Karen Jarrett comments on Flair’s last match, working with Chyna, and getting involved in wrestling storylines

Sep 1, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Alex Hunt:

I wanted to pass along the interview Chris Van Vliet just did with Karen Jarrett on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. She talks about Ric Flair’s match also maybe being Jeff Jarrett’s match, working with Chyna, getting involved in TNA storylines and more!

On Ric Flair’s last match also being Jeff Jarrett’s last match:

“So that day [Ric Flair’s last match] I said to him, ‘This could be your last match.’ He’s an executive, you know. It could be his last match, I don’t want to walk with him, he looked f*cking amazing, he can’t walk around here with a shirt on. I wanted him to have his moment and then I will walk out. He said ‘No, this is what we are going to do.’ He had me come out first and then had me call him out. Jeff has got this 30-year career, I am this little blip. So I go to Road Dogg and I say ‘OK Jeff wants me to call him out, it gets heat blah blah blah…’ And he’s like ‘I can see his side of things.’ I wanted him to have his moment, I wasn’t happy with what Road Dogg said, so I went to Sonjay [Dutt]. He was like ‘I agree with Jeff.’ You’re all assholes. So we ended up doing it his way and it worked out, but I tried to stay away from him and letting him do his thing. Normally I would be in the ring and taunting everyone and acting like a crazy lady. For me, I want those shots of him in that outfit in our house. People think I am crazy, but it could be his last match. It won’t be though.”

On working with Chyna:

“She was really nervous when she showed up that day. I remember her being in her trailer all day, Terry Taylor was working for the company then and kept checking on her. She is one of the sweetest people that I have met in the business. It’s sad, it’s very sad, but I have a great memory that I got to work with her.”

On getting involved in wrestling storylines:

“I thought that it was just going to be a short stint. Jeff and Vince Russo had an idea, and then once we got through that storyline, things just kept coming and coming. Then my stay there was cut short, then I came back with blond hair, fake hair, all kinds of stuff. Jeff always says I am a natural, but you are there doing a job. I feel like I always get slack when I speak about it, because I am not a wrestler, but it is a job. I think a lot of the talent take it too serious, I watched those episodes you did with Brad Lea, how can someone so successful be such an asshole? But it is like a movie, there is a villain and a good guy, someone has to be a villain. You are getting a pay check and getting a job, whether you like the storyline or not, it is your role to sell it and become the best that you can for the people that are watching.”

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