NWA 74 Night 2 Results 8/28/22 – Murdoch vs. Tyrus

Aug 28, 2022 - by Atlee Greene

-NWA 74 Night 2 Live Results 8/28/22

NWA is celebrating its 74th anniversary as night 2 emanates from the Chase Royal Park Plaza Royal Sonesta, headlined by Trevor Murdoch defending the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Tyrus.

The event airs live on Fite TV.

Commentary Team: Tim Storm, Joe Galli, and Velvet Sky


-Caprice Coleman vs. Colby Corino – Best Two-Out-Of-Three Falls:

-Fall #1

The story going into this match is Corino looks at Coleman as a stepping stone to earn a shot at the junior heavyweight title. Coleman with a beautiful leapfrog followed by a series of arm drags and hip tosses to gain control. Coleman immediately locks in a crossface chicken wing, and Corino taps quickly.

Coleman wins Fall #1

-Fall #2

Corino hits a standing senton to knock the wind out of Coleman. Corino delivers some stiff kicks to Coleman’s back. Coleman reverses his way out of a powerbomb with a hurricanrana. Coleman hits a leap of faith from the canvas to the top rope. Corino hits Coleman with a foreign object off the belly-to-back suplex to score the pin.

Corino wins Fall # 2

-Fall #3

Coleman looks shook as Corino throws Coleman out of the ring and delivers a tope sucida. Corino gets caught yelling at the fans as Coleman does a 619 using the ring post. Coleman ducks a couple of clotheslines and hits a springboard leg lariat. Coleman hits the holy trinity (three northern lights suplexes), which causes Corino to drop the foreign object.

Coleman goes to use the object, but the ref stops him, allowing Corino to deliver a Styles Clash. Corino hits a flying knee off the top rope and delivers the Sun Setter to capture the final fall.

Winner:  2 Falls to 1 – Colby Corino


-12 Team Battle Royal for the NWA United States Tag Team Titles

1. Team Ambition

2. The Ill Begotten

3. The Now

4. Gold Rushhh

5. Rough N” Ready

6. The Fixers

7. The Country Gentlemen

8. The Spectaculars

9. Hawx Aerie

10. Miserably Faithful w/ The Sinister Minister

11. The OGK (Mike Benett & Matt Taven w/ J.J. Dillon

12. NWA World Tag Team Champions: La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450)

*Once one team member is thrown over the top rope, the entire team is eliminated.*

The ring looks like it can barely hold all 12 teams.

Ding, Ding

Order Elimination:

  1. Gold Rushhh
  2. Miserably Faithful
  3. The Ill Begotten
  4. The Spectaculars
  5. Rough N” Ready
  6. The Country Gentlemen

The Fixers have knocked every down and are controlling the ring. Wrecking Ball Legursky takes a double superkick from The Now and is almost eliminated until Jay Bradley makes the same and helps eliminate The Now.

7. The Now

8. Hawx Aerie

The final four: Team Ambition, The OGK, The Fixers, and La Rebelion

Bennett delivers a DVD to Bestia 666, Taven follows up with a Shinning Wizard, and Bennett eliminates Bestia. Bestia spits some sort of mist into Bennet’s eyes, allowing Mecha Wolf to score the elimination. Taven delivers a running over-the-top-rope plancha to the champs.

Team Ambition attempts a double-team suplex on Legursky, but he reverses it as he suplexes both members of Team Ambition at the same time. Legursky brings Bradley in the hard way for a crossbody. Legursky eliminates Mike Outlaw, and we have new champions.

Winners #AndNew NWA United States Tag Team Champions: The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky)


The Cardona Family Interview:  Matt Cardona was not in a good mood and said last night was St. Louis Screw Job. Cardona says Rolando Freeman took advantage of what was an exhibition match. Cardona says he wasn’t 100% because no one can recover so quickly from a torn bicep. He apologizes for what he’s going to do to Rolando Freeman and then sets his sights on becoming a two-time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion.


-Mercurio vs. Magic Jake Dumas w/ CJ

It looks like Magic Jake is going to perform some magic. As the bell rang, he asked the audience if they wanted a trick and took out a deck of cards. Mercurio rips up the card before Magic Jake can complete the trick. Magic Jake snatches Mercurio’s book and throws it into the crowd.

They both went for low blows simultaneously and caught each other’s kicks. We get a “Ta Daaaa” punch from Magic Jake, but he misses a big splash in the corner. Mercurio hits a double under hook suplex for a two count. Magic Jake comes back with a belly-to-back suplex. It appears that CJ was cheering the wrong person for a moment.

Mercurio is not happy that Magic Jake keeps punching him in the face and comes back with a superkick. Mercurio hits a top rope moonsault for a two count and, yep. CJ is cheering for Magic Jake. But wait, it looks like she handed something to Magic Jake while distracting Mercurio.

Magic Jake is bleeding from the mouth and removes a razor blade from his mouth. Magic Jake hands the blade to the referee and hits Mercurio with an Abracadaver for the pin. This was not good at all.

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas


-MLW National Opernweight Championship: Davey Richards (c) vs. Thrillbilly Silas w/ Pollo Del Mar

The story of the match early on is Silas using his size to negate Richards’ speed and technique. Silas chops away at Richards outside the ring and throws him into the guardrail. In the ring, Silas catches Richards off a handspring elbow and delivers a high angle belly to back suplex.

Richards backdrops Silas to escape a powerbomb attempt and connects with a double stomp. The crowd chants “Davey, Davey” as the champ hammers away with forearms. The two engage in a slugfest where Silas wins but misses a splash in the corner. Richards catches Silas’ leg on the apron and hits a dragon screw leg whip between the ropes.

Richards misses a double stomp off the top rope, locks in a knee bar, and Silas makes it to the ropes. Richards hits a knee to the head off a suplex attempt. Richards charges in, and Silas hits him with a spinning Boss Man Slam for a near fall. Richards comes back with a drop toe hold into an ankle lock.

Silas gets the ropes, and Richards lands a PK Kick for a one count. Richards is shocked. Richards drills Silas with a series of kicks, lands the double stomp off the top, and Silas kicks out at the last possible moment. Richards applies the ankle lock, and Pollo Del Mar jumps on the apron to distract Richards.

Silas tries to blindside Richards and accidentally pulls off Pollo’s wig. Richards locks in the ankle lock again as Silas realizes what is in his hands and taps out.

Winner #AndStill MLW National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards


Commentator Joe Galli “hijacks” the show and brings his girlfriend into the ring. Galli pops the question. She says, YES! The crowd erupts in a “Let’s go, Joe” chant to cap off a big moment. Velvet Sky is in tears.


In-ring interview with Barry Windham w/ JJ DillionWindham gives props to the NWA and St. Louis for celebrating 74 years. Dillion says the wrestling business is not struggling but thriving and talks about wrestling being the best value for your money.


May Valentine interviews Kamille and Thom Latimer backstage. Latimer about his personal struggles and takes issue with EC3 saying nostalgia is dead. Kamile says Max the Impaler has the devil in her and will beat the sh*t out of her tonight.


-NWA National Championship Cyon (c) w/ Austin Idol vs. Anthony Mayweather 

This match marks Cyon’s first title defense as Jax Dane watches from the top of the stage. Cyon blindsides Mayweather in the corner but receives a vertical suplex for his trouble. Mayweather drills Cyon with a back elbow and delivers a t-bone suplex.

Mayweather runs into a dropkick from Cyon and gets drilled with a vertical suplex. Cyon takes too long to go for the cover, and Mayweather kicks out at two. Cyron whips Mayweather into the corner for a hard buckle and hammers away with elbows and forearms.

Mayweather fights out of a rear chin lock, but Cyon throws him right back down and unloads with forearms and kicks to the back. Cyon goes back to the chin lock. Mayweather fights to his feet and levels Cyon with a clothesline. Mayweather clotheslines Cyon over the top and out of the ring and throws him back in the ring.

Mayweather delivers a spine buster and goes up top. Cyon cuts him off with a palm strike, but Mayweather knocks him down. Mayweather hits the big elbow drop off the top, but Cyon kicks out in the nick of time. The commentary team is shocked that Cyon kicked out of the elbow drop.

Cyon comes back and hits two big death valley drivers to score the pin.

Winner #AndStill NWA National Champion: Cyon


-Street Fight for the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige) (c) vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay vs. Marti Belle)

The Hex leveled Pretty Empowered with a trash can right before the bell rang. The two teams brawl outside the ring before The Hex throws the champs in the ring. The Hex is in control as Kay uses a kendo stick and Belle uses a flip flop? Envy and Paige reverse Irish whips, sending the Hex into the steel chairs.

Envy and Paige work Belle over in the corner while Kay attempts to remove the top turnbuckle pad from the opposite corner. Kay cannot remove the pad, turns around, and walks into a kendo stick shot. Kay spits some type of liquid outside the ring in Ella’s face and trades some stiff chops back and forth.

Ella and Paige get a table from under the ring, but Belle cuts them off before they can use it. Back in the ring, Kay gets a cookie sheet superkick from Ella and a shining wizard from Paige, and Belle breaks up the pin. Ella pours out legos all over the canvas. Kay delivers a chokeslam to Ella onto the legos.

Belle puts a trash can over Ella, and Kay climbs to the top rope. Paige grabs Kay’s leg as Ella escapes the trash can and knocks Belle out of the ring. Ella throws the trash can at Kay, who falls from the top to the floor through the table set up earlier.

Paige looked like she wanted Envy to show mercy to Belle but took a kendo stick and beat her down with it repeatedly. Ella and Paige drilled Belle with a double superkick with the trash can on her head for the win.

Winners #AndStill NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige)


-NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Homicide (c) vs. Ricky Morton w/ Kerry Morton

Homicide beat Ricky’s son Kerry Morton last night with some nefarious methods, and Papa Morton looks to get a measure of revenge. Homicide tried to intimidate Morton early on, but it did not work. Morton delivers the ten punches in the corner. Homicide tries to bring bell into the ring but thinks better of it, saying, “He doesn’t want to get fined.”

Things turn into a slugfest, with Morton getting the better of it until Homicide pokes Morton in the eye and fish hooks him. Homicide goes for a vertical suplex, but Morton blocks it and delivers a snap suplex. Morton delivers a DDT, but Homicide rolls out of the ring.

Morton goes for a code red but turns it into a sunset flip for a two-count. Morton delivered a cutter. Homicide raked the eyes and dropped Morton with a lariat to the back of his head to score the pin. The finish looked very odd, as if something had gone wrong. The commentary team made a big deal about Homicide going to an unprotected shot to the back of the head. Kerry Morton came back out to prevent Homicide from doing any more damage to his father.

Winner #AndStill NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion: Homicide


-Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon jumps Aldis at the bell but gets a receipt courtesy of a back body drop. Aldis catches Gordon off a crossbody and delivers a brain buster for a two-count. Aldis delivers a fallaway slam off the top rope, launching Gordon across the ring.

Gordon escapes a backbreaker submission and hits a step-up enziguri. Gordon hits a springboard missile dropkick. Gordon climbs to the top, and Aldis cuts him off and attempts a super plex. Gordon hooked his feet on the ropes. Aldis switches things up and goes for another fallaway slam off the top, but Gordon reverses it into a sunset flip.

Aldis turns Gordon inside out with a clothesline and drops him with two overhand rights. Gordon Matrix ducks a clothesline and hits a Pele Kick. Gordon goes for the ten punches in the corner, Aldis reverses, Gordon slips out and hits a Samoan Drop, moonsault from the second rope. Gordon applies an STF and transitions into a sleeper hold.

Aldis gets Gordon off his back and catches Gordon’s legs in a 619 attempt to lock in a cloverleaf submission. Just as it looks like Gordon is about to get to the ropes, Aldis drags him to the center of the ring, and Gordon taps. Gordon is disappointed as this is his third loss in a row to Aldis.

Aldis offers a handshake, and Gordon returns in kind. Aldis leaves, Odinson comes into the ring and blindsides Flip Gordon with a Pounce. Aldis returns to help Gordon, but Odinson levels Aldis with a Pounce.

Winner: Nick Aldis


-Missouri Tornado Match: Aaron Stevens & Rodney Mack vs. Kratos & Pope 

Rodney Mack meets Pope in the ring as Kratos chases Stevens from the ringside area. Pope delivers a delayed vertical suplex to Mack as Stevens and Kratos return to the ring. Pope and Kratos are having their way with Stevens for a moment until Mack drags Pope out of the ring.

Kratos and Mack trade punches and chops in the center of the ring. Kratos drops Mack to one knee and delivers a deadlift gut wrench suplex. Stevens tries to blindside Kratos, but it does not work. The former tag team partners go to blows as Stevens tries to escape. Kratos hits a springboard clothesline knocking Stevens off the apron.

Pope hits a dive off the top to the outside on Stevens and Mack. Kratos goes for a tope sucida, but Mack whacks him with a steel chair to cut him off. Stevens takes the microphone and says He hates wrestling because the fans are thirsty savages who only want to see people get hit with chairs. He calls Kratos a price of trash and says he will take him out.

Stevens gets back in the ring and walks right into a sky-high spinebuster from Kratos. Mack returns the favor with his own sky-high spinebuster on Kratos. Pope knocks Mack out of the ring with a dropkick. All four men are brawling in the aisle. They brawl behind the curtain, and we are treated to silhouette wrestling behind the big screens. It was quite funny, and the crowd loved it, chanting “NWA, NWA.”

Tim Storm said it looked like a monster movie at a drive-in theater.

All four wrestlers emerge from the back and on the stage. Mack locks in a cobra clutch on Pope. Pope falls backward and gets the pin. Look like they were trying to emulate the Piper/Hart pin from WrestleMania 8.

Winners: Pope & Kratos


-EC3 vs. Thom Latimer

Things start off slow as there is a pause after each move. Punches, kicks, slaming each other head into the turnbuckle. Joe Galli said, “This is what wrestling is supposed to be, right here.” EC3 hit a leg, and head hooked DDT and went back to clubbing blows.

Latimer returned with an atomic drop, clothesline, and a belly-to-back suplex. Latimer follows up with a flatliner for a 2 count. EC3 slapped Latimer and spit in his face. Latimer went right after him and delivered a series of cross faces. The referee went to break it up, and Latimer pushed him out of the way as Control Your Narrative ran in, resulting in a no contest.

EC3 teased, hitting Latimer with an unprotected chair shot but instead yelled at Latimer. It felt like an angle on Raw instead of a match with any steaks.

Winner: No Contest

Tim Storm tags out, and Bully Ray joins Joe Galli and Velvet Sky for commentary.


-NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Max the Impaler w/ James Mitchell

Big lock up as Max backs Kamille into the corner. Kamile tries an up and over, but Max slams her down by her hair. Max delivers a body slam, smells Kamille’s hair, and delivers two short-arm clotheslines. So far, nothing Kamille does phases Max. Kamille delivers a stunner, but Max runs her over, sending her crashing to the canvas.

Max smoothers Kamille with various strikes. Max drags Kamille by the hair and delivers a curb stomp to Kamille on the bottom turnbuckle. Kamille tries to create separation, but Max is relentless. Kamille hits two clotheslines, but Max doesn’t budge.

Kamille hits a crossbody and missile dropkick off the top to take Max down. Kamille goes to the top for the third time, but Max climbs up top to catch her. Kamille slips out, applies the torture rack, and eventually twists it into a blue thunder bomb for a near fall.

Max misses a spear, and Kamille levels her with her own spear. Kamille goes for the pin, but James Mitchell puts Max’s leg on the rope. Kamille chases after Mitchel, Miserably Faithful, and Kamille spears them. Kamille gave Max a lot of time to recover as she gets caught with a Wasteland coming back in the ring. Kamille kicks out.

Max goes for another Wasteland, and both women connect with a double clothesline. Max charged in, pushing Kamille in the corner, but Kamille rolled Max up for the pin. The commentary team did a great job getting over Max as a serious threat to Kamille’s title reign.

Winner# AndStill NWA World Women’s Champion: Kamille


NWA Owner Billy Corgan is introduced and said today’s NWA is about honoring history and making history. Corgan announced NWA would return to the Chase Royal Park Plaza next year for NWA 75. The segment ended with a tell bell salute of the wrestlers we’ve lost in recent times as their names scrolled on the big screen.


-NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Tyrus

Tyrus’s NWA TV Title is not on the line, and he’s not using his Lucky 7 Title Shot for this match.

Joe Galli said Tyrus is the most seen pro wrestler in the world, getting over 300 million views a week.

Trevor Murdoch gave a fist bump to his son during his entrance and had the hometown crowd behind him.

Murdoch rolled outside the ring and hit a DDT on BLK Jeez on the floor, followed by a top rope bulldog on Tyrus for a 2-count. Murdoch and Tyrus brawl on the floor, and Tyrus and Murdoch’s head against the post and hit the Heart Punch.

Tyrus hits an avalanche splash in the corner and applies a nerve hold. Murdoch fights out, knocks Tyrus down, and hits a well-placed elbow drop for a one count. Tyrus has had enough and heads to the back. Murdoch cuts him off but gets body slammed in the aisle for his trouble.

Tyrus threatens Murdoch’s son.

Tyrus missed a splash in the corner, and Murdoch hit a crossbody off the top for a 2 count. Murdoch applied a sleeper hold. Tyrus comes back with a suplex and tortures Murdoch by repeatedly standing on his chest. Tyrus lands an elbow drop to Murdoch’s back and keeps the elbow in place as he grinds away with the point of the elbow.

Tyrus did push-ups on Murdoch’s back, hit another splash in the corner, and followed up with a body slam. Murdoch kicked the hands of Tyrus as he was trying to clubber. Murdoch applied another sleeper, but Tyrus drove Murdoch into the referee.

Murdoch levels Tyrus with a clothesline and grabs the ring bell, but he’s conflicted and can’t use it. Tyrus lands the Heart Punch, and Murdoch kicks out. Tyrus grabbed the ring bell, but he was also conflicted and could not use the bell. Murdoch hits Tyrus with a low blow and hits a bulldog off the top rope. Tyrus kicks out. Murdoch hits another bulldog and gets the win.

Winner #AndStill NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion: Trevor Murdoch

Tyrus went to shake Murdoch’s hand after the match, and Murdoch obliged. Murdoch took the microphone and gave Tyrus props. As Tyrus kissed his daughter in the front row, Murdoch said Tyrus signed up for something he wasn’t ready for, and Tyrus flipped over the announce table. Tyrus left while Murdoch called him a b***h and thanked the fans.



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