Cardiff show first of a big worldwide plan, says Levesque

Sep 4, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

In the post-show press conference, Paul Levesque announced that there were fans from 42 countries at Clash at the Castle yesterday with 78% of the crowd coming from outside Wales.

WWE announced a total attendance of 62,296, which seems to be the legit number and not inflated as that’s around the number that was being quoted earlier as far as tickets sold and comped. It was not close to the 74,000 attendance record that the Principality Stadium currently has.

Asked if we can expect more of these events, Levesque said that this was just step one of a big plan and told the media to get their passports ready. He said that there will be a lot more announcements over the next few months and years for international events like this.

Regarding using the Clash at the Castle name again, Triple H joked that there’s not many places with castles where they can hold a show so this could be a one-and-done event in terms of that name.

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