Triple H to speak with Bad Bunny about possible WWE return

Sep 3, 2022 - by James Walsh

Triple H spoke to the media following WWE Clash at the Castle on Saturday, and one of the topics he discussed was the potential for Bad Bunny to make his return to WWE, with talks already scheduled between the two parties. Here’s what Triple H had to say (via Fightful):

Triple H on scheduling talks with Bad Bunny about a possible WWE return:
“Little bit of a spoiler, he and I are going to have a conversation very very soon. It’s already scheduled, we’re going to go and see what’s available. Biggest music star in the world. Let’s go.”

On WWE’s stance on bringing in celebrities and how Bad Bunny earned his respect:

“We do things with people like Bad Bunny or Pat McAfee or Logan Paul. The excitement level that brings to fans outside of what we do, but I love working with people like that when they have the same passion that our superstars have. One thing about Bad Bunny, when we were going to work with Bad Bunny and he was going to face The Miz and they were doing all their business for that, at that period of time, I was at the Performance Center almost weekly. Every single time I would go there, I would walk in and they would say, ‘Bunny is in the other room training if you want to say hi.’ He was in there and I would go in there and he would be pouring with sweat, beat up, he was grinding. When we talked to him about that event, he went and got himself a house in Orlando, lived there, came to the Performance Center every single day. He deserves every bit of respect as everybody else. That’s what I said to him the first time, ‘You earned my respect, I don’t give it easy.”

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