Cornette explains why FTR was removed from the AEW video game 

Sep 3, 2022 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, both Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, collectively known as FTR, were removed from the AEW: Fight Forever game. That is not to say they were initially excluded from the game all together. They were in the demo version. But, they were removed.

FTR’s removal from the game was known to the team as early as March and while they’ve both admitted to being annoyed by it, both also claim they understand the reason for it and acept it… They do not, however, explain what that reason is.

“Who is in charge of this video game?” Cornetete asked co-host Brian Last. Last responded, “Kenny Omega has a big hand in it.” “And who is Kenny Omega’s best friends?,” Cornette asked in response. “The Young Bucks,” Last responded. After a moment, Last asks, “Are you suggesting FTR was cut out of the video game because of the Young Bucks?” Cornette says he believes that is likely the reason because FTR got over better than the Bucks and that FTR represents actual wrestlers which is a threat to the “lolly pop guild” style of wrestling that Kenny, the Young Bucks, and a lot of the initial crew of AEW hires work.

Now, nothing has been confirmed to support this theory. However, in a game that appears to have a roster of at least 50, it should be noted that playable wrestlers in the game have been announced who have never received an AEW action figure. FTR have. So, even six months ago, it stands within logical reasoning that a team important to the company to have action figures produced should probably be in the game.

It remains to be seen if FTR will be added as downloadable content, paid content, for the game after its release as the WWE game often does with forgotten members of their roster and/or legends.

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  1. Nortacus says:

    Cornette: Has Kenny ever made a video game?
    Brian: He has in his head.
    Cornette: You should see the list of women I have f–ked in my head, but in bares no resemblance to reality.

    I love JC!!!

  2. ohgr says:

    They’re being held for DLC you idiots. The request came from THQ, as has already been reported.

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