triangle deliver a triple Canadian Destroyer.
PAC tags in and Death Tringle hit the Fear Factor on Taylor. Fenix and Penta dive onto Beretta and Cassidy on the floor, and then PAC hits the Black Arrow on Taylor and gets the pin fall.
Winners and new AEW World Trios Champions: Death Triangle

Schiavone interviews Dark Order, who could not compete tonight due to injuries. Before they can talk, Jose the Assistant walks in and tells 10 to sign the contract from Andrade El Idolo. Evil Uno says 10 isn’t for sale, and then Idolo and Rush walk in and Idolo says he wants to talk to 10. John Silver says Idolo can talk to his fists, and Rush bows up. Idolo pulls him back and they walk away.

Footage of the Four-Way for the interim AEW Women’s World Championship Match at All Out, which was won by Toni Storm, airs. Then, footage of Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. trying to apologize to Jamie Hayter airs. Hayter tells her that she doesn’t want to hear it and walks away, and then Baker puts her hand in front of the camera.

Match #2 – AEW Interim Women’s World Championship Eliminator Match: Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian)
They lock up and Ford takes Storm down with a side-headlock take down. Storm turns it into a leg-scissors hold, but Ford gets free. Storm takes Ford down with a side-headlock take down, and Ford counters with a leg-scissors hold this time. Storm counters into a side-headlock, but Ford delivers a few elbows to get free. Storm drops her with a shoulder tackle, but Ford gets right back up. Ford delivers a few right hands, but Storm drops her with a few more shoulder tackles. Storm kicks Ford into the corner and goes for the Hip Attack, but Ford rolls to the floor. Storm takes her out with a baseball slide dropkick, but Ford comes back and slams her into the ring steps as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Ford suplexes Storm down and goes for the cover, but Storm kicks out. Ford goes for the handspring shoulder drive, but Storm counters and Ford hits the ring post. Storm delivers a few right hands and drops Ford with a kick. Storm sends Ford to the corner and delivers the Hip Attack. Ford comes back and goes for the Northern Lights suplex, but Storm counters with a rolling DDT and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Toni Storm

Angelo Parker and Matt Menard say Parker had a competitive match with Hook, and as they were properly welcoming Hook to the business, Action Bronson got invovled. Bronson tells them to not get involved with his kid, and they tell Bronson not to get involved in their business. Bronson tells them to come get involved with him when they are in Queens in two weeks.

The Acclaimed makes their way to the ring, but before Max Caster can tap, Swerve Strickland interrupts. Strickland asks if the crowd were here to hear more stupid rap jokes, and they chant ‘asshole’ as him. Strickland says the only joke is the Acclaimed as AEW tag champions. Billy Gunn interrupts him and says this isn’t his house anymore. He says this is Daddy Ass’s house, and Anthony Bowens says because of all the fans, The Acclaimed will get a rematch for the titles in two weeks at Grand Slam. Bowens says they are taking home gold, because everyone loves The Acclaimed.

Schiavone interviews Chris Jericho, Anna Jay, Sammy Guevara, and Tay Conti. Jericho says his win on Sunday was gigantic, and he is better than ever. Jericho says he has found the Fountain of Youth, and is drinking it in. Jericho says he beat Bryan Danielson at his own game, and is now the best professional wrestler and sports entertainer of all time. Jericho says his little brothers, Guevara and Daniel Garcia, will have chances to win as well. He says Guevara will beat Darby Allin this Friday on Rampage, and reminds Garcia that he will have to go alone tonight.

Match #3 – AEW TNT Championship Match: Wardlow (c) vs. Tony Nese (w/Smart Mark Sterling)
Wardlow delivers a headbutt and drops Nese with a clothesline. Wardlow begins the Powerbomb Symphony, and delivers three power bombs to get the pin fall.
Winner and still AEW TNT Champion: Wardlow
-After the match, Wardlow goes after Sterling and tries to power bomb him, but Josh Woods runs out and makes the save. Wardlow gets on the microphone and says he is the TNT Champion and it is time to remind everyone that this is Wardlow’s World.

Footage of the previous feud between Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara airs. They will meet on Rampage this Friday in the first round of the Tournament of Champions.

William Regal joins the commentary team for the next match.

Match #4 – AEW World Championship Grand Slam Tournament of Champions – First Round Match: Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson
Page extends his hand for a handshake, but Danielson waves him away. They lock up and Danielson applies a side-headlock. Page sends him off the ropes and Danielson goes for a shoulder tackle, but Page doesn’t budge. They go for a knuckle lock, but Danielson gains control and applies a wrist-lock. Page counters into one of his own, but Danielson comes back and backs Page into the corner. Danielson slaps Page’s chest and ducks out of the ring as Page goes after him. Danielson gets back into the ring and applies a side-headlock. Page comes back with a chop to Danielson. Danielson delivers his own chop and drops Page to the mat. Danielson stomps on the back of Page’s legs, and then takes him to the corner. Danielson delivers chops, but Page counters with chops of his own. Danielson counters back with more chops, and then delivers kicks to the chest. Danielson kicks Page in the face and goes up top, but Page knocks him to the apron with a right hand. Page drops Danielson with a springboard lariat and goes for a dive on the floor. Danielson dodges it and slams Page shoulder-first into the ring post as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Danielson is still in control. Danielson takes Page down and stomps on his elbow. Page comes back and they exchange chops, but Danielson works over Page’s elbow and kicks him into the corner. Danielson runs the ropes, but Page catches him and drops him with a fall-away slam. Page kicks up and dives onto Danielson on the floor. Page gets Danielson back in the ring and clotheslines him in the corner. Page hits a Death Valley Driver and goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Page goes for Deadeye, but Danielson rolls through and gets a two count. Danielson sends Page arm-first into the corner, and then connects with the corner dropkicks. Danielson delivers an enzuigiri and kicks Page in the head. Danielson goes for the cover, but Page kicks out as Jericho is shown watching from backstage. Danielson kicks Page in the chest a few times, and then delivers one more to his head. Danielson goes up top, but Page comes back and knocks him onto the turnbuckle. Page delivers shots to Danielson and delivers an avalanche fall-away slam. Page goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Page goes to the apron for the Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson rolls to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, they are face-to-face and start exchanging chops. Danielson delivers a few uppercuts, but Page comes back and slams Danielson to the mat with a power bomb. Page goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Page chops Danielson in the corner and puts him up top. Page delivers another chop and climbs up. Danielson escapes and hangs Page upside town. Danielson delivers kicks to the chest and hits a sliding dropkick. Danielson puts Page back up top and delivers elbow strikes. Danielson goes for an avalanche back suplex, but Page lands on his feet. Page dodges an elbow shot and hits a comeback lariat. Page goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out and locks in the LeBell Lock. Page gets free and catapults Danielson into the ropes. Danielson comes back and drops Page to the mat. Danielson goes for an arm-bar, and then turns it into the LeBell Lock. Page gets free again and delivers knee strikes. Page delivers a few short-arm clotheslines, but Danielson comes back with an elbow strike. Page comes back with an elbow of his own and goes for the knee strike, but Page hits the Deadeye. Page goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out.
Page goes for a moonsault, but Danielson dodges it and hits the knee strike. Page rolls out of the ring, but Danielson goes for a dive. Page dodges it and power bombs Danielson on the apron. Page hits the moonsault now and gets Danielson back into the ring. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson dodges it and rolls Page up for the pin fall.
Winner: Bryan Danielson

Footage of the feud between Christian Cage and Jungle Boy airs. Jungle Boy tells Cage to go get his little surgery, because he will take years off of his life when he gets back. Jungle Boy says it’s funny that Luchasaurus carried him to the ring, because he carried Luchasaurus on his back and made him relevant for years. Jungle Boy says in order to move on from your past, sometimes you have to destroy it.

Stokely Hathaway is on the stage with Ethan Page, Lee Moriarty, W. Morrissey, and The Gunn Club. He says All Out was the greatest moment of his career, and then he is told by a stagehand that they are low on time and to wrap it up. He pulls the guy in close and tells him to give him the same respect that he would give his father. Stokely hits the guy with the microphone, and then his guys beat the guy down as W. Morrissey looks on. Morrissey lays the guy out with a boot to the face, and then AEW security comes out.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-ROH World Championship Match: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Dax Harwood
-AEW World Championship Grand Slam Tournament of Champions – First Round Match: Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara
-Madison Rayne vs. Serena Deeb
-Samoa Joe will speak

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-AEW World Championship Grand Slam Tournament of Champions – Semifinal Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho
-AEW World Championship Grand Slam Tournament of Champions – Semifinal Match: Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin or Sammy Guevara

Caprice Coleman and William Regal join the commentary team for the main event.

Match #5 – ROH Pure Championship Match: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Daniel Garcia
They lock up and Yuta sends Garcia off the ropes. Garcia drops Yuta with a shoulder tackle, and Yuta comes back and they lock up again. Garcia takes Yuta down again, but Yuta comes back and they lock up once more. They back each other into the corners and then spill to the outside. They get back into the ring and stare down as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Yuta delivers an Atomic Drop and an enzuigiri. Yuta delivers a shot in the corner and delivers an elbow from the top rope. Yuta goes for the cover, but Garcia kicks out. Garcia used one of his three rope breaks during the commercial break, and then Yuta keeps Garcia grounded. Garcia comes back with shots and sends Yuta into the corner. Garcia brings Yuta out and delivers a clothesline and goes for the cover, but Yuta kicks out. Yuta comes back with a roll-up for two, and then drops Garcia with a series of German suplexes. Garcia comes back with suplexes of his own, but Yuta comes back and begins his suplexes again. Garcia switches back with his suplexes Garcia takes Yuta up top and delivers an avalanche suplex as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, both men exchange shots as they get to their feet. Garcia gets Yuta on the mat, but Yuta uses one of his rope breaks. Yuta delivers a close-first shot to Garcia, and gets warned that the next one will be a disqualification. Garcia picks Yuta’s ankle and locks in the Dragon Tamer. Yuta counters into the cross-face and gets the seatbelt pinning combination for a two count. Garcia comes back with the Dragon Tamer, but Yuta cranks his neck. Garcia gets his neck free and Yuta taps out.
Winner and new ROH Pure Champion: Daniel Garcia
-After the match, Bryan Danielson comes to the ring. Yuta shoves Danielson away and shakes hands with Garcia. Danielson takes the belt away from Yuta, and then puts it around his waist. Danielson raises Garcia’s arm in the air, and then Chris Jericho comes to the stage. Danielson shakes Garcia’s hand as Jericho looks on. Danielson raises Garcia’s arm in the air again as the show comes to a close.

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