Malakai Black takes a bow, blows a kiss to fans after loss at All Out

Sep 5, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Following their loss to Sting, Darby Allin, and Miro, House of Black walked together to the back and when they reached the top of the ramp, Malakai Black stopped to take a look at the crowd, blew them a kiss, and took a bow to a big ovation from the crowd.

Black was revealed to have asked for his release from AEW on the basis of mental health issues but his request was denied by AEW management.

Writing on his Tumblr page, Black said, “2 years of this. Sometimes it feels like all of it will be to no end, nor have any real meaning when it’s all over and done. It’s strange to think certain things in your life will be a memory with no attachments anymore while they were once the most important thing in your life. It truly feels like the entire journey happened for the sake of happening.”

At the post-show press conference, Tony Khan did not want to elaborate on the (final?) bow by Black and chose not to comment about it.

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