8/31/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Aug 31, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Taz are on commentary from Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

The Undisputed AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, makes his way to the ring. The crowd chants for CM Punk, and Moxley says he think they are still mopping him up off the floor in Cleveland. Moxley says he heard Punk called the “Modern 60-Minute Man,” and that turned out to be a load of crap. Moxley says Punk gave him his best shots and realized that Moxley was going to keep coming forward. Moxley says Punk looked for a way out and folded. Moxley says champions never fold and says he is genuinely sorry that Punk didn’t turn out to be what everyone wanted him to be when he returned. Moxley says he has zero sympathy for Punk, because Punk has a fragile ego, fragile body, weak mind, and weak spirit. Moxley says he has an open contract in his pocket for a title match at All Out on Sunday. He drops it in the ring and asks who knows who’s going to sign up, but whoever it is needs to remember that wrestling him may be hazardous to their health and they have been warned. Moxley leaves through the crowd, but Ace Steel comes to the ring, grabs the contract, puts it in his back pocket, and leaves.

Tony Schiavone interviews Chris Jericho. Jericho says the Lionheart vs. the American Dragon is a dream match for most, but a nightmare for Bryan Danielson. Jericho says Stu and Owen Hart might appreciate what Danielson can do in the ring, but they would appreciate everything he has done for the business a lot more. Daniel Garcia walks up and apologizes to Jericho. Garcia says he wants to pledge his full support for the Jericho Appreciation Society and says he believes in Jericho and says he doesn’t need help to beat Danielson. Jericho says he appreciates it and tells Danielson to watch his back.

Jericho and William Regal join the commentary team for the next match.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Jake Hager
Hager backs Danielson into the corner and delivers body shots. Hager sends Danielson across and charges, but Danielson counters with a boot to the face. Danielson locks in a guillotine choke, but Hager shoves him off. Danielson sends Hager to the floor and sends him into the barricade with a dive. Danielson comes off the apron, but Hager catches him and slams him through the timekeeper’s table. Hager slams Danielson into the ring post and drops him with a suplex on the floor. Hager gets Danielson back into the ring and delivers elbow strikes. Hager sends Danielson to the corner and drives his shoulder into his midsection. Hager puts Danielson up top and slams him back down to the mat as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Hager had Danielson up top again. Hager delivers right hands, but Danielson comes back with a dropkick. Danielson follows with more kicks to Hager, and delivers one to Hager’s head. Danielson goes for the cover, but Hager kicks out. Danielson delivers elbow strikes, but Hager escapes out. Danielson goes for an arm-bar, but Hager escapes again and delivers hammer fists on the mat. Danielson counters and locks in a triangle, but Hager picks Danielson up and delivers a power bomb. Danielson comes back with shots and locks in the LeBell Lock, but Hager rolls through and applies an ankle lock. Danielson rolls through and locks in the LeBell Lock again, but Hager gets to the ropes. Danielson delivers chops and kicks in the corner, and then follows with running dropkicks. Hager blocks the last one and slams Danielson down. Hager goes for an arm-bar, but Danielson counters and gets a few count. Danielson shoves Hager away and delivers the running knee strike for the pin fall.
Winner: Bryan Danielson
-After the match, Angelo Parker and Matt Menard rush the ring and attacks Danielson. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta rush out to make the save. They beat Parker and Menard to the back, and then Jericho rushes the ring with a chair. Daniel Garcia comes to the ring and takes the chair from Jericho. Jericho yells at him, but Danielson lays Jericho out with the running knee strike. Garcia looks on as Danielson walks past him with a smirk on his face.

The Wingmen are in the ring holding a protest. Ryan Nemeth says it’s another Wednesday night and they aren’t booked again. Peter Avalon says from now on Wednesday nights will be known as Wingmen Wednesday. W. Morrissey interrupts and lays out all of The Wingmen. He drops JD Drake with a chokeslam, and then slams Nemeth into Cezar Bononi. Morrissey drops Nemeth with a chokeslam and kicks Bononi to the floor as Stokely Hathaway comes to the ring. Morrissey drops Avalon with a chokeslam as Hathaway stares him down. Hathaway gives Morrissey a business card, and Morrissey puts it in his pocket and leaves with Hathaway. Schiavone stops Hathaway and asks him about the cards, but Hathaway grabs him and says it’s none of his business. Hathaway and Morrissey backs up the ramp.

Alex Marvez interviews Will Ospreay and Aussie Open. Before Ospreay can say much, Don Callis interrupts. Callis says he has been admiring everything that Ospreay has been doing. Callis says Ospreay is not the next Kenny Omega, because he is his own man. Callis says he is looking forward to the main event and brings up the last time Ospreay and Kenny Omega were in a tag team match against each other.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Jamie Hayter (w/Rebel) vs. Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm
Hayter and Shida start the match. Hayter delivers a few shots, but Shida drops her with a DDT. Storm tags in and stomps Hayter down in the corner. Shida tags back in and delivers a few more shots. Storm tags back in and connects with a double sledge off the ropes. Hayter comes back with a jaw-breaker and Baker tags in. Storm drops Baker with a drop toe hold and sends her to the corner. Storm beats Baker down in the corner, but Hayter distracts her. Baker delivers an elbow strike, but Storm comes back with one of her own. Rebel and Hayter distract Storm again, and Hayter trips her up. Baker joins the beat down as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Storm kicks Hayter away and tags in Shida. Shida delivers an uppercut into the corner and follows with a series of right hands. Shida drops Hayter with a delayed vertical suplex and follows with a Meteora. Shida goes for the cover, but Baker breaks it up. Storm drops Baker with a dropkick, and then Hayter double suplexes Storm and Shida. Baker tags in and drops Shida with a corkscrew neck-breaker. Baker goes for the cover, but Shida kicks out. Shida comes back with a roll-up for two, but Baker kicks her in the face. Baker goes for the stomp, but Shida dodges it. They exchange waist-locks, and then Baker delivers a shot and asks for her glove. Shida kicks her in the face and pulls Hayter off the apron. Storm hits the Hip Attack on Baker and drops Hayter with a DDT. Shida delivers the Kitana on Baker and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm

Kip Sabian cuts a promo. He says PAC fell for the simplest of ruses, and says he can read him like a book. PAC says he finally understands Sabian and says he wants a shot at the All-Atlantic Championship. They will meet for the title at All Out on Sunday.

Miro cuts a promo. He says all he wanted to do was redeem Malakai Black. Miro says the last time someone tried to help him, he god ended up making a deal with the devil. Darby Allin walks in and says Black needs Brody King and Buddy Matthews, but they don’t need him. Sting says the enemy of their enemy is their friend, and showtime begins now. Miro says he is going to rip fools and Pagans this Sunday, and they will find out his power.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk says he broke his foot on June 1st and then wrestled a full match on it. Punk says he got three plates and sixteen screws put in his foot a week later. Punk says he came back too early from a very serious injury, and he got beat up and had to drive home with nothing but his thoughts. Punk says he was cleared by doctors, but he doesn’t know if he was 100 percent. He says he came back to wrestling because he loves the business and the fans, but he let them all down. He says he rushed back and says maybe the love isn’t enough anymore. Ace Steel comes to the ring and asks Punk what he is talking about. Steel says this isn’t what they talked about in the back. Steel says he trained Punk and has been his coach since day one, and says Punk has fought through everything to get to where he is. Steel says Punk left for seven years and came back, and he isn’t going to let him give up now. Steel tells Punk to get up and fight again. Steel says Punk is going to fight on Sunday and tells him to sign the contract. Steel tells the crowd to remind Punk of who he is, and then Punk hugs Steel. Punk says they’ve been tried to kill him since the day he was born and Moxley isn’t the man to kill him yet. Punk grabs the contract and says Moxley isn’t wild enough. Punk goes into the crowd and says Moxley can’t break his bones or drink his blood, because he is Chicago. Punk signs the contract and celebrates with the crowd.

A sit-down interview with Jim Ross, Christian Cage, and Jungle Boy airs. Cage says Jungle Boy will realize that he isn’t in Cage’s league this Sunday, and he will embarrass him. Jungle Boy says while he likes to think the real Cage is somewhere in there, he knows it’s not. Cage says he is here to make money, and nothing more. Jungle Boy says his father taught him how to be a man, and Cage will be fighting Jack Perry this Sunday.

Match #3 – Trios Tag Team Match: FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) and Wardlow vs.  Ren Jones, Silas Young, and Vic Dupree
Wardlow and Jones start the match. Wardlow delivers a headbutt and drops Jones to the mat. Wheeler tags in and delivers a back elbow. Wheeler suplexes Jones and tags in Harwood. Harwood chops Jones in the corner a few times, but Jones comes back with a right hand. Dupree tags in, but Harwood comes back and delivers a shot. Wheeler tags in and they deliver the Big Rig, and then known Jones and Young to the floor. Wardlow comes in and begins the Powerbomb Symphony to Dupree. FTR assist on the last power bomb, and Wardlow stands on his chest for the pin fall.
Winners: FTR and Wardlow

Moxley comes to the ring. Moxley says if that’s what Punk wants, that’s exactly what he’s going to get. Moxley says if Punk wants to go out in his own town, then he guesses he owes him that much. Moxley tells Punk to find his miracle fast, because he is in danger when the bell rings. Moxley says he is going to put on a display in violence that Punk has never experienced.

Schiavone is backstage with 10 and Evil Uno. 10 has been injured, and Uno says he will be taking his place in the trios tournament. Andrade El Idolo and Jose the Assistant walk in, and hands Uno a wad of cash. Idolo says he was thinking of giving 10 a contract, but Uno interrupts and says he and 10 are Dark Order forever. Idolo steals one of 10’s crutches and beats Uno with it as Jose applies a stun gun to 10.

Match #4 – Four-Way Match: Dante Martin vs. Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. Rush (w/Jose the Assistant) vs. Wheeler Yuta
Martin pulls Fenix to the floor as Rush and Yuta go at it in the ring. Martin and Fenix come back in the ring and send Rush and Yuta to the floor. Martin slams Fenix to the mat and gets a two count, but Fenix comes back with a hurricanrana for a two count of his own. Fenix takes out Rush with a dive on the floor, and then Yuta does the same to Fenix. Martin dives onto all three of them and gets Rush back into the ring. Martin comes off the top, but Rush drops him with a headbutt. Rush dives onto all three men on the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Martin delivers an elbow to Rush, but Rush suplexes him into Fenix. Yuta drops Rush with a dropkick, but Rush comes back with a knee strike and a pile driver. Rush goes for the cover, but Yuta kicks out. Fenix delivers an enzuigiri to Rush, but Martin slams Fenix to the mat. Martin goes for the cover, but Fenix kicks out. Fenix delivers a gut-buster and drops Martin with a power bomb. Fenix goes for the cover, but Rush breaks it up. Fenix comes back with a kick that sends Rush back to the floor, and then Martin drops Fenix with a Poisonrana. Martin goes up top, but Yuta shoves him down. Yuta climbs, but Fenix meets him with an uppercut. Fenix dives onto Rush and goes for a double stomp, but Martin dodges it. Yuta comes back and rolls Martin up with a seatbelt back slide and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Wheeler Yuta

Schiavone is backstage with Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Reynolds says the trios tournament is their biggest moment, and they will take on three guys if they have to. Adam Page walks in and says he wanted this tournament to be about them, but if they need a partner he is their guy.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semifinal Match: Adam Page, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver vs. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy
-Mixed Tag Team Match: Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo vs. Ortiz and Ruby Soho
-QT Marshall vs. Ricky Starks
-Athena and Jade Cargill will talk
-Swerve in Our Glory and The Acclaimed will talk

Announced for All Out Zero Hour:
-AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match: PAC (c) vs. Kip Sabian
-FTW Championship Match: Hook (c) vs. Angelo Parker
-Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Announced for All Out:
-AEW World Championship Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. CM Punk
-Four-Way Match for the vacant AEW Women’s World Championship: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm
-AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed
-AEW TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Athena
-AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Final Match
-Casino Ladder Match: Andrade El Idolo vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Dante Martin vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Rey Fenix vs. Rush vs. Wheeler Yuta vs. The Joker
-Trios Tag Team Match: Darby Allin, Miro, and Sting vs. The House of Black
-Trios Tag Team Match: FTR and Wardlow vs. Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machine Guns
-Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho
-Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
-ROH Pure Championship Match: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Daniel Garcia

Match #5 – AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semifinal Match: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) (w/Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa) vs. United Empire (Will Ospreay, Kyle Fletcher, and Mark Davis)
Omega and Ospreay start the match. Ospreay delivers a shoulder tackle, but Omega comes back and they exchange shots. The Bucks and Aussie Open get into the ring and brawl, and then everyone goes to the floor. Aussie Open slam The Bucks into Omega, and then Ospreay takes Omega and The Bucks down with a sky-twister moonsault. Davis goes after Omega on the ramp as Fletcher and Ospreay go after The Bucks as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Davis slams both Bucks in the ring and tags in Fletcher. Fletcher drops Matt with an assisted cutter and goes for the cover, but Omega breaks it up. Matt comes back and takes Fletcher and Davis down. Matt slams Ospreay to the mat and tags in Omega. Omega delivers shots to Davis and dropkicks his knee. Omega drops Davis with the Blue Shadow and goes for the cover, but Davis kicks out. Omega drops Fletcher with a snap dragon suplex, and then does the same to Davis. Omega sends Ospreay over the ropes, but Ospreay holds on. Omega goes for the V Trigger on Davis, but Ospreay cuts him off. Ospreay goes for the Os-Cutter, but Omega counters. Ospreay drops Omega with a hurricanrana, and then goes for a dive. Omega dodges and drops Ospreay with a snap dragon suplex on the floor. Omega goes up top, but Davis and Fletcher cut him off. They drop him with a double superplex and Davis goes for the cover, but The Bucks break it up. Davis delivers elbow strikes to Omega and tags in Fletcher. Fletcher works over Omega’s back and Ospreay tags in. Ospreay delivers a back-breaker and goes for the cover, but Omega kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Nick tags in and drops Ospreay. Nick takes Aussie Open down and kicks Ospreay in the face. Nick slams Aussie Open with a double face-buster, and then drops Ospreay with a spinning DDT on the floor. Nick gets Ospreay back into the ring and goes for a 450 splash, but Ospreay gets his knees up. Ospreay delivers a snap dragon suplex and mocks Omega, but Omega cuts him off and they exchange shots. Ospreay drops Omega with a Liger Bomb and tags in Fletcher. United Empire triple-team Nick, but Nick coutners with a cutter to Ospreay. Matt tags in and Omega and The Bucks triple-team Fletcher. They slam him down and Matt goes for the cover, but Davis breaks it up. Nick takes Daivs out with a dive on the floor and The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver. Ospreay cuts Nick off and Fletcher and Ospreay double-team Matt and slam him to the mat. Fletcher goes for the cover, but Matt kicks out. Nick pulls Ospreay’s ankle and Omega hits a knee strike. The Bucks double superkick Davis and then Omega and The Bucks triple superkick Fletcher. Omega tags in and goes for the V Trigger, but Ospreay cuts him off with a knee strike. Omega and The Bucks triple team Ospreay and drop him wiht the Indietaker. Omega hits the V Trigger on Fletcher, and follows with the One Winged Angel for the pin fall.
Winners: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks

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