9/2/22 AEW Rampage Recap

Sep 2, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Chris Jericho, Don Callis, Excalibur, and Jim Ross, are on commentary for a live Rampage from Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Match #1 – AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semifinal Match: Adam Page and Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) and Orange Cassidy (w/Danhausen)
Danhausen is ejected immediately for cursing Page. Page and Cassidy go back-and-forth with neither man gaining the advantage. Best Friends and Dark Order come in, and Best Friends share a hug after dodges moves. Dark Order try to hug each other, but Best Friends cause them to butt heads. They send Reynolds to the outside, and then Cassidy tags in as Best Friends try to suplex Silver. Page makes the save and picks Silver up, but Cassidy delivers his kicks to Page. Silver shoves Page out of the way for the last one, and Cassidy stops. Cassidy superkicks Silver now, and then everyone starts exchanging shots. Beretta drops Reynolds with a DDT, but Silver comes back and takes Beretta down. Cassidy comes back in and goes for a cover on Silver, but Silver kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Page tosses Silver onto Best Friends. Page takes Cassidy down with a fall-away slam and then goes for a dive, but Best Friends dodge him and he lands on Reynolds. Best Friends grab Page and slam him through the timekeeper’s table. Reynolds comes back in the ring and drops Cassidy with an elbow strike. Reynolds goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out. Silver tags in and delivers an enzuigiri to Cassidy. Silver takes out Beretta and Taylor, and then kicks Cassidy in the face a few times. Cassidy comes back with Stundog Millionaire, but Silver drops him with a clothesline. Cassidy comes back with Beach Break, but Silver kicks out. Best Friends and Cassidy drop Silver with an assisted splash and Cassidy goes for the cover, but Page breaks it up. Silver kicks Cassidy away and tags in Page. Page moonsaults onto Taylor on the floor and kicks Cassidy in the face. Page goes up top, but Beretta does as well. Beretta goes for a suplex, but Page lands on his feet and drops Beretta with a rolling elbow. Page hits the Deadeye on Cassidy and goes for the cover, but Taylor and Beretta break it up.
Silver sends Best Friends to the floor and Reynolds tags in. Silver and Reynolds double-team Cassidy, but Beretta drops Page with a Spear on the apron. Cassidy comes back and puts Silver up top as Taylor tags in. Best Friends drop Reynolds with the Strong Zero double stomp on the floor. Taylor drops Silver with the Awful Waffle and goes for the cover, but Page breaks it up. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat on Taylor, but he ducks and Cassidy drops Page with the Orange Punch. Silver grabs Taylor from behind and rolls him up for the pin fall.
Winners: Adam Page and Dark Order

The video preview for the match between Eddie Kingston and Tomohiro Ishii airs. They will meet at All Out: Zero Hour this upcoming Sunday night.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. Blake Christian
Fenix gets a quick two count, but Christian comes back with a heel kick to the face. Christian drops Fenix with a dropkick, but Fenix comes right back with a chop. Fenix drops Christian with an arm-drag, and then kicks him in the midsection. Fenix delivers more chops and goes to the ropes, but Christian trips him up. Fenix comes right back and drops Christian with an arm-drag. Fenix delivers more chops, but Christian dodges a charge and kicks Fenix to the floor. Christian dives onto Fenix and gets him back into the ring. Fenix dodges a dive from Christian and delivers a thrust kick. Fenix chops Christian again and drops him with a face-buster over his knee. Fenix delivers a sit-out spike pile-driver and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Rey Fenix

Lexy Nair is backstage with the FTW Champion, Hook. She asks him about his opponent for this Sunday, Angelo Parker, but before he can talk, Parker and Matt Menard interrupt. Parker asks what’s going to happen if he beats Hook and ends his legend this Sunday, and tells him to look at him when he is talking. Hook gets in his face, but Menard starts yelling at him and he and Parker walk away.

Match #3 – Mixed Tag Team Match: Ortiz and Ruby Soho vs. Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo
Ortiz and Guevara start the match. Ortiz clubs Guevara across the back, and then delivers a chop. Ortiz takes Guevara to the corner and delivers more shots to his back, and then delivers cross-face shots. Ortiz rakes Guevara’s back, and then Soho kicks Guevara in the chest. Soho kicks Melo in the face and poses with Ortiz in the ring as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Guevara chops Ortiz in the corner. Guevara drives his shoulder into Ortiz’s midsection, and then delivers an enzuigiri. Guevara springboards, but Ortiz coutners with a power slam and tags in Soho. Melo comes in, but Soho slams her to the mat with a pair of back heel trips. Soho delivers a series of headbutts, and follows with a knee strike. Guevara tags back in, but Ortiz delivers a Manhattan Drop. Ortiz slams Soho onto Guevara, and then Ortiz connects with a senton. Ortiz goes for the cover, but Guevara kicks out. Guevara comes back and shoves Ortiz to the floor, and then Soho gets into the ring and delivers a headbutt to him. Melo gets in the ring, and drops Soho with an assisted DDT. Melo goes for the cover, but Ortiz breaks it up. Guevara takes Ortiz down, but Ortiz and Soho drop Guevara and Melo with suplexes. Soho rolls Melo up for the pin fall.
Winners: Ortiz and Ruby Soho
-After the match, Soho points at the AAA World Mixed Tag Team title belts, but Guevara and Melo look on shocked and say the belts are theirs.

Lexy Nair interviews Adam Page, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver. Page says he doesn’t think anybody thought they would be here, but Don Callis interrupts. He praises Page for screwing over his friends for power and money, and it only gets easier from here.

It is announced that Guevara and Melo will defend the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship against Ortiz and Soho at All Out.

A sit-down interview with Mark Henry, Athena, and Jade Cargill airs. Cargill says this has been going on too long, and Athena says that is because Cargill has been dodging her. They go back-and-forth for a bit before Athena says she will end Cargill’s reign and undefeated streak and walks away.

The video preview for the match and feud between Jon Moxley and CM Punk airs.

Tony Schiavone interviews Swerve in Our Glory and The Acclaimed. They talk about their title match on Sunday, and go back-and-forth. Swerve ends it by saying that are made of rock and stone, and that the last time he checked, rock beats scissor.

FTR and Wardlow come to the ring. Dax Harwood says there was a time when he felt worthless and like he was on the bottom of the barrel, but then 2022 happened and all of the fans happened. Harwood says from there, everything turned around and their match at All Out means a hell of a lot to him. Harwood says there isn’t much left in his career, and everything from here on out goes to his legacy. He is interrupted by The Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh. Chris Sabin introduces himself and Alex Shelley, and Shelley says he wants FTR to understand something. He says, objectively, they are the best tag team on the planet, but FTR doesn’t have the influence and respect in the locker room that they have. Shelley says they have been together with Lethal and Dutt for almost 20 years, and they are a family. Dutt asks Harwood if he is going to fight like his “eight-year-old little brat,” and then Cash Wheeler and Wardlow have to hold him back as he tries to go after Dutt.

Ricky Starks and QT Marshall talk before the main event, and then Starks revealed that he locked the rest of The Factory in their locker room. Marshall goes to save them, but Starks attacks him from behind and beats him out into the crowd.

Match #4 – Singles Match: QT Marshall vs. Ricky Starks
Starks beats Marshall into the ring and the bell rings. Starks beats Marshall down into the corner as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Starks delivers a series of right hands, but Marshall comes back with a handspring enzuigiri. Marshall charges, but Starks takes him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Starks drops Marshall with a spinning DDT and goes for the cover, but Marshall kicks out. The Factory have gotten out of the locker room and come to ringside. Nick Comoroto puts the watch on Marshall’s hand, but Starks dodges the shot and Spears Aaron Solo off the apron. Marshall rolls Starks up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee stops counting when he sees it. Cole Karter gets dropped with a clothesline by Starks, and then Starks sends Comoroto over the steps. Marshall kicks the middle rope into Starks and goes for the Diamond Cutter, but Starks counters with a two count. Starls runs the ropes, but Marshall counters with the Diamond Cutter. Marshall goes for the cover, but Starks kicks out. Marshall goes for the Cross Rhodes, but Starks counters out and hits a Spear. Starks hits the Rochambeau and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Ricky Starks
-After the match, Powerhouse Hobbs comes to the ring and he and Starks start brawling. Referees rush the ring to separate them, and then Bryan Danielson comes out to confront Chris Jericho at the commentary table. They get face-to-face as Starks and Hobbs still brawl in the ring as the show comes to a close.

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