More on the Malakai Black rumors from this week

Sep 2, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

A new report insists Malakai Black has requested his release from AEW, and that he is dealing with some mental health issues related to personal and professional life. The Black situation has made “#FreeMalakaiBlack” a trending topic on Twitter today.

As noted on Thursday, there were rumors going around on Malakai Black asking for his AEW release, but a rep for AEW dismissed the talk. It was also said that a rumor going around AEW said Black has been unhappy, but AEW sources added that they believed things were smoothed over to some degree. While AEW denied the rumor on Black asking for his release, outside sources also indicated that Black asked to be released.

In an update, the original report on Black asking for his release stemmed from a report made by Raj Giri on Twitter. Giri then posted a follow-up and confirmed that the AEW talent in question was Black, and that his release request was denied.

It was also noted that Black has repeatedly shown concerns about his mental health due to his personal life, and demoralization due to the creative booking and handling of his AEW character.

“I heard an AEW star requested their release, and follow up sources indicate it was Malakai Black. He reportedly has repeatedly shown concerns about his mental health due to personal life and demoralization due to the booking and handling of his character,” Giri wrote, adding that AEW did not respond to a request for comments.

On a related note, Black took to his official Tumblr page earlier this week and made the following post:

2 years of this. Sometimes it feels like all of it will be to no end, nor have any real meaning when it’s all over and done. It’s strange to think certain things in your life will be a memory with no attachments anymore while they were once the most important thing in your life.
It truly feels like the entire journey happened for the sake of happening.

Black is currently signed to a five-year AEW contract, which has four more years left on it.

Black, King and Matthews are set to face Sting, Miro and Darby Allin at AEW All Out on Sunday.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Woah is me! Shut up and do your job. You’re getting paid and paid well. Tired of these so called mental health issues. Excuses. This is not mental health. This is I’m not getting what I believe I deserve. It was the same in WWE. Utter nonsense.

  2. John says:

    This malakai black guy is extremely overrated. People online and podcasters like solomonster have their mouths glued to his butt where they think he is very good. This guy on AEW where he is given a lot of creative freedom has shown to me how he is one of the worst things on AEW. He is so boring, I forward ahead whenever their is a segment pertaining to him. Just go away malakai.

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